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Store Clerk
by SG
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Store Clerk 5: We are what we have been by SG F+/f; bond; leather; latex; corset; hood; gag; public; emb; toys; oral; reluct/nc; X
continued from part 4

Store Clerk 5: We are what we have been

Everything we are today is the culmination of all of our yesterday’s experiences. People are who they are because of what they’ve done. Genetics programs our instincts and basic desires but our experiences mold and shape those basic feelings into the defining characteristics that set a person apart from everyone else.

Several months earlier, on an ordinary night out with her girl friends, a moment occurred that redefined and changed Megan forever. She had no idea it was coming. Like the start of so many other weekends, Megan dolled herself up before joining her friends for a long night out. The girl’s night started at a theater to see the newest SAW movie before they walked to a nearby dance club to enjoy the rest of the evening. That night, Megan never made it home.

Megan’s unconscious body jerked. The sound of the door closing stirred her groggy mind. The drugs were starting to wear out of her system. A wicked smile grew on her captor’s lips as they walked away from the room.


The aching in my body brought my mind back from unconsciousness. It wasn't severe pain but more of a stiff muscle discomfort kind of pain. My whole body felt stiff and sore. The worst was the aching in my jaw. As I tried to flex my mouth I suddenly realized it was stretched open. With my tongue I played with the large metal ring clenched between my teeth. As my senses cleared I realized the pressure on the sides and top of my head had to be from the straps of a harness gag.

Despite not being able to move my mouth I was smiling. Oh how I love ring gags and the delicious possibilities they invite. Ball gags are nice for silencing but these days when I tie myself up I always play with my ring gags. It’s so much more arousing to spend hours tied up worrying about discovery, when my mouth is invitingly held open. To add to the excitement, a blindfold usually accompanies my ring gags to keep me from seeing anyone who might someday stumble upon me. I wouldn’t want my discoverer to be scared away from having some fun due to the fear of being identified. I love to fantasize about a well endowed stranger discovering me. My mouth waters with expectations of a mysterious cock thrusting in at any moment.

As my mind drifted away from fantasy and back to the world of reality I realized something odd. As hard as I tried I couldn't remember putting my gag on before going to bed. For that matter I couldn't remember going to bed last night. The last thing I remembered was hanging out at the bar with my friends. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Why I am still surprised about waking up in bondage the morning after a night of drinking is comical. Going to sleep in cuffs when I am drunk has become a normal routine.

Drinking always seems to make me horny but my passion for bondage has created a serious bump on the road that is of my sex life. Actually a bump in the road isn't as accurate as say a detour down a long, deserted, even abandoned road. There is only one person in the entire world who knows my little secret and that was only because he found me while I was bound. I’ve never had the courage to share my kinky tastes with anyone, which means I spend more and more nights alone, pleasuring myself, waiting for keys hung from ice cubes to drop. Regular sex is so uninteresting I've lost almost all interest in it. Thankfully the freedom of the internet has given me plenty of porn to fulfill my very unfulfilled sex life.

I do wish I could lead a normal life desiring normal sex. The problem is I’ve had a taste of the wonderfully flavored world of bondage. Now that I know what it tastes like I can’t stop craving it. Since that one short summer when I found a friend with my fetish I’ve had an insatiable appetite for bondage. The problem is, with no one to play with now, I’m left to tie myself up which is nowhere near as fulfilling.

As much as I wanted to bask in my morning bondage I knew there were other things that needed to get done today. As I tried to roll out of bed a surprise sent chills through my body. Not only could I not get up but I wasn't in a bed. I reached for my face to remove my blindfold but there was nothing there. My eyes were uncovered but the room was pitch-black.

Where the hell am I?

I realized my wrists and ankles had leather cuffs locked on. Touching my wrist cuffs I felt wire cables attached. The cables ran underneath of what I was laying on but didn’t restrict my arms. While my arms had almost unlimited freedom my torso was the complete opposite. From hips to shoulders, tight straps pinned me down. With my hands I blindly studied the thick leather straps pinning my body to the padded bench I was laying on. I tried to move my legs but they were locked in place splayed wide apart.

