The Tortured Young Bride
This is a work of fiction sexually explicit in nature.  All characters
are fictional.  If you are offended by severe non-consensual or 
consensual bondage and descriptions of pain, don't read any 

This work is copyrighted 1997 not to be sold or altered in any 
manner but may be archived and re-posted.

                    The Tortured Young Bride

                         by Night Shade

                            Chapter I

      Karen's life was a mess.  Her brief, 6 month marriage to a 55 
year old business man was a total failure.  Nothing worked 
between them.  
      She couldn't relate to his work or his education.  She was only 
18, and had just barely graduated with a D average.  The same as 
her bra cup size. She wasn't stupid, just easily distracted.  And her 
body encouraged all kinds of distractions from the high school 
      She was tall for a girl, almost 6 foot.  But she was very 
feminine.  Smooth, rounded shoulders tapered into delicate arms, 
ending in soft slender fingers.
      Her legs drew a lot of attention.  They were constantly on 
display when she sat and innocently crossed them in class or when 
she walked down the hall.  They really were endless and the short 
skirts she wore emphasized their length and shapeliness.  
      Her hips flared nicely, but still retained the trimness of youth.  
The firm clean lines of her ass cheeks swayed as she would walk 
down the school hall ways, never failing to bring at least one, if not 
a chorus of whistles behind her.
      Her breasts were amazing.  They were huge, but her height 
made them seem proportionate to her body.  The sensuously 
rounded orbs were high on her chest, firm and large, defying all the 
laws of gravity by standing straight out without support.  The tips 
were quarter-sized circles colored a dusky pink with crinkled red 
buttons perfectly centered.  
      She had been proud of her chesty development until the girls in 
her gym class had spited her in their juvenile envy.  She had been 
ostracized by the very same girls who had been her 'best' friends 
growing up.  She was never invited to any more parties, sleep-
overs, or included in the gossip.
      The boys, although they bothered her a lot, mostly just looked, 
drooled and jacked off.  They were immature and the vision she 
presented to them made them nervous.  Even the quarterback of the 
football team fumbled around her.  She had been the chief actress 
in many a high school fantasy and wet dream, but ended up 
dateless on Saturday nights.
      Her home life was not much better.  Her mother drank, her 
father fooled around a lot, or at least, that's what the neighbors 
said.  Karin liked it best when her mother was unconscious and her 
father was out of town.  On those nights, neither one would beat 
her or humiliate her.
      So it was not surprising that when Mr. Saunders, a business 
man from the big city, saw her and showed an interest in her, she 
was drawn to her.  He was a big man, tall and handsome.  He 
treated her so kind, and was the perfect gentleman.  He didn't even 
try to kiss her or have sex with her or touch her during their 
whirlwind courtship.  Because Bill Saunders was definitely gay.  
      But his business demanded a "normal" family and he needed a 
wife.  Karin was the perfect trophy wife.  Beautiful and dumb, a 
girl no one cared about.  
      He gave her parents $10,000 at the wedding to forget her.  
With that much money for booze, it was guaranteed they wouldn't 
remember anything, at least.  
      Bill had insisted that Karin pack everything in her parents 
house and bring it with her when she moved.  He wanted no traces 
of her left behind, no little articles or nick-nacks to stir long 
forgotten memories of their only child.  
      He needn't have bothered.  Her parents had resented her from 
her conception.  Her beauty had only infuriated them more.  Karin 
was already forgotten.  They both drank themselves to death in two 
months.  Karin didn't go to the funeral.
      That was six months ago.  Her fairy tail marriage to the 
handsome Bill Saunders had started cracking on their wedding 
night.  He had complained of a headache, of all things.  The second 
night he passed out drunk, something she was used to.
      Business trips came up and he was away a lot late at night.  She 
had been married for six months and was still a virgin.  She had 
been a failure in high school and now she was a failure as a wife.
      She had realized her husband was gay early on.  At first it was 
the pool man, and then the butler that didn't butler.  The 
relationship between the three of them was tense, the normal roles 
of husband and wife helter skelter.  She never went out, didn't 
drive, and had no friends.  She didn't know anyone but Bill and the 
household staff.
      And now this.  She was being loaned to a stranger.  Bill and the 
"butler", Bruce, had surprised her one evening as she lay sunning 
herself by the pool.  Bill insisted that she maintain her youthful 
appearance and beauty.  She had the finest clothes to wear, and, of 
