:-) Self bondage ideas desperatly needed
Created by peter
(posted Mar 10, 98)


I am very bored since i work at night. i am home all day and need new self bondage dare. i have done all that are listed and need more. I am a 35 year old male. and need all the dares. i can get.



From Tulebast (posted Jun 8, 98)
This is the dare I tried. I have a roommate who really knows very little about me, and we have a spare room with a single bed and weight set. I tied some clothesline to some leather ankle cuffs and secured the other end of the line to the frame at one end of the bed. The effect was that when my ankles were secured, each foot would be off the mattress and pulled slightly below the mattress level. I then tied some clothesline at the other end of the bed, one at each corner. Each piece of clothesline was tied very tightly around the frame and the lower portion of the headboard. In order to untie the clothesline, I would have to be able to reach under the bed. I then placed an open padlock on each segment of clothesline so that when I was lying on the bed, I would have just enough reach to grab the padlock (which was already as high as it would go). I placed an ice cube in a sock, and tied the end of the sock around an o-ring of a wrist cuff. When I held the sock, there was just enough length of sock so that I co uld manipulate the ice cube with the tips of my fingers. I would not be able to reach the cuff's o-ring. I prepared the second wrist cuff in the same manner.

It was getting late, and the sun had just started going down. I stripped off my clothes, shut the door to the room, and secured my ankles. As a test, I lay back on the bed and tried to bring my knees together, but because of the angle of my feet below the bed, I could get them no closer than 1 foot and a half. I was pretty aroused and had to keep from playing with myself. I then put on both wrist cuffs and stretched my body out on the mattress. I reached out with my left hand first, manipulating the sock and padlock so that when I closed the padlock, the sock was through the padlock loop with the section containing the ice cube on the other side. I did the same for my right arm. I was now spread eagle on the mattress, my hands above my head and pulled slightly below the matress level. I tried to squirm about to see if I could get my face close enough to reach the cuff straps and release an arm. I couldn't even get close. I had to wait for enough of the ice cube to melt for me to slide one of the socks through the padlock and get free.

Once I decided to give up on reaching the cuff straps, the utter helplessness of my situation sunk in, and I began to regret not playing with myself. My erection started to get pretty intense. I don't know how long I waited for the ice to melt before I heard my roommate come home from work. A slight panic settled in that he was going to find me sprawled out, and I was going to have to come up with a reason for being tied up naked. My erection eased a little, as I heard him wander through the house and go into his room. I was already starting to get embarrassed and he hadn't even found me yet. I didn't know when he usually uses the weight set, so I had no idea if he would even come into the room before the ice melted. And I still had to hide all the evidence. I pulled on the sock, but the ice cubes still held me captive. For awhile, I didn't hear anything, which meant he either was on his computer or doing something else. I was safe for a awhile, but I didn't know for how long. I pulled on the sock again, only to find the ice still too large to fit through the padlock. I started to wonder what he would do upon finding me. He was straight, so I didn't have to worry about getting molested, but would he untie me? Or would he just laugh and tease me while I waited to be able to free myself? That thought got my erection going again. It seemed like forever before the ice finally melted to the point where I got my right arm free, got free of the bed and managed to hide all the equipment. I think I may try to see how long I can get away with this without being caught.

