Truth or Dare - Self Bondage 8 - Created by NewWoman
I thought Id add a really extreme one. You will need some electrical tape and handcuffs. Go to a forest park, lock you handcuffs key in your car, hide your car key near the car, go for a hike in the woods - walk at least a half hour. Strip and discard your clothes. Using the elctrical tape bind your thighs together just above your knees. Handcuff your hands behind your back. Now, get back to your car key, your car, and the handcuff key without being seen.

For those interested and experienced, use nipple clamps and/or a vibrator with a locking chastity belt. Good Luck!


From Janie K
I found this one very fun. I decided to do this in a park in the early morning where only joggers would be around. I parked my car in the lot and ran across an open field and into some dense bushes. I stripped off my clothes, then I tied my thighs, and calves together. then I handcuffed myself, hoping the key would remain on the tire on my car where I left it. I decide to tape my calves as well as my thighs so I would have to hop, instead of walk. This was fun because it made my tits bounce, gathering extra attention. Also, if I fell down, I would have tremendous difficulty getting up. As I starting hopping, my tits were going wild. I realized a sport bra would help, but that would ruin the dare. I reached the open field. A group of men where playing touch football in the distance, I was sure if they would see me. I hopped along, bouncing up and down, when one man yelled, "Hey, that chick is naked!" They all ran over, but I hopped faster, making me bounce high, and have a greater chance of falling. The guys gathered around, and I explained that I was doing a self-bondage dare, and I wanted to complete, and after I did, I would all let them look at me naked. They all agreed, and followed my back to my car as I hopped, their eyes locked on my bouncing tits. after I got there, I got the key, unlocked myself, and undid the tape. I have gained alot of self confidence in being naked in front of men, especially when I was handcuffed. They could have easily ravaged me, and I would be able to do nothing. I modeled my naked body for them, then got in my car and left, driving home naked.
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