This didn't make any sense. For one thing this room was way too dark. Despite trying, I have never been able to get any room at my place this dark. More troublesome was the bench I was strapped to. I couldn’t think of anything like it at in my house. A chill ran through me as I realized I had to be somewhere else. A deep pit dropped into my stomach. I couldn’t remember going home with anyone last night and I definitely wouldn’t have told someone about my secret.

Reaching back up towards my face I blindly explored around me. I jumped as my hands found a cock right above me. The shock turned to puzzlement realizing it was a dildo attached to the bottom of a box. On either side of the cock I felt two cables coming out from the box. Grabbing the cables, I followed them down to where they attached on either side of the ring gag I was wearing. Grabbing the dildo again I slid my hand down till I found the tip. The pit in my stomach deepened as I realized the tip of the dildo was less than a fingers width away from my open mouth.

I tried to turn my head away but something on the back of the head harness was stuck to what I was laying on. Everything about this was really starting to freak me out. I jerked my head to the side away from the dildo above me. I hear I soft snap as whatever was caught on the table broke free. Suddenly I was blinded by light. As my eyes adjusted to the bright flood lights I realized I was in a small room. The walls were draped with black plastic. Just off to my left was an office style phone with no handset. In the corner of the room by my left foot was a computer that was booting up.

With shock I realized I was bound to a table only about two feet off the ground. As best as I could tell I was laying on a workout bench. Panic filled my mind as I looked between my legs. It wasn’t the wooden V frame my legs were strapped down to but the big black box between them. The box was positioned right up to my crotch.

Suddenly a video started playing on the computer. My skin turned ice cold seeing the image of an unmistakable doll. It had black hair, a bone white face with red spirals painted on its cheeks and sinister red eyes. It was the exact same doll from the Saw movies. It was the same doll from the movie I had just watched. Every part of my body trembled uncontrollably. I had just watched all of the old Saw movies this week with my friends before we went and see the new one that was out in theaters. I knew exactly where the doll was from. But they were just movies. What the hell was going on? A fear worse than anything I have every experienced filled me. What if some psycho was recreating the scenes in real life? My stomach tied itself in knots hearing the deep gravelly voice come through the speakers.

For years you've prowled the internet looking for the most extreme acts of sex other girls have experienced. You've watched as women are used and abused in every manor while you secretly sit at home playing with your handcuffs and masturbating. For too long, you have hid in the privacy of your bedroom quietly getting off to pictures and videos of other women in their most humiliating moments.

Megan, you’ve indulged yourself in other women’s humiliation for too long. For all the years you’ve pleasured yourself with the idea of being one of those girls, never once have you tried to experience it. Not once have you shared your secret with someone and asked them to play with you. Instead you hide. Today is your day to come out of the shadows. Today is the day you will either bring your secret fetishes out of the shadows and into the light for all to see or it will be the day you finally experience the same fucking as so many of those girls you've admired for so long.

I want to play a little game Megan. Today you will divulge your secrets to a part of the world but I will leave it up to you to decide which part it is. To your left is your average office telephone. Don't worry about the missing handset; you won’t actually be speaking with anyone today. Your only concern is with the ten already programmed speed dial buttons.

One of those buttons will activate the release mechanism on your restraints. The other nine buttons are set to forward a prerecorded voicemail to numbers pulled out of your cell phone. The message includes detailed instructs directing the listener to a website I have created that exclusively features you. It includes a full list of your secret fetishes and links to every adult website currently saved in your computer’s history. I’ve also uploaded copies of all those naughty files you’re keeping on your computer.

There is no hidden catch with this release. Press the right button and you will have your freedom. All you have to do is be willing to tell your family, friends and possibly even your pastor about all your dark secrets.