From Bulbs (posted Jun 8, 98)
Phew! Haven't been able to get through here for a couple of days, but I did have some fun, Aussie!<G> I loved that page you linked me to! How come I never found these pages before? OK...Here's the scene I did.. First, I went out to Target and bought some replacement clotheshanger clips (the kind that don't need the hanger bar to work), a couple of leather belts, and some hasps from the hardware store. I made the "locking leather cuffs" as per the directions on the Mining Company's web page (www.theminingco.com). Now I had a pair of really secure cuffs, which I could cut my way out of if I *REALLY* had to! Next, I tied my legs up a la the "super hog tie" technique, and tied four courses of rope above and below my breasts. That felt very good, but I wasn't done yet! Next, I put two clothes clips on each nipple (not right on it...far enough so it would stay on) and filled a milk jug about halfway up with water. I tied each nipple clip to some rope in a Y configuration, and I tied the other end to the milk jug, with the rope passing over a towel rack above me. I was on my knees at this point. Finally, I locked my cuffs on. I wanted to lock these over my head as well, but I didn't think that the rack could take it. The key to these was in my bedroom. This way, every move I made caused the milk jug's position to shift, which would either pull harder on my sore nipples or send vibrations through them...It was great! I'd love to expand on this procedure...You know..tie my ankles to my waist so I'd have to rely on my knees to balance, and cuff my hands to the ceiling...Maybe set up a system to sl owly fill the milk jug..So I'll be helpless to do anything as the pressure intensifies...Fun!

From Aussie TV bondagelover (posted May 23, 98)
Keep trying, Bulbs! ( laughing )You will get there. Just make sure you have that knife handy when you do.......I am getting too good at this myself. One day maybe my housemates will find me like this! That last bondage i mentioned - even with the knife handy, it still took a while to cut through the ropes binding my wrists together. Maybe you could try handcuffs? i'm not into them myself but it could be worth a try if you don't want to escape too quickly or easily... Check out this site at: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/3731/ It is run by a person calling himself "Helpless" and is all about self-bondage including a great section on techniques and some pretty hot stories. Have you seen this one before at all?

From Bulbs (posted May 22, 98)
OK, I went for it again, Aussie. This time, I added some clothespins (2 on each nipple), and I tied my big toes together. I'm still not able to get the hands tied off correctly, though. Still able to slip out. That's OK..I'll just have to get some more practice in! Hmm...Dares..Well, my best ideas involve using a home with a back yard, which wouldn't exactly work at the moment! No ideas for ladies underthings, either, although I'm a big fan of black lace lingere!

From Aussie TV bondagelover (posted May 21, 98)
Hi Bulbs, After writing last nights post to you, I just had to tie myself up so i did - real tight. used the Super Hogtie technique plus i added a crotch rope and a little bit of the G-string technique (but modified) its very Japanese style and tightens up beautifully once I am hogtied. And yes, I needed the knife to escape! Nearly fell off the bed,while rolling around in my hogtie. Just as well I didnt coz the hnife was up on the bed and no way would I have been able to reach it tied up the way I was. It really would have been SO embarrassing had my housemates discovered me like this, bound and gagged in all that nice lacy lingerie It was lots of fun! I wore my favourite white lingerie for this scene - bra suspenders, panties and stockings. Bye for now, more later, Aussie p.s. How are you going?

From AussieTVbondagelover (posted May 20, 98)
Hi Bulbs, how're you? Good to hear the harness technique worked out so well for you. About your tecnique, well i do not know what the problem is, but maybe these tips may help. When i am tying my self up , this is what i do 1)In order to get a tighter hogtie, I pass the metal rings of the ring device through the cinch rope of my ankle ropes. That is, I tie my ankles as normal but before cinching them, I pass the rings thru the remaing ropes used to cinch my ankles together - therefore the ring are now attached directly to the ankles 2)When I make the wrist coil, I make it just large enough to pass my hands thru from OPPOSITE directions. Then I twist my hands around so they are facing, palm to palm. - this has the effect of forming a "figure 8" in the wrist coil. 3)Once the 'moment of truth' has arrived and I am ready to complete my bondage, afer passing my hands thru the wrist coil (which I like to make with about 3 or 4 lo ops)i then snug or "cinch up" the slipknot of the cinch noose arond the wrist coil already binding my wrists together BEFORE I begin pulling on the cinch noose rope thru the ring device to tighten my hogtie.(this removes excess slack caused when pulling on the rope if the slipknot has not been cinched, this was the same problem I had as you) I also make sure my ankles are as close to my hands as possible before i begin doing this too. If done right, ( it does take practise, lots of fun too! ) you should be tied up real tight, with only about 3-4 inches separating your hands and ankles. you WILL need a knife to escape this time around! if you want to spend a longer period of time tied up try the old ice trick - freeze the blade in a block of ice and hang it from the ceiling - no escape till it melts and it drops to the floor! something like that anyway. Good luck! Aussie p.s how about a self-bondage dare invoving crossdressing for me? I love wearing sexy feminine clothes especially lacy lingerie and PVC, i incorporate this with my bondage scenes

