mscindy self bondage

Self Bondage


          The first thing we need to bring up is Safety!...and ways to keep you out of trouble...

          If you are going to use handcuffs as the primary wrist restraint then you should take a spare handcuff key and put it somewhere like under your mailbox or out in the garage a sort of last resort.

          Put a small but sharp knife also somewhere where you can get to it if needed too! under the couch, the bed, or in your closet etc...I know THAT it can't cut chains but it will cut rope and maybe allow you to walk around better and get to a key or other saftey device.

          Next, things to think about when tieing yourself up....always go slow...its more fun that way...and it allows you the oppurtunity to think ahead as to what is about to take can do almost...almost anything in self-bondage except maybe tie the elbows tightly together...if you may never get out...

          Also, you need to think about what it is you want to do..i.e. Do I want to get out? I need to get out etc?...if you are tying yourself up for you and not as a package for a partner..then you will need to get out..if you are doing it for a partner... then you MAY want to get out...(i.e. for saftey reasons)...then again is he/she won't get out until he/she lets you you can do different things altogether that you normally couldn't do by yourself ( need someone to get out)

          Consider talking with your partner or friend about safe words or maybe the lack of words heard on a phone..i.e. you are tied and gagged...and can't get try to call him/her on the phone...but you cant' say anything ....He/she will know what you are doing...or call your mate before you start and tell them that you plan on having a little fun before they get home...and that you will call them back in 1 or 2 hour...and that way if no call..they can come home and get you (and make you pay!)...etc and other ideas like that..

          Now on to the handcuffs themselves...after you have tied your legs and body, gagged and blindfolded yourself ...etc...then put your hands behind you as if locked there and move around and see what hurts, or is tied to tight, or very uncomfortable...then lock ONE cuff on the wrist that is NOT the dominate!..i.e. if you are right handed, this will be the hand and fingers that you will use first to use the key, then lock the cuff on the left wrist first..then wait again or a few moments..ALWAYS make sure that the key whole is facing away from your elbows...and down towards your fingers..then take a deep breath and lock the other one on!...THE FUN BEGINS!

          Now things to do to make getting the key harder or a timing device to keep the key away from you for a set period of time.

          First way. Put the key in the other room!...bound and gagged, and blindfolded (if desired) will make crawling on the floor hard enough to be worth your while. Be careful if you try a HOGTIE as this make getting back up on the bed or couch harder to don't try a hogtie and leave the key on the bed as you roll might not get back on!

          Second..Put the key outside in the car or garage..or under the mail box. Tied and gagged with can do housework..etc..but have to wait until dark to get the you don't want the next door neighbors to see you (or do you?)

          Third... lots of locks and key on the floor in the living room opens the lock that holds the key to lock on the cabinet door, whose key is for the lock to the garage..etc...causing you to move all over the house until you get the key to your handcuffs...I have a ball gag with a small chain that I use all the time...I can lock the gag on..and put the key out in the mailbox...after I am free....depending on how I did my bondage..I still have to wait until dark to get the gag off...

          Fourth....Have a friend bring you the key!... give a friend an envelop with a key inside and tell them it is a surprise for someone and that you are playing a joke on him...have them put the envelope in the door at 4:00pm the next day..before they get home...little does the friend know is that you are bound and gagged on the other side of the door just waiting to get that key so you can get free to use the bathroom... :)

          Fifth...Timed release...a key frozen in an ice cube...depending on the size of the cube can take about 1-2 hours to melt allowing the key to fall!...varying the size of the ice cube will determine the length in bondage.

          A large wind up alarm clock can also be used...just glue a small piece of cardboard to the alarm key (make sure it can turn freely)...then set the alarm..pull the alarm key out..and place the key on the small little platform that you just made. When the alarm goes off the alarm key unwinds and as the cardboard turns.,,,the key falls off. You can set the alarm for 5 min or 12 hours depending on the clock. This works much better then anything relies on electrical that may shut off...I have never lost power in your home in the last 2 years... you don't want the first time to be the day you try that very tight self-bondage adventure. I remember a story where a person used a electic timer to hold a key. They had set the time for 1 hour but lost power, when the power returned (15 min later)..the timer had reset to 12 hours was long night in a hogtie.

          Both the Ice and the alarm clock can be used when you hae tied youself to a non moving object..i.e. chair, pole, bed...or over head hook. Just attach a string to the key and hook it to the ceiling over where your locked wrists will be. Sit in the chair..or lie on the bed..etc..and see where you need to put the hook or tape for the string...For exmaple...I have tied myself to a chair in my living room in front of the TV. My back was to the fireplace mantel. My wrists and handcuffs were locked to the I would not be walking I sat in the chair with my hands behind me... looked up to see where I was to tape the other end of a long end was taped to the ceiling and the other end I tied the key to my handcuffs. I then pulled the key up to the Mantel when my wind up alarm clock device was and place the key on the the alarm sounded..the key would swing down to where my hands were...It worked great...good thing I use plugs, clothespins and bondage 2 hours can be a long time to sit there doing nothing!..

          Sixth.....use a can or jar with a key tied to a long piece of thread (not string)!...freeze the key in the jar or can and put it accross the room from the chair, bed, pole,etc...tie yourself up but ensure that you tie the other end of the thread to your handcuffs...the idea is that the key is your freedom...but you can't pull on it yet because the tread will break so you have to wait until the jar/can melts and you can pull the key careful don't get impatient..or you will break the thread...I used this idea alot...with nipple clamps and other toys..I won't to get out badly..but have to wait..or I will break the thread...

          One last note.. .I have a secondary saftey deivce that I use ALL the time...I have a 1 gallon paint can that i have filled with old motor oil....I have tied a long string to the handle and about 12 inches from the handle I have attached a knife and a spare key to my cuffs...the string is long enough to hang to the foor when placed on the shelf of my closet. That key is always availablity and I always ensure that I can reach the string...however...if I have to use it...emergency!...well the mess from the oil is too bad..but I just don't want to use it to get out if I am just tired of the bondage..too bad!..I wait or clean up the mess and have my SO find out...:)

          That's about it for this letter...if you have any questions please ask...btw..some more of my likes...I always tie my ankles with high heels on or boots...wearing very high heels/boots makes the bondage that much more excieting..(for me)..and it adds to the bondage...5-6" heels and hobbled ankles can make walking tough! thigh-high boots are make from thick leather and they don't allow my knees to bend very add a little rope and again the bondage is enhanced!...I also use long leather gloves as a part of my because they look and feel great...they kind of protect my wrists from the ropes and cuffs..and two!..they make opening the locks to the handcuffs ...try it...take a pair of your leather gloves (if you have them) and lock your handcuffs's harder to find the key hole!..GREAT huh?...

          One last saftey note...NEVER tie anything the neck...a leather collor is fine as long as it is not a major restraint point i.e. tied to the bed or chair by your neck!

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