An Adventure in Self-Bondage


An Adventure In Self-Bondage ----------------------------

As far as I can think back, I have been interested in Self-Bondage. Since I do believe that others are also interested in it and I do have some experience with it, I would like to share some of my knowledge with you in this story. For this I will tell you about one of my latest experiences. Maybe you'll like it -- I liked it very much. I started with these kind of games back when a friend of mine gave me a pair of handcuffs as a present at a party and jokingly recommended that I try them on my boyfriend sometime. Curious as I was I tried them on myself when I got home. The feeling of helplessness I experienced -- I can't really describe that feeling to you -- excited me extremely. It was increased by the fact that it was myself that had imposed the helplessness on me. After that I saw handcuffs in a new light. Naturally I continued to use them to enjoy the feelings they induced. I started buying all sorts of stuff which I thought could be useful to tie myself up, torture or humiliate myself. Soon I had a rich collection of rope, belts, chains, all sorts of cuffs, not to mention a number of bonds made out of rubber and silk. Various gags, clips and other bondage material enrich my collection. It became a challenge for me to find new ways and positions to tie up and gag myself, but still be able to free myself in the end. I was fascinated by bondage, or better yet, by self-bondage. The fear to be all alone, tied up, not knowing whether or not one can ever come free again without help -- it is one of those indescribable feelings. What would happen if someone else would find me, gagged and bound to the extreme? Once you have found a simple method of freeing yourself anytime you want to, that anxiety is gone. But is this what I want? Self-bondage could be even more exciting if there was something that was forced upon me while I am helpless, carefully tied up as tight as possible. This was what I was looking for. I missed it. Since I am scared to let myself be tied up by someone else, I was looking for a long time. Then one day I saw pictures of a tied-up woman getting an enema in some magazine. I had never thought about enemas before, although they weren't completely unknown to me. This gave me the idea to try this out. An enema that started sometime while I was bound and defenseless, that I was unable to stop and that I could not escape from. To be forced to hold it some time after that -- it must be a feeling like being tickled while being tied up. I had to try it. This is what I want to tell you about. I tried to imagine how I would tie myself securely, then start the enema some time after that and hold it, then free myself and, above all, do this without making a mess. My problem was how to start the enema after I tied myself up, and how to keep myself from coming free until some time after that. In addition I wanted to restrain myself in a way to keep me from escaping the enema once I was bound an fixed in place. One trick that I had used before: The key that unlocks the restraint put on last (usually the handcuffs or some leather cuffs) is put into water and placed in the freezer, until it is completely frozen in an ice-cube. Now it is virtually impossible for me to free myself until all the ice has thawed. This way all my restraints stay securely locked for quite some time. Usually I put the ice-cube in a place where I can still reach it even when I'm tied up. Another possibility is to place the ice-cube on a hook in the ceiling. Once the ice has melted, the key drops from the ceiling. For example if I tie myself to the bed or a chair, I tie one end of a string to the hook, and the other one to the key. When the ice has melted, the key drops down and dangles in a position where I can reach it. This allows for an endless variety when playing with self-bondage. By changing the size of the ice-cube I can influence the amount of time I have to stay in bondage. So I started to freeze the string with the key for the handcuffs the night before. I a second ice-cube I froze a piece of string -- I will talk about the purpose of this piece of string later on. About one o'clock in the afternoon I started my bondage-pleasure. The first thing I did was write a short note, in which I explained where to find all the various keys, and what they were for. I placed this note in an envelope, put it on the table and wrote the name of my best friend on it. Then I called her and asked whether she could come around later that evening, sometime around 10pm, to pick up some stuff I had for her. I also told her that she should not hesitate to come in, even if I didn't answer the door. After all, she does have her own key. The reason for this, of course, was that my rescue was ensured if anything would go wrong with the key or the ice. It would take some time, but at least I would be rescued. The idea of someone like