870909 - Kristine's Diary - Scarf self-bondage

Scarf self-bondage

September 9th, 1987

I've been reading my magazines a lot lately, and yesterday I bound myself some. It was nice.

So today I bought two plastic three-inch rings at the sewing store. Next I'm going to buy brass rings. They bind my breasts perfectly and stay on by themselves. It feels good but I want something to make the nipples more sensitive. Tiny rings? Or clips? Maybe miniature jewelry jump-rings.

I've decided to ask Jace about another bondage-photo session. This time I want him to dress as a woman and do makeup on his eyes. Then I'll gag him and he'll look like a woman. Maybe it'll be more exciting for me to tie him like that.

Tonight I went over to Jay's and watched TV with him all evening. Around 11 o'clock he went to the store to get milk.

As soon as he left I pulled out his scarf box from the day-care wall. I sorted out all the strong silk scarves. I tied them to the clips that are attached to the eyelets on the wall (they fold up the bed frame). I bound my wrists and stood against the wall. The scarves were soft. I sat down on the bed frame with my wrists still bound up to the wall clips. I extended my feet out diagonally and they almost reached the corner eyelets on the bed frame. A helper could have tied them there.

I stood up and was unclipping the scarves when Jay came in. He'd forgotten to bring his wallet. I was embarrassed. I knew he saw me unlacing myself from the wall.

When he left again, though, I couldn't resist playing more. I bound up my ankles, than did a slip-knot for my wrists. I attached it to another scarf, which I clipped to one of the eyelets. Lying on the rug I felt fun and sexy. Then I clipped myself to the dog's collar and was amused.

Then I untied everything. When Jay returned he didn't talk about what happened.

September 19th, 1987

I did ask Jay about that whole thing. What an interesting conversation. He does have a twitch about the day-care toys being used for adult purposes; he objects. But he told me I could get my own scarves at the Salvation Army. So I went and bought 28 scarves at 25 cents apiece. They're so nice!

Jay admitted that he hadn't really forgotten his money. He came back because he was curious what I would do alone at his place. Well I suppose his curiosity was appeased! Fer gosh sakes.

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