You can be free immediately if you choose but your there is a time limit on the offer. If in one hour you have chosen not to share your secrets with those closest to you, the webcam on the computer will activate. The computer is set to log into the user profiles I’ve created in your name on every adult dating website I could find. Once activated the computer is set to automatically update those user profiles to list your real name, fetishes and several photos of you in addition to streaming the webcam feed. Keeping your secret from the people closest to you will come at the cost of entertaining strangers the same way strangers have entertained you for so long. In one hour your restraints will engage and a 24 hour training session will begin. The session will teach you what it’s like to live the life of all those women you’ve gotten off on watching.

The image on the screen changed. I was looking at a picture taken of me while I was passed out.

Since all those women you like to watch were used in every orifice god gave them by well endowed men and machines it is only fitting you enjoy the same. Since you seem to enjoy spending so much time at the website DiabolicalDildos, its only fair that you experience the same dildos that stuffed and stretched so many other bound girls. Inside that black box between your legs is a pair of fucking machines equipped with two of the websites larger varieties. Each one is poised to penetrate one of your underutilized holes. Because all porn ends with the preverbal money shot I would be negligent to not include a little cum with your session. These two dildos will pump cum deep into your belly. After 24 hours, your belly will be filled with enough cum to equal a hundred man gang bang.

My eyes bulged. DIABOLICOL DILDOS!!! Not those, please not those. I don’t know how many girls I’ve watched get strapped down to a table with their legs spread wide while a fucking machine plowing one of those dildos in and out of them. I shivered as a chill ran down my spine from the thought of two of those positioned between my legs. The dildos were well named from the combination of their four key features.

The first part was the large internal, ridged core that was hollow on the inside. The second was that there was a tube running along the inside of the core that ended at the tip and allowed the dildos to ejaculate any fluid pumped through it deep within a person. They could even be hooked to a faucet and used as a gigantic enema nozzle. The third was that the dildos had inflatable bulges at the top, middle and bottom of their length. When inflated the dildos looked like they were made of three large balls stacked on top of each other. The fourth and most devastating effect was the vibrations. The large core of the dildos allowed for an extra large electric motor to spin a heavy weight. All vibrators spin an off balance weight to create a vibration but these weights were several times more massive than any normal vibrator. In demonstration videos these vibrators would shake a person’s fist when they held onto the dildo.

I’ve watched every video on the site and woken up on countless nights with a dripping pussy from dreams of one of those fucking me. The girls in the videos have countless even continuous orgasms when they’re getting fucked by those monsters. Despite fantasizing about trying one of those I’ve never dared buy one. I’ve always been too afraid that the reports about the dildos were true. I’ve read that once people have tried them they are too stretched out and desensitized to ever enjoy regular sex.

I’ll give you one other option to gain your freedom now. I’ve seen the countless photos you keep on your computer of girls sucking cock, after cock. Prove to me that you are a well trained cock sucker and I will release your restraints. I believe that a good slut could easily give head for one hour to a paying customer so if you can stroke the dildo in front of you with your mouth once every second for the next hour your restraints will release.

Make your choice but remember the clock is ticking.

The video ended and the monitor changed to a red screen with two sets of numbers. One was a timer counting down from 60 minutes. The other was the number 3600. Looking at the cock in front of my face made the number click in my head. If I had to stoke the dildo once every second for sixty minutes that meant sixty strokes a minute times sixty minutes. Holly shit that’s a lot.

Turning my attention to the phone made my stomach sick. The thought of people I knew knowing about this part of my life scared the hell out of me. It was unbearable to think about. I felt humiliated just thinking of facing my parents. I’ve always worried about them finding out. It was easy to know what their reaction would be. I wanted to hurl, picturing my parents standing over me, holding the bible in their hand while they tell me how disappointed with me they are.

In the one hand I had the ridicule of my family and friends, in the other I had the prospect of enduring 24 hours of the most powerful dildos in existence. 10 minutes with one of those was supposed to be enough to leave a person stretched and desensitized. In all the videos I’ve seen, nobody has done anything even remotely close to a 24 hour marathon. The thought of the dildos mercilessly plunging in and out of me made me wet but the thought of life afterwards sent chills down my spine.