my best friend finding me, completely tied up and gagged, with an enema in my body -- it created the most extraordinary feeling within me. Then I walked around the house, checked if everything was ok and placed one key in the mailbox at the garden entrance, the other one in the garage. After all, I should have to go through some trouble to free myself. The next thing was to dress for the occasion. Over time, I have learned to love rubber as a wunderfully constraining and erotically shining material. This was the reason why it was perfect for this venture. First I put on a pair of black rubber stockings and a matching rubber corset with the appropriate garters to hold up the stockings. The corset came up to my neck, but there were openings for my breasts. I didn't put on panties, since I wanted to put on my heavy chastity belt made of leather later on. This chastity belt has a rather wide waistband and a strap that is placed between the legs and locked to the waistband in front. Attached to this strap are a buttplug and a vibrator, which is supposed to keep me happy while being bound. The buttplug is hollow, and this is where the enema should be plugged in. Next I put on my knee-high, white leather boots. The boots are laced in front and have 12.5 cm (5 inch) high heels. This makes walking and even standing difficult and constrains your freedom to move about so wonderfully -- which of course is the reason why I put them on in the first place. Of course I laced them up very tight and carefully. I looked at myself in the mirror that I placed in the middle of the room. I liked what I saw -- the contrast of the black rubber on my body to the white boots, and the feeling to be the one in this outfit ... Inside the left boot I had taped a key near my toes. This key was for the gag of my bridle, that I wanted to put on later on. Without the key I would be unable to remove the bridle once I put it on. After that I put a pair of leather cuffs around my ankles and locked them, leaving only a chain 30 centimeters (12 inches) between them. This forced me to make tiny steps in my high heeled boots and made getting around even more difficult. The key for the locks of the cuffs was in the mailbox at the garden gate. Therefore I would have to wait until it was dark before I could get it, unless of course I would want to risk being seen walking through the garden in broad daylight, tied-up and gagged, dressed in a rubber corset and stockings, wearing white high heeled boots -- it would raise some questions. Now I was ready to gag myself. I took the bridle and placed it on my head. I openen my mouth and placed the ball-gag between my lips, fastened the strap under my hair and then proceeded to fasten all the other straps of the bridle. The last one was the strap around my chin. After I had closed it, my mouth was pressed tight around the gag. Now I was in a condition I liked very much, securely gagged. All I could do now was make soft, unclear sounds, and my mouth, my voice could no longer help me to escape the constraints. When the last lock clicked into place I knew that I was unable to remove the gag and bridle without it. The key was in my left boot, and I could not take that off without the key to the cuffs around my ankles -- and that one was in the mailbox at the garden entrance. Isn't that beautiful? I would have to stay the whole day the way I was now. There was no fast way out of my current situation. I continued. It was about time to put the icecubes into place. The keys to my handcuffs were tied to a carefully measured string. This was frozen together with the keys into the icecubes, except the end of the string, which I now fastened to a hook in the ceiling. Now the icecube was hanging on the ceiling, and when the ice had thawed completely, the key would fall from the ceiling and dangle exactly where my tied-up hands would be, to allow me to free myself -- or so I hoped. I placed the other icecube, the one with just the frozen piece of string, also on the ceiling using one end of the string. Then I fastened a weight on the other end. I tied a second piece of string to the weigth, with its other and fastened to a clip. This clip would cut off the tube of the enema. Once the ice melted, the weight would tear the clip from the tube and thus start the enema. Then there would be no way to stop the water from entering my ass. Now I was ready for the last steps of my Self-Bondage Adventures. I loaded my VCR with about 5 hours of bondage-movies, to keep up my spirit and to intensify my feelings. I set the timer so that it would start about 20 minutes after I was completely immobilzied. Now I filled the container for the enema with hot water. I used hot water because it would take a while for the ice to melt, and I didn't like cold water. I mounted the container on a rack, and plugged the tube in. The container was now at a height of about 1.90 meters (about 6' 4"); this i hoped would give the