course, the tiniest bikinis.  
      That evening, she had been blindfolded and a hand towel 
stuffed in her mouth by one of them, Bruce, she thought.  Bill had 
grabbed her arms behind her back as she lay on her stomach and 
tied them with a piece of stiff twine or wire.  It was tied tight and 
had cut into her wrists.  There was no love or tenderness in either 
of the men's actions.
      She had been hauled like an old rug down into the basement.  
There, they had strung her up and tormented her as only two 
mysogenistic men could do.  
      Her hands had been re-tied to the pipes overhead, her feet 
dangling about two inches off the floor.  Even as tall as she was, 
her feet didn't reach.  They had not bothered to take off her clothes, 
but merely pushed the tiny triangles of her top up off her firm tits 
and yanked the bottoms down to her thighs.  This made her feel 
more exposed than if she had been nude.
      Bruce, the sadistic butler, had started slapping her tits with his 
hands.  He was a wimpy, emasculated, effeminate man and was 
jealous of Karin's femininity.  Especially her natural beauty and 
above all, her perfectly rounded tits.  
      He began to work her tits over, using them as a punching bag.  
Karin screamed into the towel gag.  He was working so hard the 
sweat was running down and staining his silk pajamas.  Sadist that 
he was, his erection tented the loose-fitting pants until the tip 
slipped between the buttons of the fly.  The pink organ was 
highlighted against the black shiny fabric.
      Bill watched Bruce torment the girl he had married.  This 
whole thing had been the butler's idea.  It had also been his idea 
that had gotten him into this mess with the bank in the first place, 
and now it was the butler's idea to get out of trouble by prostituting 
his wife.  All they had to do was to convince Karin of her part.  
Bruce had said beating her was the only way to convince her.
      Bill thought he detected a change in the girl's reactions to the 
punishing blows.  Her screams had lessened to moans and were 
coming less frequently.  Her nipples seemed to be puffing up.  He 
was not an expert in female sexual response - he had really never 
had an interest in it - but he thought he noticed moisture between 
her thighs.
      Karin had been taken by surprise.  The blindfold confused her.  
She never realized how much she relied on her sight.  The rope 
around her wrists had hurt, but there was also another feeling she 
couldn't put her finger on, too.  It was like a security blanket, an 
assurance that she was not in control.  It was comforting in a 
strange way.
      She had gone limp and allowed them to hoist her over a 
shoulder and then string her from the overhead pipes.  She had 
blushed when her breasts and pussy had been exposed, but that 
blush quickly faded as Bruce, she had guessed correctly, had 
started slapping and then punching her.  
      The initial slaps had surprised her and the sudden pain made 
her scream.  It was the only defense she had left.  But the pain had 
quickly been replaced by a surprisingly intense feeling that zipped 
straight to her cunt.  The tingling had built with each slap and 
punch of her tits.  Tensed and primed by endless hours of using her 
finger, the virgin wife was teetering on the edge of a rippling 
      Then Bruce punched the defenseless dangling girl in the 
stomach with two powerful jabs, forcing the air from her lungs and 
squelching any possibility of her orgasm.  Bill stepped in to stop 
the raging butler.
      "My turn, Brucie.  Why don't you rest a while?"  
      Bruce was in a blood rage.  All the frustration at having a 
female mind and a male body was coming out.  Anger at all the 
teasing from the other kids.  Anger that this cunt was the legal 
wife.  He turned to Bill.
      "Just a little longer, Bill.  The bitch deserves it."
      "No.  That's not the reason we're here, now, is it?  We can't be 
selling damaged goods, can we?"
      The mention of the banker calmed Bruce down.  That mean 
bastard would make this punishment seem like a ballroom dance 
lesson.  Bruce had worked for the banker last year.  The banker 
had fired him after he had embezzled a lot of money from him.  
      Bruce had been well aware of the banker's reputation with the 
ladies and the trouble they had sitting down - or even moving, for 
that matter - after a session with him..  The banker liked to tie up 
his unsuspecting victims and spank and beat them mercilessly.  
Bruce had never known a girl to voluntarily go on a second date 
with the banker.
      Bill was not aware the banker and Bruce knew each other.  Bill 
was the rich patsy Bruce was using to pay the banker back for the 
money he had stolen.
      Being the thorough man he was, the banker researched all the 
relationships before he moved and, when he did, applied the 
screws to both Bill and Bruce.  He had them right where he wanted 
them.  He had been suing Bruce to get his money back, and then 
blackmailing Bill when he found out he was gay.  
