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Bike Ride
by SG
© Copyright 2008 - SG - Used by permission
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Bike Ride - The beginnings of a story by SG Sbm; anal; outdoors; toys; true; cons; X

Bike Ride - The beginnings of a story

This article is actually a response I wrote to someone about my story “Bike Ride”.  In the end I thought other people might enjoy reading about what really happened.


Bike Ride is a story that is loosely based on a real event. The story I wrote started one night when I was drinking in real life. I was feeling a little horny and daring from the alcohol and decided to put myself on a little adventure. I really did go for a ride with a butt plug that vibrated and inflated.

I was just beginning to explore anal so even with my mind and body numbed from the liquor inserting the plug took the most time and preparation for the ride I planned to partake on. The finger I used to grease my rear felt big at the time. The medium sized plug felt enormous as I delicately inserted it. My ass hole had spasms of pain when I finally worked the widest part of the plug past my tight hole but that only added to the thrill I got from using the butt plug.

Using some duck tape I taped the inflator bulb for the plug between my balls and ass hole. I wanted to make sure that every time I got back on my bike the plug would get a little bigger. There are a lot of streets I had to get off my bike and wait for lights in order to cross which meant that several times through out my ride I would be forced to get on and off my bike. This plug was also the first one I had ever had that vibrated. The controls to the plug I taped to the side of my thigh but not before cranking the vibrator up to full.

Between the vibrations in my ass and the thrill of knowing I was about to go outside with my butt plugged, my whole body was tingling with excitement. I was aroused, excited, scared and drunk. My hands shook and I could barely keep my mind straight. It took all of my focus to grab my bike off the balcony and head out my front door.

The first thrill of the night came when I had to carry my bike down the stairs and I passed one of my neighbors who was just coming home. It was only at that moment that I realized the vibrator was audible if you were listening. I kept my head down and avoided eye contact as I passed them on the stairs. I prayed that they wouldn’t want to talk and thankfully they didn’t. In the end they have never said anything to me about that night so I hope they never heard the buzz of the vibrator as I passed them on the stairs.

I started my ride by gingerly lowering myself onto the seat of the bike. I sat squarely on the inflator bulb and silently gasped as the plug swelled within me. I didn't need to use a lock and chain through my pants to keep me from deflating the bulb since in real life I rode my bike through town. The eyes around me were more than enough to keep me from reaching into my pants for the control to the vibe or the deflator valve for the plug.

On that ride I hit more red lights and had to get off my bike more times then I ever had to before. Every time I sat down I felt the plug stuffing my butt swell in size. Ultimately my biggest rush came mid way through my ride when I was stopped at a light waiting to cross the street. I was standing on the curb waiting for the red light to change to green when a cop pulled up at the same red light. I was a minor at the time and I was definitely drunk. Fear shot through me as I realized just how drunk I really was. Every muscle in my body tensed up to include my ass which tightly puckered around the pulsating plug that was now probably twice the size as it had started out as.

I tried to avoid eye contact. A pit formed in my stomach when I heard the cop inside the patrol car start talking on his radio. I was a minor who was drunk and in public. It was a sure thing that if he talked to me I would quickly be arrested as a minor under the influence. I thought for sure I was about to be arrested which would mean getting handcuffed in public and taken to the station. Getting arrested would be bad enough but there was also no way to hide the toy buzzing away in my rear. My knees shook as absolute dread over took my mind. It was to my absolute astonishment that the patrol car suddenly took off down the road leaving me alone at a green light.

It wasn’t till after the light turned red again that my nerves finally calmed down. When the next green came I managed to get back onto my bike, which also added a little more girth to the lively toy in my rear. Coming close to getting arrested was enough to over power my sense of adventure. I took as many side streets as I could and quickly finish my bike ride in a mad race back to my apartment. The rest of the ride was uneventful. By the time I made it back to my apartment I had a colossal hard on and a serious wet spot on my pants. Little of what you read in the original story did I do. The story in its finished version revolves around the wild thoughts that enveloped my mind after I got done with my little adventure.

Hopefully the real life version was still entertaining.

As always, I’ld love to hear your thoughts.




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