water enough force for the enema. Then I placed the clip on the tube and opened the tap on the container. Everything was sealed tight. I made a last round through the house to make sure that everything was alright. I didn't want to have more than one surprise while I was tied up. All doors were closed amd my answering machine was ready to receive calls. A tape told would-be callers that I was "bound" at the moment, but hoped to be available again later that evening. The last steps! I stood at the place where I would have to stay for the rest of my bondage. I had put two hooks into the floor, about 1.20 meters (4 feet) apart. I stood between them, took two straps and attached one to each of the hooks. I fixed one of the straps on my right ankle cuff, the other one on my left. Then I tightened the straps so that my legs were pulled apart to the full length of the chain between the two anklecuffs. Then I put on a 7 cm (3 inch) wide collar. It is very tight and forces me to keep my head straight. Attached to this collar is a chain about 20 cm (8 inches) long, on which I have attached the handcuffs with a couple of padlocks. The key to the handcuffs was inside the ice-cube on the ceiling. The length of the chain was measured so that my hands would be exactly in the middle of my back. This way I would be unable to reach the buttplug or the tube of the enema, rendering me unable to stop it. I put the heavy leather waistband of my chastity belt around my waist and pulled it very tight before buckling it. I inserted the buttplug carefully, then turned on the vibrator and pushed it into my already wet pussy. Then I fastened the strap between my legs on the waistband also very tight. After that I locked the chastity belt. There was no way for me to open it now without having the key. The key for it was in the bathroom and the key to the bathroom was in the garage. Once my hands were free again, I would have to walk to the garage first, still wearing the chastity belt, the working vibrator in my pussy, the belly filled with the water from the enema, my head in the bridle and my mouth filled with the gag. Dressed in high heeled white boots, and the black rubber corset which exposed my breasts and the rubber stockings, legs still cuffed together with a chain between the ankles. Just thinking about it now made me shiver with anticipation. With one last look I checked my position to make sure that the key would fall into the right place once the ice melted. I had tried this a couple of times before, so I was pretty sure it would work, although I could never be 100 percent certain. Except a couple of minor details, everything was ready. I carefully attached the tube of the enema to the buttplug of my chastity belt. and checked so it would stay there no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it. With a deep breath I took my nipple clips and put one on each nipple. They didn't hurt (yet). But from now on I knew that they were there. I attached a small weight to each of the clips, suspended by a 15 cm (6 inch) long spring. Every movement of my body would make the weights go up and down and add to the irritation of my nipples and breasts. A couple of long gloves made of fine leather completed my outfit. This was not just because it looks good, but also to make unlocking the handcuffs even more difficult. I knew that I would be able to do it anyway, but I would have to be very patient and concentrate in order to succeed. To prevent myself from bending backwards to try and stop the enema, I had put a hook with a strap on the ceiling right above my head. Now I attached the strap to the D-ring on top of my bridle. Then I pulled it as tight as possible. Now there was no other choice for me but to stand straight. The moment of truth had arrived. I put my hands behind my back, put them in the handcuffs, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and pressed them shut -- I had crossed the point of no return. There was no way for me to turn back. I stood there, staring fascinated at the figure in the large mirror in front of me. I saw a young woman in rubber and boots, tied up, defenseless, with toys on her nipples and behind her a rack with a dangerously large looking container, with a tube running from it to her belly. I felt exactly how I looked. Scared yet great, helplessly agitated, horny and threatened by the enema that was coming any time in the near future. I couln't move move more than a couple of centimeters (inches) in either direction. The vibrator did its work and kept up my sexual excitement. Every movement of my body was immediately transferred to my nipples by the weights, springs and nipple-clips. The waistband of my chastity belt and the corset hugged my body very tight and standing in the high heeled laced boots added to the pain that I wanted to endure lustfully. The only thing I forgot was to look at the clock before I started. I knew that it had to be in the early