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Aurélie A very good site, with a lot of things: stories, technics, pictures, links... It has not been updated since a long time but there are so many things that it will need you many visits to explore it completely. Gromet's Plaza has moved here. THE SITE you need to know if you are interested in self-bondage. You'll find everything here: stories, techniques, links... Lillan's Nexus: a great place too with the famous do-it-yourself hog-tie A great virtual discussion group about self-bondage. Reports, technics, discussion. If you really are in self-bondage, you have to become a member! The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. A tremendous self-bondage fiction. You must read it! A site full of promices. Read her home-made equipment page, even if I find her tools a little too dangerous or hurting... This one you already know... This site seems to have been inspired by my experience. And it is update more often.

Liens en français

Je viens de découvrir un nouveau groupe sur l'auto-ligotage, et en français, qu'on se le dise ! Selfbondage_france (si si, malgré le nom, c'est en Français. Et l'inscription est gratuite, évidemment).
(Sorry guys, you must be able to read French to go there)
Toutes les techniques de l'autoligotage, avec les figures, expliquées en français.

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