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: Hello...My name is Kate Hadley and I am a Behavior Specialist. I have a client who use ropes and belts tied around the body as a form of self erotic stimulation, using a rhythmic method to climax. I am wondering if anyone has any information about this, specifically could there be dnager invloved (the ropes are not around the neck region) and are there resources out there that could be accessed. I live in the NJ area. Thanx...Kate.

Hello my name is jim, you are correct about there not being much information on the subject. Most people refer to it as self or solo bondage. it stems from a desire to be bound and restrained which results in sexual stimulation and ultimately climax. I have been into the BD/SM lifestyle since early childhood when i discovered i liked being tied up and sexualy stimulated. I also enjoy tying up a WILLING partner and stimulating her to climax.
Solo Bondage in its self can be dangerous if the subject does not take basic safety precautions, such as never going to such an extreme as not allowing for escape, or placing oneself in such a position as to cause the air way to be restricted. Many people use gags to enhance the experience but again caution is advised. you only provided basic information about the subject which i understand as the person wishes to keep their identity unknown.
If i could ask a few questions i might be able to provide you with more information. Is the subject male or female, what is the age range, how long has this person been doing this, and how extreme does the person get. I have practiced this myself for a number of years as i had no partner and no way of experiencing the thrill of being helplessly bound. Because of this I turned to Self bondage and became quite proficient at it. There were a few
times when i screwed up and dropped a handcuff key leaving myself restrained to the point where i had to struggle for an hour to retrieve the key. I learned a lot from that situation and modified my self bondage to reflect the experience. it can be a very enjoyable experience if practiced properly and safely. it can also be verry terifying when you realize that you cant get loose and panic, the only thing to do is remain calm and work it out.
i had the good fortune of being able to free myself and continue on with my life without being discovered by a friend who had to come looking for me because i didnt show up for work. i have heard of this happening to people who are into the lifestyle, from there description of the events it can be a very intense experience. If you would like to discuss this further please contact me at [email protected]

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