Karen's True Story
Hello my name is Karen I live in San Diego Ca. And this is a little recollection of what my first self-bondage experiment was like.

I was into bondage since I was 12, I did not know what bondage really was then but I did like the secure feeling of my moms stockings wrapped around my wrists and the feeling of safety that they brought. My first REAL experience was a complete disaster at the age of 16. Please if you want to read on further continue.

It was one of the warm summers school just let out on summer break a week ago, and finally I had the house to myself! I was planning to enjoy the day with a long nap and then to meet my friends for movies. I was settling in for my nap about 11 o'clock, I was too restless to sleep and the Air Conditioner was not working again. I figured I could do something more constructive like to read a book.

I picked up the crime/murder mystery that I was reading. Turning through the pages I came upon the damsel tied with very intricate rope work. This got me to thinking about being tied helpless with someone having control over me. The warm familiar feeling returned from when I liked to play with my mother's stockings.

I decided to tie my self up that day. I had no idea what to tie myself with but plans were forming in my head. First I needed rope, there was some left over from the family camping trip, nice soft cotton rope that we used to tie down the cargo to the top of the family van. I just took the whole spool from the rack and returned it to my room upstairs. Fortunately my brother the Officer in Training has a set of handcuffs with double locks, (Yes I know where they are and how they work, he practiced on me) I snagged them from his atop dresser and stuffed. Them in the pocket of my tight jean shorts not forgetting the keys. One last thing I snagged a small piece of PVC pipe about 5 inches long and a small diameter, which would make a neat gag. I figured that with those supplies I could have a good hour in light bondage.

I grabbed a glass of ice. Figured ice would make a nice timer for the keys to drop.

Before I started anything I made sure all the doors were locked. I did not want anyone to come in while I was experiencing. I dumped the ice into one of my old stockings and slid the handcuff key down onto the ice lump. I next removed the hanging poster of my current heartthrob off the wall (what ever his name was). I hung the stocking ice satchel on the nail. I then proceeded to completely undress. My nipples were firm from all the anticipation.

Working out how to do a knot technique that I developed in my head, I took about 12 feet of the cotton rope and made a loop at one end only big enough to feed the rope through the hole. I then wrapped the rope around below my tits and threaded the other end without the loop through the loop and tightened the simple knot by pulling the opposite direction of the rope. I made another wrapping below my breasts and then still going under my armpits wrapped the rope around my upper torso just above my breasts. I was already feeling the tightness in my chest and breathing was now a little strain. I looped for the bottom of my breasts again but this time I wrapped the rope around the bottom 2 ropes and took the still loose end and wrapped it around the top rope. I pulled and wrapped it once again to the bottom ropes and tied it off at my side. This pulled my breasts together and make them look so much better and I was not loosing circulation at all.

Next to design was the gag. I got out the piece of PVC pipe and placed it in my mouth like a horse bit. Strangely enough it was effective in distorting my words. I used another stocking and feed it through the pipe and tied it behind my head. This alone with the tit tie was enough to make me pass out from the excitement. I looked at myself in the full length mirror Closet doors and saw what I felt a young thin 16 year old girl with comically enlarged breasts and a water pipe for a gag. By now the key holding stocking started to drip. That assured me that I was gonna be safe.

I then get out my bikini bottom from last summer and put it on, have I ever grown it barely fit and it seemed more to be a thong. I decided to make a crotch rope (I know what it is now) for this I took another length of rope which I had to cut from the spool and start it like I did for the tit tie. This time I did the wrapping at my waist and sent the rope directly up the middle of my clit pressing moderately. The indentation in the silken material of the bikini bottom where the rope traveled looked nice. I looped the other end of the rope to the back of the wait wrapping and brought the rope back through my crotch where I tied off the rope. So I could not remove the crotch rope. I walked around my room for a bit and found the sensations arousing with the ropes on my breasts and the sensual crotch rope I almost stopped there to master bate but I did have a schedule.