From Bulbs (posted May 19, 98)
Ok, Aussie, I did as you suggested. That harness really worked! I was surprised at how well it worked, actually..I didn't think that I could make the necessary loops and knots and pin my arms very well at the same time, but I was wrong! I added some clothespins to my nipples this time, but they were pushed off when I was struggling. Damn! Actually, what I really wanted was some other hands to give my nipples and breasts some attention, but barring that, any ideas? Both times I've been able to slip out of the bondage without using a knife...I think I need to tie the noose way closer to my ankles next time, because I've been able to push the "coil" part of the noose back, and so slip out. Suggestions? I want to be pretty much helpless, without using locks or chains. My favorite part of this setup is the complete immobilization of the legs and thighs and the ability to struggle fiercely and get absolutely nowhere! I need to extend the duration of my scenes too...I only lasted an hour..

From AussieTVbondagelover (posted May 17, 98)
Dear Bulbs, Glad to hear you liked the 'Super Hogtie' so much! It IS good isn't it? I remember the first time I tried this ( about 1 1/2 months ago ) and i also thoght it was my best ever Anyway, if you are having trouble getting your chest/breast ropes to snug up, this is what you do. Instead of making a large coil and pushing it down your chest, like the SH technique suggests, try it this way. ( N.B you will need a long length of rope for this one ) Start by making a bowline or similar and snug it up until it is tight just below the breasts. Then wind more rope around and around your body and arms ( above and below your breasts ) as tightly as you can until about 15 or 20 feet of rope is left. Then you tie a knot in the lower 'coil' just below the breasts and pass the remaing rope over your shoulder, under the coil behind you and back again over the other shoulder. Pull it tight and tie off - thus forming an effective rope harness that will not slip. If you like, ( This is what i do ) you can pass the remaining ends under your crotch up to the upper body ropes, pass it over these and back through your crotch and tie in front of you ( warning ; the whole thing can get pretty tight so be careful!) But done right, it not only is pretty secure bur feels wonderful. Let us know how you go. Actually this technique i have just described in addition to the 'Super Hogtie' could be a pretty good dare for the girls - Ever wondered what a tight crotchrope thru your puss feels like? Go and find out! And don't forget to report back here too! Good luck and, 'tight ropes' from AussieTV bondagelover

From Bulbs (posted May 15, 98)
I tried the Super Hog Tie, and I loved it! It was the best self-bondage experience I've ever had! (I've been into Self Bondage for 10 years) Now if I can just get the ropes above and below the breasts to snug up a little more... ;) Send self-bondage suggestions to: [email protected] PS-I'm a male...The big breasts are genetic..

From Le Vit (posted May 13, 98)
I like that one, its a pretty good dare. I suppose you've tried the key in the ice cube thing, well how about putting keys in larger blocks of ice. How about a bucket!

From tv roxan (posted May 13, 98)
Go to a mall and tape the key to your locks under a bench in a public space. Lock your wrists behind your back and retrieve your key later. This works great if you can walk to the mall, or try it crossdressed. You can also leave the key outside somewhere so that you can only get it after dark. Place your key a long ways away, put yourself in a good hogtie, and when you're ready, push yourself along the ground until you get to it. I heard a story where a woman put the key to her cuffs in a magnetic box and attached it to her roommates car. Her roommate was gone all weekend. When she came back, the girl in bondage had to hide until dark before she could retrieve the key.