What would I do the next time I have a boyfriend and we go to have sex? Am I going to have to ask him to pull a big dildo out of my underwear drawer and fuck me with it when it’s my turn to get off? How the hell am I supposed to tell a guy there is nothing wrong with him it’s just that I need something a lot bigger. What guy wouldn’t look at me like a freak? My emotions were suddenly very mixed with a new thought. If there weren’t any guys available that left only one other possibility. Since no guy was ever going to measure up to one of these dildos, my only option left would be having sex with a lesbian sporting a large strapon. Would I a lesbian by tomorrow? Part of me was wet with excitement but other parts shivered in fear.

Looking at the clock I saw five minutes had already passed. I had plenty of time to use the phone but if I was going to try and stroke my way out of this I had to start soon. I wanted to be released right now but I couldn’t get past the sickening feeling in my stomach every time I looked at the phone. Just thinking about how everyone would react made me feel horrible. Risking the possibility of ending up a lesbian actually sounded better than dealing with the scorn of my parents.

Turning away from the phone I stared up at the dildo in front of me. Sucking on a dildo really wasn’t that big of a deal, at least the act of doing it. It was the duration that had me questioning the feasibility. The thing that was stopping me was the cables running from the harness gag into the box. They had to be there to pull my head up onto the dildo. The dildo seemed short enough to take all the way into my mouth but the cables still scared me.

Reluctantly I told myself that, if whoever did this to me wanted to hurt me, they could have easily done so earlier. Looking back at the clock I saw 7 minutes had now passed. My time to get all the strokes in was quickly diminishing. With a deep sigh I decided to start giving head to the fake cock. I decided to give it a try and see if I could get it done in the time remaining. If at five minutes I wasn’t going to make it I could made the decision between spending 24 hours being fucked by two powerful dildos or using the phone to get free and dealing with the consequences of people I know finding out about my fetishes.

Leaning forward I tested the cables that connected to the harness gag. As I leaned forward the cables retracted into the box but easily pulled out when I moved my head back. I leaned forward till the tip of the dildo just touched the ring gag then pulled back to test the cables. I couldn’t get past my fear. Despite the fact the cables didn’t seem to be doing anything now they were there for a reason.

Taking a deep breath I leaned forward taking the dildo deep into my mouth. I stared at the digital counter as more and more of the dildo entered my mouth. The tip of the cock was almost to the back of my throat when the display changed to 3599.


I jumped at the sound. Suddenly my arms were pulled under the table. The cables attached to the cuffs went taunt pinning my arms behind me. I tried to pull against the cables but they were too strong. Looking over at the phone I realized I had no way to reach the buttons.


I screamed. How could I be so stupid? This was based off the Saw movies. There is always a catch to everything in those movies. I thought back to what was said in the video and cursed. This wasn’t a free chance to get released, it was an either or situation. Either I dial or I suck.


I couldn’t stop screaming. I pulled my head back but the cable stopped with at least an inch of the dildo still in my mouth. A lock had engaged on the cables preventing me from pulling my head all the way back. I could move forward and backwards just not far enough to get the dildo out of my mouth. I was stuck with the cock in my mouth. I wanted to freak out but I knew it wouldn’t change anything. I quickly started bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the count change with each bob.


I gagged as liquid shot into my throat. As I coughed some of it up my mouth was filled with a salty taste.


While Megan was furiously bobbing her head up and down on the dildo before her face, her captor quietly sat in another room watching the video feed from the webcam.

Stephanie smiled to herself as she sipped her red wine. Meg’s face was absolutely priceless as she furiously mouth fucked the dildo. Stephanie glanced down at the corner of her screen and the clock that was counting down and sighed.

“So much time to kill,” Stephanie said to herself. A smile formed on her lips as a rush of ideas went through her mind.