Sitting on my bed I took some more rope and tied a simple knot on one of my ankles and started wrapping up my legs with about 3-inch separations between frappes. My legs were now firmly squeezed together with the still tight crotch rope working it's charm.

I turned on the bedside radio so I can hear the time and measure my progress. I retrieved the blindfold that I use when I go to sleep and put it over my eyes and adjusted it for the most comfort and affect. I was now gagged, blindfolded, and tied. If someone came in while I was like this I could not tell that they were starring at my nude form. And I could not get away.

The midday sun was on my body and in my hair. The warmth felt so good coming through the blindfold, and my erect nipples. I ran over my mental check list one more time to make sure that I did not forget anything and I did not.

This was the moment of fate for me, I picked up the cold shiny metal cuffs and examined them with my fingers cold hard and confining. I made sure that at least one of the keyholes was facing the ground so I could use the key to get out when I needed to. I clicked one cuff shut, still time to get out� I placed my hands behind my back and feed the other cuff between the T shape of the crotch rope. So If I pulled at all I will jink the Crotch Rope. I closed the other cuff shut. The Click seemed to echo and the whole world could have heard it.

I was a captive of what? Myself, the weather, any person that broke into my house and came up the steps? What have I done? I lie there tied, cuffed exposed, gagged, and tantalized. A flood of emotions came over me; fright, bliss, astonishment, rage, lust, pain. The cuffs were biting into me. I tried to cry out but alas the pipe stopped any intelligible comment to leave my lips. How long will I be here? At lease my favorite song is on the radio.

Sleep does come in waves with the pain. I become conscious and then fall into light sleep again. I awake again, the radio announcer says 6:30. Oh shit the movies! I squirm to the edge of my bed and roll off. I land on my back on the cuffs; they tighten! I forgot the double lock! I'm really in pain now the little wrist movement that I had left my hands I was down to working with fingers only. I squirmed over to the place where the key would drop and felt around for it. NOTHING! I was in trouble. I slid my face up and down on the shag carpet trying to remove the blind fold. It came off with 10 minutes of fighting with it. I could see. And I rested.

I looked for the key. Where is it? I looked up and there it was on the stocking. The ice had melt but the key was still light enough to cling to the fabric. How was I going toget it down? I started to muffle a cry but it was of no use. I lay there cuffed, gagged, naked, and tied. My parents would find me and the questions would never stop. I could not let my family find me like this! I found that the edge of my desk could be used the pull down the rope wrapped around my legs, but in the process of doing that I over exerted on the cuffs and the leg movements and gave myself an orgasm. I shuddered and strained against my bonds and rolled onto my back; CLICK� the cuffs tightened further. My mind did not know what hurt more my aching shoulders and wrists or the waves of orgasm. 20 minutes later I resumed removing the rope on my legs.

Free at last I was able to walk around. The biological high was over and the pain of the cuffs sunk in. Tears were running down my face, but I was standing. I could jump up and down and get the key with a few tries but in doing that I was exposing my self to the open window. I started anyhow; I heard a car pull into my home driveway, and I heard the voice of my boyfriend getting out of his car! I am worried now. I drop to the ground belly first so he can't see me. I hear him calling my name and he was trying the front door. Oh God please let me have locked that door. I was sure I did but now I was not. The click of the key in the door seemed to echo in my head, he had a key! And I gave it to him. He stepped in the doorway and called my name. I laid there hoping that he would not come up stairs. Then the familiar thumping of his Nikes on the steps. He must think that I am asleep.

He stepped into my room and looked at my bare naked ass with the cuffs and crotch rope. I could feel his puzzlement. Making a quick decision he stepped over to me and removed the gag.

"What happened to you?" he asked

I just stared in shock, my first real secret has been let out on first try.

"Who did this to you? Where are the keys?"

I barely answered "On the nail on the wall"

It clicked for him and he realized what was going on. Instead of on cuffing he took the key and put it in his pocket. He picked me up in his arms and placed me on he bed sideways and loosened the cuffs but engaged the double lock. He rolled me on my back this time. And looked at me "I did not know you were into this too." Was all he said, Sean and I are still married today.

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