Who am I?

What do I look like?

(and why did I create this site?)

Who am I?

  I'm AurĂ©lie Catena. Where I live, I shall let you guess, but english is not my first language. Yes, I love bondage. No, I'm not a lesbian, but lesbianism has nevertheless a part in my fantasies. No, I don't want to be your slave/sub/wife. Yes, I know you are the best and most loving master in the World, but no way!

  ...because, above all other things, I am a FREE girl!

What do I look like?

  I'm petite, sportive, small-breasted (sorry guys), shoulder length auburn hair, small glasses on my perk little nose, green eyes. Before you ask, I don't shave my pussy.

  I'm not really muscled but I keep my body in good shape by doing sport regularly. A flat belly, no bad-looking fat on the limbs. I would say I look "firm" (I lack the words to describe this sort of thing.). My hips are a little too wide to my taste but I suppose it helps to give me my round bottom. When my legs are closed together, my thighs don't touch near the crotch, as if it had planned in order to provide full access to my pussy. I have lovely feet with straight toes.

  About my breasts,when I'm on my back, they are hardly larger than male breasts. Areola are larger though and the nipples are longer (when fully erect). They are VERY sensitive! :-) When I am standing, my breasts seem larger; they take a shape like half pears (cut from head to bottom) with the nipples in the thicker parts. When I am on all fours, they dangle under me in a conical shape. It is impossible to tie anything around them, even in the latter position.

  Naturally, my hair is cascading in large waves. Sometimes I make it curly, but now I keep them natural (I don't know the right words here either). There are bangs in front. My hair flows freely on my shoulder but when I'm doing sport, I tie it back.

  About my face: I have a turned-up nose. My eyebrows are not so strong. They are rounded like parentheses and are near to my front bangs. I have large eyes; I'm told they are the first thing one notices about me. (I suppose it is because I have small breasts... ;-)  ) My glasses have a thin oval shape. But I don't wear them when doing self-bondage. I have thin lips, standing up as if I was continuously doing a smack, a small mouth. A round chin, slightly prognathic.

  Since I created this site, I encountered some guys that asked me strange questions. I didn't think it could interest someone but if there are other like them out there I put my answers here:

Do I have a picture?

  I know that you would like to get a picture of me. You should throw this idea overboard right now. My self-bondage activities are highly secret and I don't want to let my image wander on the Internet associated with self-bondage documents. Sorry, but you will have to make yourself a mental picture of me on the basis of what I have said. However, feel free to ask me any further details you want.

  Two artists have made a drawing following my descriptions:

By Soggo                                                                             By Astroed

Why did I create this site?

  I'm into self bondage since my youngest age, at least in my thoughts. Practically, I begun to tie myself at the age of 12. Since then, my skills improved rapidly and in the same time, my stock of special toys became more and more diverse and rich.
  During many years, I used to invent my own scenarios, to set me in stricter and stricter bondage as my freeing and knotting skills improved. Recently, I quit the family home to settle in my own apartment. Waow! Freedom! There was no need anymore to hide me, to hide my stuff, to wait for my family to go to sleep or to leave the house.. I could bind me anytime!
  Last night, as I was horny as hell and couldn't decide what kind of bondage I would do, I had an idea: I connected to ICQ and asked for a self-bondage scenario. After many deceptions -- the guys on ICQ are mind-fixed on putting their penis in your (shaved) pussy -- I encountered a really creative guy who gave me a very interesting scenario.
  I tried it immediately and waoooo, I had just found a new way of binding myself! The next night, I went enthusiastly to ICQ again, but this time I passed many hours without encountering any imaginative guys. They all said they were bondage lovers but it was just a pretext to cyber-fuck me: "I tie your wrists and your ankles to the corners of your bed, and I take you like this and I take you like that..." How annoying...
  Thus came the idea of this site: there are a lot of imaginative men and women on Internet. There are a lot of self-bondagers that can understand me. By creating a site for all of us I could encounter them and exchange scenarios and ideas.

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