afternoon, but that was about it. From my past experience I knew that the ice-cube with the key for the handcuffs would take about two-and-a-half hours to melt. What I didn't know was how long the other ice-cube, the one with the string and the weight on it would take until it would rip off the clip on the tube. I intentionally didn't test that. I thought that because of the added weight it would be rather early. But that was the reason behind it, after all it should be the unavoidable incident that should come unpredictably during my time in bondage. This is the way I wanted it and was prepared to endure. After a while the VCR turned itself on and I tried to relax while I was watching my favorite bondage movies. It was hard to relax and follow the plot of the movies while the vibrator did its work inside of me and kept my excitement up. Even with the films running, time moved very slow. The muscled in my legs grew tired and my feet started to hurt because of the high heels on my boots. The gag seemed to grow larger and larger, and my expectation of the coming enema grew larger. I had no idea what it would be like, since I had never tried it before. The later it got, the more scared I got. I began asking myself whether or not I had made a mistake. But it was too late anyway. I had tied myself up perfectly, with no way to escape ... The way I was tied up I could only see the ice-cubes for the the key to my handcuffs. I was unable to see the other ice-cube for the weight that would tear off the clip that started the enema. This made sure that the surprise was perfect. Once the weight fell down I would have about five seconds before the water would enter. The dropping of the weight would be the only warning. Hours seemed to have passed since I had put my hands on my back and closed the handcuffs behind me. In the middle of the fourth movie I heard the weight fall. I desperately tried to keep the water from entering my body, but I had planned my bondage perfectly -- I had no chance of reaching the tube. It was a strange feeling when the water started to flow. It entered my body, warm, unstoppable, filling my belly further and further. The desire to go to the toilet grew, but my bondage kept me >from doing this, and the water continued to flow. I had put about two liters (half a gallon) of water into the container, thinking that it would be enough -- it was enough alright! My assumption that I had made a mistake was confirmed now. But there was nothing I could do. I had succeeded, as planned, to inflict something I couldn't stop on myself while I was in bondage. My only hope now was that the ice with the key to my handcuffs would melt soon -- but what if something went wrong with it? On the other hand the feeling in my belly was exciting, or was it the pain the enema had caused? The feeling to have to endure all of this helplessly, having inflicted it on myself, the combination of the enema and the vibrator, the nipple clips, the gag, the tight corset and chastity belt, the boots and my bonds -- it took everything my body could give. The first wave of orgasm hit me like a brick wall. Then came the second wave. I was in heaven. Without the strap that was attached to my bridle, the one that kept my body upright, I would have collapsed instantly. I tried to breathe but couldn't, and was sweating all over my body. Slowly my breath came back, but with it also the cramps in my belly. I had just one wish at that point -- to get out of my restraints. But a look to the ice-cube with the key to my handcuffs told me that I would have to bear my position a while longer. At this point, time seemed to stand still. The more I wanted the ice to melt faster, the slower it seemed to do so. My filled belly was getting more and more uncomfortable, and the urge to go to the toilet became stronger and stronger. About half an hour later, in which I had to put up with that awful urge to go to the toilet, the ice-cube with the key to my freedom finally had melted. The keys fell down and dangled near my hands. Four times I tried to unlock my handcuffs in vain. My leather gloves had worked exactly as they were supposed to. I tried to concentrate, then it worked. My hands were free again. After that I removed the strap that held my head and body upright, then I took off the collar. Carefully I removed the nipple clips. My nipples were erect and extremely sensitive now from all of my attempts to escape the enema earlier on. The weights attached to the clips had pulled quite a bit as a result of this. Finally I got rid of the leather gloves. I was free -- except for the tube which was still attached to the buttplug, and the straps that pulled my legs apart. I took the clip that was laying on the floor, removed the string from it and put it on the tube as near to the buttplug as possible. Turning to the back and concentrating on sealing the tube was rather difficult with my filled belly. Once the clip sealed the