An adventure by Lisa Latex

I must say that I feel pretty good today. I usually do after a good bondage. I guess it's all thoes endorphines that are released from struggling. I admit that was a good position to be in. I was completely unable to move. Then again that is the point. Right.

My nipples are still sore however. They were beginning to burn after a half hour and I didn't get free until 4 hours later. It took me longer than I had anticipated to free myself.

I had to move around kind of on my side because the nipple clamps prevented me from lying on my chest. I wanted thoes things off so badly.


 When I arrived home I headed to the guest house where everything was ready for me.
I striped out of my clothes and locked them in my cedar chest. Then I powered myself and put on the  catsuit. It takes me about 20 minutes to put that suit on but its worth it. I love the way it feels on my body.

I then unzipped the crotch and inserted the butt plug and a well lubercated dildo.
I then attached all of the cuffs on my legs and locked them on as instructed. Now kneeling on the carpet,   I wraped the chain around my waist and threaded it through my  crotch bringing it all together in the rear. Holding it all together with a padlock attached to handcuffs. At this point I put on the hood and added the gag. The only things remaining were the clamps and blindfold.
I took a final look around to be sure everything was okay and then strapped on the blindfold.
Now in total darkness I felt around on the floor for the nipple clamps. My nipples were already erect form all the excitement of getting ready. I only had to brush them lightly to get them harder. I them took a deep breath and squeezed the first clamp and placed it on.

It stung like hell at first then subsided somewhat. I then repeated the same with the other.
 At this point I had to work fast before I changed my mind. I knew that once the nipple clamps started bitting I would have stopped. So I placed my hands into the handcuffs and locked them.
For a few minutes I just kneeled there not knowing how to lay over or move. I had to do this carefully. I could feel the dildo and plug doing their thing on me now.

I was starting to become VERY aroused. As I fell onto my side I could feel them pressing tighter inside of me. I was beginning to wonder if I should have used a vibrator instead. This could be a long evening for me.

I tried rolling on my stomach but found out that was a mistake. As soon as my nipples hit the carpet I yelled into the gag. I couldn't roll back again fast enough. They now stung like hell. I just wanted to rub them. I layed there for awhile trying to relax and concentrate on something other than my nipples. But that was impossible.

It's true, being blindfold and hooded and gaged I had no concept of time. I didn't know if it was only 15 minutes or an hour. My nipples felt like it was 2 hours though.

 I was trying to listen for the key to drop on the floor. I had placed it over a ceramic tile floor just so I would hear it better. With the hood on I had a hard time hearing anything. I was wondering if maybe it had fallen and didn't hear it.
I decided to start moving over toward the key so I could hear it better when it does drop. This was harder than I had anticipated it to be. I couldn't slide on my stomach as I thought I would. The clamps prevented that. Any pressure on them would have caused terrible pain. I had to inch my way over on my side.
 All this moving around was now having an arousing effect in my pussy. The dildo was sliding around more and more from all the lube. I was getting pretty hot inside the suit too. So, the combination of sweat and lube was causing quiet a slippery sensation down there. I was trying to pull on the chain between my legs to see if I could get it to stimulate myself. It didn't work...
It only made things worse. I was now extremely frustrated and my nipples were burning like hell.

 I was wondering if you were going through the same feelings by now. I was thinking that if I were a man maybe it would be easier to get myself to orgasm in this position. The anatomy would be in the correct position. Right. I was jealous thinking that maybe you had been able to cum and I was lying here frustrated and plugged.

Let me know if I was right.

 After awhile I was getting worried. But like you said, Thats normal being blindfolded and hooded. Finally I was starting to settle down somewhat. I was beginning to feel that peaceful feeling you get when your tied for awhile and you know that you can't escape. I was feeling really nice and thats when I must have nodded off. I had been really tired all week working double shifts and I guess it was starting to catch up with me. It was probably only for a couple of minutes. Suddenly I awoke with a startling pain in my nipples. I had rolled onto my stomach and onto my breasts. It shocked me awake! My nipples now felt like they were on fire! I struggled hopelesley to try and hold them. I knew that nothing was going to give. My other problem was that I now felt disorented. I wasn't sure which way I was now facing. I was sure that the key had probally fallen when I was asleep and didn't hear it fall. But I wasn't sure which way to move my body. I started moving slowly trying to feel for the cold of the tile floor. Of course I headed the wrong way first, when I finally regained my bearings I was on the opposite side of the room! I then wiggled my way back over to the floor.

Then I heard it!!!! The key had hit the floor.  By now I was sore from all that sliding around and all that moving wasn't doing my pussy any good. I still wasn't able to orgasm.
I told myself that when I finally get myself free I was going to to have such a explosive orgasm.


I felt the floor and right where it should be was the key. Now, picking the dam thing up was harder than I thought. I was wearing the latex gloves, as instructed, and had a hell of a time feeling for it through the gloves. Maneuvering myself into position wasn't easy either.
 Finally.. I had the key in my hand and slowly managed to get it into the key hole and click... my hands were free! The first thing I did was remove thoes #$%@&^% nipple clamps. Of course removing them hurts more than putting them on. Good thing I was still gagged because I screamed as each was removed. I sat there and held my breasts for a couple of minutes until the pain subsided. Even through the latex thoes things hurt like hell. I didn't think they would hurt that much through the latex.

 I then crawled back over to the other side of the room where I had the keys to the leg cuffs. I removed the hood and gag and went over to the bed to lay down. I then reached down and unzipped the crotch of the catsuit. With the butt plug still inside of me I began to pleasure myself with the dildo. It didn't take long to reach a shuddering orgasm!

 I wanted to just lay there and fall asleep I was feeling sooo.... good now. But I knew that I had to make my way back into the house. Even though I was dressed in the catsuit I wouldn't want anyone to see me dressed like that. So I waited until the coast was clear, retrieved the house key and made it inside without incident.

 I was so tired at this point I headed straight for my bed and fell asleep.   This morning I awoke still wearing the catsuit and the Butt plug!! Can you believe it! I've never slept like that before. But now I my be tempted to try it again. It felt sooo gooood.

Well,Let me know how you made out.

I hope you have other ideas.  I liked this position you had me in. I would definitely use it again.

Well... so long for now...


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