Some of my experiences

by Lisa Latex

I just thought I would share with you some of my experiences.
 Like most self bondage, I enjoy placing myself in some kind of predicaments.
 Lately I've been doing this by having to go outside to retrieve my keys for release. The yard of my house backs up to a food store parking lot. So by hiding the keys here I must wait until it is very dark out to retrieve them.

 My scene usually begins the night before, when I place everything I will need in my guest house. Which is nothing more than a converted garage with a large bedroom/sitting room with a bathroom and microwave. When I arrive home from work, usually on a Friday I will go to the rear of the yard and hide the keys to the main house. I then go into the guest house and remove all my clothes and place them into a large cedar chest that locks. The key being in the main house.

 Totally naked I then lock a leather collar around my neck with a padlock. Then I lock leather wrist cuffs on. Later attaching them to the rear of my collar.

 I then put on a pair of high heels that cannot be removed without your hands. ( self bondage is a process sometimes slow, where you work out all the variables as you go along). I then tie my knees above and below the knee, giving myself some walking ability.
 Before tying my knees, I put on a locking chastity belt that fits very snugly. ( It was custom made). Sometimes if I'm feeling very frisky I'll insert a vibrating egg into my vagina before locking on the belt and place the control to the egg on the rear of the belt so that it's out of reach. I've found the egg to be stimulating enough to keep my from becoming bored but not enough for on orgasm.
 It's very frustrating! I highly recommend it for a woman. I once used a butt plug but found it to be uncomfortable after a couple of hours. And on occasion I might be inclined to use a pair of nipple clips. Sometimes, if I know it will be cold out that night, I'll dress in latex panties that have both a dildo and plug with a bra that has the nipples cut out. Wearing nipple clips. That cold air hitting my nipples does quiet a job on them when their clipped.

 Once all this is in place I then lock my hands to the rear of my collar and wait until dark. I've also found that I must tape the setting of the vibrating egg with duct tape because I've found myself trying to turn it off by rubbing up on furniture. I also decided to tie my legs together because I found myself trying to hump the armchair! Once darkness sets in I make my way to the yard and try to recover the house key. It's not easy trying to walk around in heels on soft dirt Trying not to be seen. I usually tie the key to a tree branch at the same level as my hands, I don't know if I could bend down to retrieve the key from the ground. I then make my way back up to the main house and have to fumble trying to open the door lock with my hands behind my neck. Not easy.

 Once I'm inside I unlock myself and almost immediately have to relieve myself of the sexual frustration that has been building up for the few hours that I'm restrained. If anyone has any suggestions or comments to make things more interesting for me I welcome them. I'm always looking for new ideas and predicaments. I would also like to hear what some other women do for stimulation. Has anyone ever used the butterfly vibrator? Has anyone ever orgasmed from the egg? What methods do you find most satisfying? Please let me know.... I hope you enjoyed this.


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