Lisa Latex's preferences

  My Primary interest is to be bound into some type of perdicimate. I especially enjoy orgasm denial!! Any situation where I'm aroused but unable to achieve orgasm gets me wild. I recently purchased a chastity belt form Access Denied for this reason. I admit that it's very effective at preventing orgasm. I have tried to stimulate myself while wearing it and found it to be almost impossible to satisfy myself. By almost, I mean I am able to arouse myself but unable to achieve a satisfying orgasm. It usualy makes things worse for me. It fits very snugly around me and I'm unable to even get my fingers past the shield.  I do not have a keyholder. I usualy leave the key  at my parents house when I there on a weekend. They live 2 hours away and would think it strange if I arrived late at night to retrieve a key. So, I'm pretty much stuck in it until I arrive there on the weekend.

  I also love wearing latex. I have created quiet a collection of latex clothing over the last few years. My ex enjoyed seeing me wear latex and bought me many outfits to wear for him. I espically love wearing my latex catsuit.  I also have a corset That I like but it's difficult to get into alone and uncomfortable to wear very long.  Bondage to me is very therapeutic. It helps me to relax and unwind after a hectic day.   I think that I find the idea of self bondage  even more exciting than having a partner tie me up. Not having any one there to beg for release or get me out of a difficult tie makes for a more exciting scene for me.  However, there are some times when having a bondage partner would be fun. I would espically like to try being mummified from head to toe, experiencing sensory depravation. Being unable to hear, speak, or see and unable to move a muscle would be very arousing to me. However, This would be impossible to perform alone.  I would also like to try wearing a straight jacket some day if I could figure out how to alone.

  Here is a picture that you may like. I felt it expressed my feelings about bondage:

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