Truth or Dare - Self-bondage 3 - Created by NewWoman
Get rope or tape, a blindfold, some baby oil, and a chair. Strip and rub the baby oil all over your body. Get good and excited. If you have a vibrator or butt plug to use, get it and use that too. Put the chair in an exposed place: on a deck or balcony, in front of your front windows facing the street, something like that. Put the vibe in or on or whatever. Tape or tie your legs to the chair and also one around your middle to the back of the chair. Put the blindfold on. Put your hands behind your back. If you can stay there an hour or more, give yourself a reward. If you can only stay there less than an hour, you deserve a punishment from me. Let me know you have failed and I will give you the punishment. If you have a partner, do this with the partner with your hands cuffed behind the chair.


From loser

I rubbed down but I simply could not bring myself to sit on the chair in front of the window. I will accept any punishment.

From Joe Snerd
i could only sit there for 30 min, and i got too embarassed, so i went inside, i guess i get a punishment

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