Stephanie moved the mouse and opened a folder on her desktop. Before locking Megan in her basement, Stephanie had driven the unconscious girl to her own house. Megan remained passed out in the car while Stephanie went inside and made copies of all of Megan’s files.

Most of the files gave Stephanie a detailed insight into Megan’s secret but there was one folder in particular that had grabbed her attention. Amongst all the pictures and videos Megan had saved, there were two word documents. Stephanie opened and read through them. She wasn’t surprised to find out it was an erotic story but something about the story struck her as odd. Somehow it didn’t quite fit with the other stuff Megan was saving.

Two of Stephanie’s fingers slipped into her pussy as she read through the story once again. The story was about a teenage girl spending the summer at her uncle’s ranch. The first file was about the girls first time riding a horse naked, sitting on a uniquely modified saddle while her hands were cuffed behind her back. Stephanie’s pussy was dripping by the time she finished the first file. She eagerly opened up the second file to find out what had happened after the girl in the story had been discovered.

Stephanie fingered herself to an orgasm as she finished the second file. Opening up her web browser, Stephanie rushed to Google to search for a third part to the story titled Horse Ride.


Present day

Jessica pulled the bike to a stop beside the curb a block away from the station. The vibrators continued to tease both of her stuffed holes as the bike idled. A man in a suit was walking down the sidewalk approaching her from the front. She turned her body away as much as she could to shield the words on her collar as the man passed. His eyes were locked on the sports bike and its leather clad rider as he slowly walked past. Jessica prayed that his attention was too enveloped in the full picture for him to notice the minor details like the locks that were included with her wardrobe. Her gaze remained locked on the street for several seconds before slowly turning to look and make sure no one was close by.

I quickly pulled the GPS out of the saddle bag, fearful of someone catching a glimpse of my kinky cargo. Over the duration of the ride, my initial excitement of this location had turned to absolute dread. I have never been to this train station before but I knew it was massive. This was the main station for the entire city which meant there were dozens of tracks.

Looking at the GPS didn’t help much. The map showed the point to be somewhere at the station but the description didn’t give much detail. All it said was ‘Trashcan’. I prayed that the girls hadn’t picked a trashcan indoors. Walking inside wearing the helmet was guaranteed to attract immediate attention.

My mind was locked on to the clue. Without much thought I put the GPS back in the saddle bag. A gasp to my right caught my attention. A woman, maybe thirty-five was standing a couple feet away. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head. I had my arm back and I realized my hand was still inside the saddlebag holding it open. I saw in her eyes a sense of disgust unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

I gave her no opportunity to say a word to me. Wrenching back on the throttle I made the machine erupt forward, quickly accelerating to the intersection. The power of the machine raced me to freedom while the whine of the engine enraged the vibrators. My breaths came in gasps as the plugs throbbed inside me. As I rounded the corner, I stole a glance back at the woman. There was a cell phone at her ear.

I cursed myself knowing she was probably calling the police. I had no idea what they could arrest me for but even the possibility of the police on their way meant I couldn’t linger in the area for long. Pulling into the station, I found a secluded corner where I could stop the bike. This time I made sure to check my surroundings before pulling out the GPS unit. I was close but the map put the point at the other end of the platform.

I set the GPS between my legs so that it rested face up against the gas tank. I drove up to the front of the station. Just beyond the station was the first track with a commuter train waiting with doors open. Glancing at the unit I saw the point was off to my right. Turning to the right I cruised along perpendicular to the tracks in the curb side loading/unloading zone.

Nearly to the end of the platform, I stopped. The point on the unit was directly off to my left in the direction of the train. Looking over I saw a garbage can. The can was at the very end of the platform, directly in front of the massive locomotive that was parked with its engines idling. The doors to the train were wide open with passengers comfortably sitting inside. I saw a few people walk from the station along the platform and board the train. Most of the platform was empty of people.