tube tight, I could remove the tube >from the container. Now I could bend down and unhook the straps that had been spreading my legs apart for all that time. I cut the tube as close to the clip as possible, so that I wouldn't be dragging a "tail" behind me. I was free and could walk around. As far as it was possible with my filled and aching belly, I stretched in order to move my muscles. But the pressure in my stomach reminded me that I should get the key to bathroom from the garage as soon as possible. The key to the chastity belt was in the bathroom, and I had to get the damned thing off in order to get rid of the buttplug and the vibrator (which was still working). Carefully I walked to the back door an peeked out. Walking was difficult now, for my feet were hurting inside the high heeled boots, and the chain between my ankles wasn't making it any easier. Above all the pain in my belly added to my problems. There was no one on the backside of the house, therefore I opened the door an started on my way to the garage. Never ever had I run up the three steps back to the house then in that moment, as I heard the neighbors talk at their back door. I slipped through the door and tried to listen. From where they were standing they could oversee the path to the garage. They talked about washing the car and that they should have started earlier with it. This of course meant waiting. I hoped that it wouldn't take too long, since I really needed the key to the bathroom now, and my will-power was rapidly diminishing. I walked back to the room and tried whether lying down would ease the pain. It didn't. Meanwhile my jaw hurt >from the gag, and all that walking around didn't help my poor feet at all. After 15 minutes I walked back to the door and listened -- they were still at it. Now they talked about trees and mowing the lawn. The vibrator was keeping up its work all this time, but with the locked chastity belt there was no way for me to turn it off. At least the stimulation helped to relieve the pain a bit. All I could do now was to wait some more. Another 15 minutes had passed, and I was checking again whether I could finally go to the garage unseen. They were still talking, but now they were saying their goodbye's. I prayed that they wouldn't find anything else to talk about. Thank god, they left. I could finally go to the garage, went in, took the bathroom key, and started on my way back. It must have been at least 200 steps with the chain between my ankles and the high heeled boots. I went to the bathroom straight away, took the key to the lock of that damned chastity belt and removed it immediately. Finally I could relieve myself! It must have been some sight -- there I was, sitting on the toilet, wearing knee-high white leather boots, black rubber stockings and black rubber corset, bridle and gag and my feet chained together with the cuffs. I was sitting for quite some time until I felt better. After I had recovered a bit, I decided to start cleaning up. My jaw and feet hurt, but the key that could free me from that pain was still in the mailbox at the garden entrance. I didn't dare to go there in broad daylight. That meant that I would have to wait at least another two hours until I could take off the gag and the boots. I hoped that I was able to stand it that much longer. Finally the darkness I had longed for had arrived, and I started out on my way to the mailbox. Of course I checked that nobody else was around who could see me. A quick walk to the mailbox, taking the key and returning to the house. Excited and overjoyed to get rid of the cuffs, the boots and the gag I had worn for the last seven hours, I forgot the key to the house and, of course, the door had slammed shut. Shivers were running up and down my spine. What now? But then I remembered that I had left the back door open. I was shocked but glad about my carelessness. The last walk, around the house, up the stairs and into the room was almost as if I was in a trance. In my thoughts I was already taking a shower. But first I had to proceed step by step. First remove the cuffs and the chain. Then take off the boots and use the key taped to the inside to unlock the bridle, allowing me to remove the gag. What a relief! I thought I never would be able to move my jaw and feet again. I dropped to the floor and tried to restore the flexibility of my feet and jaw. Then I stood under the shower, where I removed the rubber corset and the rubber stockings and enjoyed the fresh, warm water for a long time. There were still some things to be done in the hour that remained until my best friend showed up. I am sure it would have been rather interesting had she found me tied and gagged, with an enema in my ass. I was satisfied with what I had experienced and glad that I had learned something new. But I know one thing now: I will never, ever try an enema again. I really hated it, but it made the helplessness in bondage seem very real.