871003 - Kristine's Diary - Self-bondage explorations
Self-bondage explorations

October 3rd, 1987

Strange, but in the beginning I wasn’t interested in gags. Recently it's become very interesting to me, since in my fantasies, particularly the ten-second ones I run prior to orgasm, I often imagine a cock in my mouth. A good gag simulates that experience so now I want to find some good gags. A glass bottle worked fairly well and today I experimented with scarves.

I was writing a story on Thursday night and I tested some of the things I was writing down. I put a knotted scarf in my mouth and secured it with a second scarf round the head. This was fairly comfortable.

I then found that it was more interesting to read the magazine articles. I don't always have the patience to read the articles because it's like trying to read science fiction at the office: without the mind-set, it doesn't work...

So I was starting to get very involved in the reading, and when I saw a photo of a leg-sleeved lass, it had to be me. I leapt to my rope hag and got a pair of pantyhose. I placed one leg of the hose into the other. Then I slipped both legs in the "sleeve." Nice feeling: I wiggled my ankles and felt my thighs rub together. I tied my ankles with a scarf. I used two more scarves at my waist and crotch to hold up the legsleeve. Why stop there? I added my black dildo inside with the scarves holding it secure.

This got me all excited. I tried to read more, but wanted to get off. I couldn't get adequate access to the mons area because of the dildo base! Finally I jammed a vibrator down the front as best I could. It took a while to get there because I generally need my legs apart. I tried to increase the muscle tension by squirming and bending my legs. I really wished I had a guy there to help by pushing my legs up a little. Also to have someone to share my excitement with. It seems like for a long time I haven't been hot with anyone.

I lay on my back and held my legs in the air. By churning a little I got muscle tension going in my thighs and I finally came. It was a new feeling to come with a gag in my mouth.

I was drooling so I took out my gag. Then I lay in a stupor and read the magazines for about an hour. So guess what. Mr. Harmon called and there I was with my legs tied and a dildo anchored in a sea of wetness. We talked for a while and he asked if I had the right phone number to reach him. I couldn't reach my purse; I almost fell off the bed trying to hold the phone and reach with the other hand while rolling my little hips along in the nylon sleeve. I was so tempted to say "I'd check that number Mr. Harmon but I'm a little tied up right now” but I was too embarrassed to say it.

October 3rd, 1987

I decided I would time how long before a gag gets uncomfortable. I put a knotted kerchief in my mouth, then secured it with a scarf 'round my head. I knotted the cotton points over the scarf and pushed that knot inside my mouth too, so I was fairly deeply gagged, but it felt all right.

I checked the clock. Now that I had something invading my mouth in a phallic way, I wanted to do more. I wanted my breasts tied up. I used black cord to tie four-inch brass rings on my breasts. They sure made my nipples hard and sensitive. With my tits like that I wanted to come again, so I tied each ankle back to each thigh with scarves. I perched myself on my knees over my dildo and lowered myself onto it.

Afterward I put away my toys and checked the clock. It'd been 15 minutes since I put in the gag and it was just starting to bother me, so I took it out.

October 1987

Recently I strapped my breasts in the three-inch rings and tied my wrists and my ankles. Then I pulled a tall stool up to the bedpost. I fastened the dildo to the bedpost and I leaned on the stool and backed myself up so the dildo fit in. I used a vibrator to come. What felt particularly good was my tits were all rounded and sensitive pressed against the cushion. I liked the position too.

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