Weight Bench Bondage

by Lisa Latex

Hi everyone!

It's been awhile since I've posted any messages here but I'm still up to my old games.
 Since there's nothing on television tonight I  Just thought I would let you in on tonights entertainment for myself.

  Right now I'm wearing my chastity belt without the dildo as I write this. I inserted the egg and cliped the remote to the back of the belt. I wanted to be very turned on later when I tie myself up. Every now and then I turn it on and let it get me wet and excited. It's not enough to get me off though. So, even if I left it on, nothing would happen. I would just get hot and very bothered. In another hour I'm going to go out to the guest house and strip out of my clothes, lock them away and I'll be a prisoner of the house until dark. I'll be naked except for the belt. I'll leave the key in the main house frozen in ice. This morning I had the teenage boy next door help me move some exercise equipment out of the main house and into the guest house. I told him I wanted to make it an exercise room out there. If he only knew what I planed on doing out there.  I've discovered that exercise equipment can be used  extensively for bondage.

 I plan on lounging around naked playing with the remote for awhile before starting my bondage. I want to be real worked up. I'm going to lie face down on the bench. I'm going to have my ankles held wide apart by a spreader bar. A rope will be attached to the bar and pass through a pully in the ceiling. The other end will hang down to where I can pull on it.  I will strap myself to the bench face down with several lengths of belts. I will be attached from my waist up  as far as I can reach, Maybe including my head. I will pull the rope raising my ankles as high as comfortable. I will the tie it off to one of the bars on the bench. I will be wearing my hood with a blindfold and a gag and locked on by the collar.  I will then turn on the egg and wrap by hands under the bench. Under here I will lock by cuffs to the bar underneath the bench. The key being frozen in a large tray of ice that will be secured away from my hands. The key will be attached to my cuffs by a string.  I will have to wait for the ice to melt enough for me to be able to pull the key toward my hands.  I wanted to be bound a long time tonight. So, I am using a rather large tray. I estimate I'll be there for 4-5 hours.

 Just so I wont get bored, I positioned a electric massager between my legs. It's hanging from the ceiling on a rope. It's going to hang freely moving away and back as I try and move against it. It should swing back and forth hitting my sex as I struggle to move against it for more stimulation. Wearing the belt will prevent me from having an orgasm though. What a shame. I'm going to be going crazy. The egg will be buzzing away inside of me.
 So, here's the picture. Me lying on my stomach. Legs spread wide, held up high. My head hooded and moaning into my gag as the vibrators assault my sex. My hands held beneath me attached to the bench.  My only escape is the key held away from me by the ice. The room will be filled with buzzing and moaning.

 When I'm finaly able to release myself I still have to walk back to the house to satisfy myself. The key to the belt will be in the house.  Once inside, only then can I satisfy my frustration building inside of me all day.  I'm getting very excited as I'm writing this now. I better hurry up and get myself out there before I change my mind. I know that I'll wish I had as I'm lying there bound and teased for hours.

*  *  *

Wow! What a night.

 Some may argue that my bondage  wasn't that difficult. That I should have included  more obstacles and have more keys around.

 But sometimes keeping things simple is better.  At the last minute I decided to add the digital  timer to the electric massager. I set it to turn on a  half hour after I was secure. I then set it to shut  off  after an hour and then on and off every half hour.  The last time I set it to stay on without any off  time.  Needless to say, I was moaning and trying to press  myself toward the vibrator. This only caused it to  swing away and then swing back and hit the plate of my
 chastity belt. All this along with the vibrating egg  inside of me really sent me over.

 Unfortunately, I could not achieve an orgasm!  I must be one of thoes women that needs a lot of  direct  stimulation. All that stimulation, and no orgasm.  I was like jelly when it was finally over, almost 5  hours later!!!!!!! The key was deeper in the ice then  I  expected. I didn't want to pull on the string too  hard,  fearing I might break it!

 I must compliment the makers of that belt.  It really does as it says it will. Prevent orgasm.  I've tried masturbating with it on several times  and only with the most vigorous stimulation was I able  to achieve only a minor orgasm at that. I think it  left  me needing more. So, I decided that trying to  masturbate with on only makes it worse.

 Anyway.... once I was free from my bondage I had to  get  back to my house unseen.  The key to the belt was in the house still frozen.  I would have to defrost it fast when I got in. Unfortunately, my neighbors had all of their yard  lights on last night. I couldn't take the chance to be  seen.  So, I had to wait it out. I just had to sit there and  think about my frustration. I tried using the massager  but like I said, it only made things worse. I tried  squeezing my hand past the plate but It fits too tight  to reach where I needed.  Its a strange feeling not being tied but not being  able  to also pleasure myself. It's even more frustrating   than being tied and not being able to orgasm.

 It was around 11:30 when they finally turned out  their lights! Now it was raining hard and it was cold.  I had to venture outside barefoot and naked, except  for the belt. I was afraid that they would turn their  lights on again when I was midway home.  It's about 200 ft. from the guest house to my house  but  it may as well be a mile. When your naked and barefoot  it feels like it takes forever.

 I was shivering and drenched when I finally opened  the door to my house. First thing I did though was  retrieve the key and put it in a pot to defrost.  I then went to dry off. When I returned the key was  ready.  I unlocked the belt, right there in the kitchen and  left it on the table. I removed the egg from my pussy  and left that there too. I then ran upstairs and  filled  the tub with nice hot water and preceded to relax in  the soothing water. I brought into the bathroom my  mini vibrator and began pleasing my aching pussy as  I soaked in the hot water. I must have orgasm 3 times  before I felt satisfied.  By now I felt completely exhausted and just wanted to  sleep. I dried myself off and headed straight to bed.


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