From AussieTVbondagelover (posted Apr 28, 98)
Dear Peter, Go to Lillans bondage site at www.geocities.com/WestHollywood?9361/index.html and read the self-bondage techniques provided within. My dare to you is to tie yourself as tightly as you can using the "Super Hogtie technique" described within. You are required to augment it by tying on yourself a nice tight crotchrope in addition to wearing nothing but a full set of nice lacy ladies lingerie - the full bit - panties, bra, suspenders and stockings. it is impossible to get out of without a knife, if you are brave you will leave it in another room... Let us all know how you go ( if you get free that is... )I have tied myself using this technique so i can vouch for the difficulty of freeing yourself even with a knife. P.s Any dares for me, preferably involving crossdressing ( can be in public also ) and self-bondage? These could also be combined together. Be creative !

From Le Vit (posted Apr 13, 98)
I Think that nudity and handcuffs go well together, and have spent many a happy hour in both. For me, the use of handcuffs while nude adds to the experience, for once cuffed it is harder to cover yourself up if accidentaly discovered. For a dare, try one I like to do once the weather warms up enough. Take a walk around your area naked and cuffed, either in front or if you are brave, behind you. That added sense of helplessness is a big kick. You can also try spending a large amount of time naked at home in your cuffs, just doing what you usually do. I have done many more risky things and have a few ideas for more if you dont want to do anything so tame.

From [email protected] (posted Apr 13, 98)
Here's a self-bondage technique that combines bondage with the chance to be seen naked and tied up. I do this quite often and have been seen by a neighbor once. The neighbor commented on this several days after she saw me and I was SO embarrassed! Anyway, here's what I do. I open the blinds on the front window, hang the handcuff key by a thread from the curtain rod, and turn on all the lights in the room. I lock all the doors and gather up my bondage stuff. I start by stripping naked. I usually fill 4-5 glasses of milk (sour milk is best) and put them on the floor in the front room. These make sure I make my way to the key slowly. Sour milk is really hard to clean up, so I try very hard not to knock the glasses over! Next I go to my bedroom, which is at the opposite end of the apartment. If I'm feeling especially horny I'll take a washable marker and write "slut" and/or "Fuck me" on my belly. This makes the thought of bein g seen even worse. Next I sit on the floor and cross my ankles and tie them as tight as I can. I'll wrap rope around me knees and tie them together. I put a rope around my waist and tie it off to my ankles to keep my knees bent. This makes it impossible for me to get up and walk. I slip the handcuffs around one wrist and blindfold myself carefully. I've found that taping cotton-balls over my eyes before putting on the blindfold blocks out all light. I wrap a large scarf around the blindfold and tie it off so I cant get the blindfold to come off without my hands. Then I take a deep breath, put my wrists behind my back and lock the cuffs. Now I'm on the floor, secured and blindfolded, with some real embarrassing stuff written on my naked body. To free myself I have to slither to the front window to get the key to the handcuffs. The room is brightly lit, and I have to go especially slow to avoid the sour milk obstacles I've set up. It usually takes about an hour to get to the key, with about half of that time in the front room in clear view of anyone who happens to look in. When I get to the window I get up on my knees and snag the key with my mouth. Once I have it I drop it on the floor and scoot around until I can get it with my hands. Then I can unlock myself. To make this more daring I've made some rules for myself. Once I find the key and unlock my hands I go through this ritual. First I untie the rope around my waist so I can extend my legs. Next I untie my ankles and get to my feet with the rope still around my knees. I stand at the window and count to 100 before freeing my knees. Then I count to 100 again before taking off the blindfold. It is exciting standing at the window nude and blindfolded, not knowing if anyone is watching. I clean up the bondage gear and the glasses of milk before I close the curtains. Then I masturbate and take a long bath. Of course, this works best i f you have a ground floor apartment like I do. It's even better if you have a neighbor who knows that seeing a key hanging in the window means that the entertainment is about to begin :)

From bmw (posted Apr 12, 98)
although I've never done any self bondage, Ive read of people using handcuffs and freezing the key on a string into a container. when the ice melts you can free yourself. the time your bound is determined by how large a container you use. be carefull and have a backup in case things don't work out as planed. enjoy