      When he had seen Karin out by the pool on a visit to Bill's 
mansion to pick up a payment, his eyes had glazed over, his heart 
beat like a trip hammer and his cock swelled up like a young bull 
in mating season.
      The two gay lovers couldn't agree fast enough to give him the 
      Bruce thought that with the girl out of the way, he could 
consolidate his position with this rich business man.  For his part, 
Bill felt he had to protect his business at all costs.  The banker had 
threatened to expose him to his colleagues, and he couldn't let that 
      So they ended up there in the basement, using Karin as a 
punching bag to get her to agree to the deal.  
      Bill stepped up to the heaving girl.  Tears leaked out below the 
blindfold and streaked her cheeks.  Reaching out with both hands 
he captured a swollen nipple between each thumb and fore-finger.  
Rolling them around, he stimulated the tiny buttons until they 
puffed up even bigger.
      "Karin, I need you to do something for me.  It's very important.  
I'm afraid that if you don't agree, I'm going to have to let Bruce 
play with you some more.  Do you understand?"
      Karin nodded her head in the direction of the voice.
      "I want you to escort a business associate to an over-night 
convention.  He is a very important man and you will be nice to 
him. OK?"
      Again she nodded.
      Bill twisted her nipples viciously, threatening to rip them off.
      "I mean very nice, bitch, you understand?  You will do 
anything he wants, right?"
      The tight twisting of her nipples sent Karin over the edge.  
Skyrockets of light burst in her head and her cunt dripped fluid 
down her thighs.  She whipped her head back and forth in her 
ecstasy.  This was better than her fingers by a long ways.
      "Right, bitch?," Bill demanded again, emphasizing the question 
with another sadistic twist.  
      Weakly, Karin nodded her agreement.
      "Shit!" muttered Bruce.  "You fucking good-for-nothing piece 
of shit!"
      Turning to Bill, he said, "Let me give her some more, just to 
make sure she understands.  Please?"
      "No," came the answer.
      Bill looked at the hanging girl.  He noticed the wetness 
between her thighs and poked an exploratory finger in her pussy.
      Karin jerked spastically at the unaccustomed intrusion.
      The finger slithered between her slick puffy lips and entered 
her virginal tunnel.  The tip encountered a tough membrane a little 
ways in.
      A look of surprise and then rage crossed his face. 
      "You BITCH!," he exploded,  "You're still a fucking virgin!  I 
figured you would have gotten rid of your virginity in high school.  
Shit.  You're too stupid to have even done that right"
      He stepped over to the cleaning closet and pulled out a toilet 
plunger.  Pulling a condom from his robe pocket, he opened it and 
slid it on to the smooth rounded handle.
      Bruce watched the proceedings with bright eyes.  This was 
even better than he had hoped.
      Bill walked back over to his suspended wife.  He untied the 
knots in the bottoms of her bikini and jerked the useless fabric off 
her thighs.
      "Bruce, hold her legs apart.  We've got a virgin to deflower," 
he said maliciously.
      Bruce moved behind her and squatted down.  He grabbed an 
ankle in each hand and spread them as wide as he could.
      Karin was struggling as best she could, but she was tired.  She 
had been hanging for almost 30 minutes and her shoulders and 
arms were sore from the strain.  Each weak kick of her legs jerked 
her stressed joints painfully.
      So Bruce didn't have too difficult a job to spread her shapely 
legs and expose the target to Bill's advancing plunger.  He gripped 
the slim ankles tighter than he needed to, leaving angry red marks 
on them.
      Karin was not aware that she was about to be mechanically 
violated.  She had heard the two men talking and knew Bill was 
going to make her a woman.  She wasn't too scared because she 
had waited for six months for him to exercise his conjugal rights 
and now he was.
      So she was unprepared for the sudden jab of the handle into her 
cunt.  The dry condom irritated the sensitive tender skin.  After 
about two inches, the blunted head hit her hymen.  
      Bill nodded to Bruce, who tightened his grip on her ankles.  
With a twisting lunge, Bill shoved the handle forcefully into 
Karin's tunnel, forcing the head past the membrane barrier with an 
almost audible tearing sound.  
      Karin screamed into the gag.  This pain was not pleasurable at 
all.  This was awful.  The handle continued in until the serial 
numbers on the condom covering it were hidden in soft pussy 
hairs.  Bill jabbed the handle in twice more and, satisfied that the 
passage was now clear, set the toilet plunger carefully down on the 
basement floor.  
      Bruce and Bill untied Karin's hands and let her drop to the 
floor.  They left her there to come to by herself.  Bill also left the 
bloody rubber on the handle.  He wanted that bloody post to be the 
first thing that she saw - her first lover.