My guess was that the train was close to leaving but I had no idea how long it would be. The hum of the engines was intense from where I sat at least a hundred feet away. Its noise had already kicked the vibrators up a couple speeds at this distance. The garbage can was within a few feet of the locomotive. The intensity of the noise there was guaranteed to put the toys into high gear. I knew there was no way I could bare that kind of intensity from the vibrators with as excited as I was but I couldn’t risk waiting. A public place like a train station was guaranteed to have cops around and with the possibility of the woman calling in a report about me I couldn’t risk coming across one.

Looking around, I scanned the parking lot for a nearby spot but none were available. In the far distance I saw a few but I didn’t relish the idea of how long it would take to make the long walk to and from. Checking the area around me I made sure there was no one close by especially not a cop.

Killing the engine, I hopped off the bike and quickly walked to the trashcan. Each step made the plugs shift and slide inside of me as their speed increased. Ten feet from the trashcan, the tremendous noise emanating from the idling engine set the vibes to high. I stared straight at the can locking my focus on the clue. I did my best to ignore the pulsating plugs but it was impossible. My teeth clenched the rubber ball locked in my mouth.

Checking around the concrete trashcan turned up no notes. It was the kind with open sides and a solid top. I realized the clue was probably taped inside to the bottom of the lid. The limitations of the corset forced me to squat down to look inside. Squatting caused the pants and the chastity belt to ride up. The plugs shifted position as they were forced even deeper into my stretched holes.

Suddenly the quivering plug in my pussy found my special spot. The sensation was instantly overwhelming. I shot back up but the damage was already done. The plugs continued to quiver at top speed. An intense energy deep within my body grew exponentially.

No, no, no I mumbled through the gag. I prayed but it did me no good. The vibrations in my pussy and ass just kept feeding the growing energy. Suddenly the energy erupted, sweeping through my body with the force of a tidal wave.


My pussy and ass quivered around the throbbing plugs. My elbows crashed down onto the top of the trashcan as my legs lost all strength. My arms gave out and I collapsed on top of the trashcan. I was still screaming as the orgasm continued to rock my body. The feeling was more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced. Not only was my pussy tingling and in spasms but for the first time ever I was experiencing an anal orgasm. My butt hole clenched around the plug and sent all kinds of pleasures coursing through my body.

As the double orgasm slowly ebbed I regained the use of my legs and awareness of my surroundings. Several of the passengers in the train were staring at me in curiosity. They were easily close enough to see the leather cuffs and shiny locks on my wrists. Most of them had probably figured out the gloves I was wearing were latex. From some of the looks it seemed a few people could read the words on the collar as well. The realization of being discovered sent a chill of fear down my spine and straight into my vibrating pussy. Reaching inside the garbage can I frantically felt around the bottom of the lid but I couldn’t feel any note with my gloved hands.

People were staring at me and another orgasm was quickly building. I had to get out of here but I couldn’t leave before I got the next clue. Squatting down again put the plug in my pussy right back onto my special spot. I saw the note and quickly ripped it off the bottom of the lid but before I could stand another orgasm rocked my body.

This one was even more powerful than the first. I fell to my knees as my hips started to buck on their own. All I could hear were my own screams of lust inside the helmet as waves of raw energy jolted my body. I could see that even more people were watching now. The orgasm continued on, controlling my body, preventing me from leaving. Every set of eyes watching me added fuel to the inferno between my legs. A few were getting up out of their seats. Some to get a better view, others were moving to get off the train.

As the spasms slowly quelled the use of my legs returned. I willed my body to stand ignoring the mini orgasmic spasms still washing through my body. Staggering, I made my way to the bike. With each step I felt every tiny movement of the plugs in my supersensitive holes. The intensity of the vibrations was still incredible. A third orgasm was quickly building. I reached the bike on the verge of climax. With every ounce of strength I willed myself not to orgasm as I sat on the bike. Looking towards the main station I saw two uniformed officers walking out. I wasted no time starting the bike and racing off.



story continues in part 5b


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