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Basic Rope Hogtie
A 101 guide on how to bind yourself and survive
The Simple Hog Tie is executed by tying your ankles crossed or together and preparing a cinch noose in the excess end. You can take up the slack by winding it between your ankles [or using the special ring device]. Don't forget the wrist coil.
Lie down on your back with your wrists as close to your ankles as possible. Insert your wrists into the wrist coil and cinch up the noose.
Roll over on to your stomach. Now tug against your bondage. The harder you pull the tighter the knot becomes. If you are brave you have left your escape knife on the other side of the room. If you've done it right you'll need it to get out.
These images orginally appeared in a magazine called Bondage Life
Thanks to Lillian's Nexus for these pages
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