                            Chapter II

      That was two weeks ago.  Karin had crawled upstairs to her 
room painfully and confused.  The next day, she was moved to a 
small apartment in one of Bill's commercial warehouses. 
      The building was in the industrial section of town.  The 
apartment had it's own entrance and parking garage, but other than 
that, it was isolated.
      Bill had given her a little money when she left and set up an 
account for her.  Each week, money would be deposited into the 
account automatically, provided she 'behaved herself', he had said.  
She had more money now than she ever had, and she was happy to 
be alone on her own.
      She had spent the last two weeks in various diversions.  Part of 
the day time was spent fixing up the old apartment.  Apparently, at 
one time it had been a luxury apartment with an extra-large bath, a 
beautiful rooftop patio area with a hot tub, and good quality 
furniture.  But that had been several years ago, as you could tell by 
the fabric and fashion of the furnishings.
      She had painted and cleaned, put up new drapes and swept and 
mopped the floors. The activity helped keep her mind occupied.
      She had drained and filled the hot tub and was pleasantly 
surprised when it ran perfectly.  She enjoyed the hot soothing 
bubbling water often in the evenings.  
      But at night she had to sleep.  She would lay in bed and wonder 
what the man would be like.  What would he ask her to do?  Could 
she do it?
      Then the itching would start.  The kind of itch she couldn't 
quite scratch.  But she tried to.  
      Her fingers blurred between her legs in frustrated persistence 
as the itch wouldn't go away and she couldn't get off.  So she 
started doing things to try to get herself off.  Like pinching her 
nipples hard.  
      That worked for a while, but it wasn't enough.  She started to 
play with the old cords from the drapes, twisting them around her 
legs, binding them tight together.  She fantasized about being 
totally controlled, totally restrained.
      She tried running the cords through her legs and pulling the 
twisted strands up tight against her pussy.  She twisted the ends in 
her hands and sawed the rough textured rope back and forth across 
her clit.  She managed to come a couple of times this way but 
something was missing.
      This led to her attempting self-bondage.  First she would tie her 
ankles together and secure them to the foot of the bed.  She tied the 
knees together next, tying the cords tight.  She put a band across 
her calves and another around her mid-thighs.  Again, the ropes cut 
into her skin, dividing her shapely pins into segments.
      She twisted a rope belt around her waist and knotted it tight, 
squeezing in the waspish waist.  This allowed her to run a rope 
through her tightly clasped thighs.  She tied one end to the belt in 
the back and pulled the rope up tight between her cunt lips so that 
it pressed against her clit and her asshole.  She didn't tie the front 
until later.
      She had pondered what to do about her breasts, and had tried 
many ways to bind them.  She finally came up with a way that 
satisfied her.  Two separate loops were placed around the bases of 
her tits.  She pulled them tight as if to separate them from her 
chest.  A second loop around each ballooning boob was tied with a 
slipknot.  She held the ends in her mouth.
      She then pulled the cunt cord firmly into her pussy and tied it 
to the corded belt in front.  A cord looped around the post in the 
headboard ended in a slipknot to hold her hands up over her head.  
By pulling the knot tight with her arms she could close her eyes 
and pretend she was tied tight, thrashing around on the over-sized 
canopied bed.  
      She would spend hours in this position at night, flexing her 
hips to rub the cord against her magic button, stimulating herself to 
orgasm.  But there was something missing.  She had to leave an 
escape route by tying a bow knot in the cord that tied her arms to 
the headboard.
      The only time she really got off was the time the knot stuck 
and there was a half hour of panic filled erotic struggling.  She so 
enjoyed that time she seriously contemplated not using an escape 
route and just masturbating herself until she died of starvation.
      But then she would miss the appointment with the important 
man for Bill.  And that was increasingly important to her.  Call it 
curiosity, call it duty.  She didn't know.  All she knew was that he 
was important to Bill and that Bill owed him something.  
      And Bruce had maliciously pulled her aside to instruct her that 
she must ask the man the tie her up and spank her.  He had 
threatened her with a very lar

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