My Apartment

By unknown author ( Candue ? )

Self Bondage

My apt. complex is doing some work on the exterior of the buildings, re sheathing the walls, and around the doors and windows, so I wondered if I could "dress up" and bind my self where I could "possibly" be caught in the act... This is what I did.......

My apt has a sliding glass door facing the apt across from me, the workers were working on that building, and my building. They had ladders leaning against the buildings, and the workers, (about 15 in all) were constantly walking around the yard, near my door, and climbing the ladders, up to the upper part of the wall. I have floor length curtains, that cover my door, and when I had them open, I could see the activity, and they could look in, so that gave me an idea.

Thursday, they didn't work, so I attached a rope to the curtain rod, and routed it to a chair in my living room. I removed the screws from the rod, so it just sat on the "arms" attached to the wall. I routed the rope over a hook that I had in the ceiling, (have to fix that before I leave <G>) when I untied the rope from the chair, and let it slip, the curtains fell down in the center, pulling the rod off of the arms, and allowing the curtains to fall to the floor.. Effectively "opening" the curtains.

Today, I woke up at 8am, the workers were just arriving, and I could hear them outside. I showered and shaved, and put on my makeup. (I still need help in this area, but it didn't look bad.) I dressed up in my black thigh high nylons, my crotch less panties, and my black bra, with "padding", my long red wig, and 4 inch black high heels.I placed an aluminum lawn chair about 5 feet from the glass door, just under the hook in the ceiling. I had frozen the key to my cuffs in a small ice cube, (a full cube takes about 3 hours to melt) and hung it on the hook, so as it melted, the cold water would fall into my lap. When it melted, the key would fall into my lap. (I hoped)

My mouth gag was put in, and tied behind my head. All was ready. I made sure the doors were locked, inserted my butt plug, and turned it on, sat down in the lawn chair, inserting my legs around the arms, "spread eagle". I leaned down, and tied my legs to the legs of the chair, reached over to the couch, where the rope to the curtain was, untied it, being careful not to let the curtains fall, and tied it to the bar across the front of the chair.

Now if I moved, or got up, the chair would pull forward, and the curtains would fall down, exposing me to the workers. I was hard, just thinking about it..

I then put my arms behind me, and attached my handcuffs.. This was it. I now couldn't move, without being seen, and my cuff key was about 45 minutes, and 4 feet above me.

It was now about, 10 am, and I knew the workers would break about noon for lunch, and my key would be "down" about that time, and I could get up, without being seen, unless... the curtains came down before then... I figured if the curtains came down, I would have to reach around, with cuffs, and untie my legs, and RUN to the bathroom, all the while the workers were looking at my "predicament".

I was very turned on, but the drip, drip, drip of the cold water, reminded me that I couldn't do anything about it. The butt plug continued to buzz away. My whole body was shaking, I was tied up, cross dressed, with 12- 15 workers about 6 feet away from me, and if I moved, they would see me, and I would be "caught".

I could hear them talking and laughing, just outside my door, I looked down at my hard cock, and saw pre cum oozing out of the tip. The butt plug was vibrating against my prostate, and I felt I would cum soon.

They started to hammer on my wall, attaching the sheathing, and I wondered if the vibrations would accidentally knock down the curtains. Luckily, it didn't.

I was startled when the handcuff key fell onto my hard cock, it was still cold, and slid down onto my left ball, between my leg and cock.

I could still hear the workers outside, so I didn't try to get it then. I wanted to wait until they broke for lunch.

I still hadn't cum yet, and my whole body wanted to cum so bad, that I was shaking..

I felt that if I could get the key to the cuffs, I could undo my cuffs and jack off, reliving my self. I reached around to my left, and tried to reach the key. As I moved, the key slipped down onto the webbing of the chair. I panicked... I hoped the key wouldn't slip off of the webbing, to the floor... I slowly lifted my panty covered ass up, and reached under me to grab the key. I just grabbed the string on the key, before it dropped off of the chair. I pulled the key up, and undid my cuffs.

My hands went to my cock, and it took about 5 strokes to get me off, I spewed cum almost to the curtains... God it felt great!!!!

I untied my legs, and untied the curtain rope from the chair, and retied the rope onto the couch. I got up from the chair, and went into the bathroom. I cleaned my self up, and got dressed. When I went back into the living room, the curtains had fallen, and the workers were just leaving for lunch, all walking by my door, and looking in.

That was one of the better self bondage adventures that I have had.

I still need some ideas, and would welcome any, and all.

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