Truth or Dare - Gagging Yourself


You must gag yourself very efficiently and make sure you can't take the gag off. Either by gagging yourself with scarfes and handcuff your arms in the back, or better still: put on a locking ballgag (from your local bdsm-shop) 1. variation: Begin by hiding the key in a public park. After you hav gagged yourself at home, you can choose to go get the key (bring a notepad for explanation), or chicken out and wait till after dark and hope nobody comes to visit you. 2. variation: Freeze the key in a large bucket of water and enjoy a days silence.


From Tiny
Well, I'm new to this game, and since I'm not supposed to post a dare I would'nt do myself, I thought I better try this one myself: I went to a fetish shop to find a locking gag. It turned out they did'nt have any lockable, but they could order one for me. I decided to just get the cheepest regular they had (20 $). I had to freeze the keys to my handcuffs first in a glass of water. I put on the ball-gag and the handcuffs. It is quite an intense feeling, not to be able to talk, but at the same time be able to walk around the rooms and to read (difficult to turn pages though). Anyway, it took nearly 4 Hours for the ice to melt, and my telephone rang several times. Okay, I did'nt go public this time as there was no one to assist me. Maybe you will?

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