Letter from AussieTVbondagelover
Hi Helpless, how are you? Thanks for the email, by the way. Anyway, to
answer your questions,

1)i am also now using the Super Hogtie technique which i only recently
found on Lillans site.

Coz my computer is brand new (5 mths old now) before that had to do it
(computing) all at uni, meaning NO privacy but now i have one at home it
has opened up a whole new world i.e bondage on the Web  and in
particular, self-bondage coz i do not have a partner to tie up... yet

I have a girlfriend but she lives overseas in the Philippines. i'm
hoping to get her interested in all this when i see her next (late June/
early July)

Back to the subject....

I LOVE the "Super Hogtie" it is so, (mmm, how do i say this?) "real" if
you know what i mean. Like it is real bondage in the sense no escape is
possible without a knife. It is also real tight which i love coz i
really enjoy being tied up - TIGHT!! as tightly as possible.

A couple of minor variations from the Super hogtie (SH-T) as described
on Lillans site:

1) I add a crotchrope - i always add one to each of my bondages!

2) When i tie and cinch my ankles, the ring device goes thru the cinch
ropes before i tie it all off, this mkes the SH-T tighter, my hands are
much closer to my ankles

3) i incorporate the 'G-string tie but only as far as winding the ropes
around my body, no wrist tie, it feels so good especially thru my crotch
and my torso. i include waist ropes as part of it, sorry its hard to
describe how i do all this

4) instead of using a body arm coil, this is what I do: I start by tying
a bowline or similar and pass it over myself and snug it up just below
my 'breasts' then i wind the rope around and around my body and arms as
well as tightly as i can ( it must be pulled and kept very tight coz it
will slip otherwise and also coz i like it like that! ) I tie about 5 or
6 loops  (for the girls it should be 5-6 below the breasts and the same
again above ) around myself. Then i tie a knot in the middle of my chest
and pass the ends, (there should still be about 10 - 15 ft left) over my
shoulder, pass under the upper body rope, and back up again over the
other shoulder and pull on it to snug it all up. This creates an
effective harness that will not slip.

A little variation of this: I also like to make it tighter, by passing
the rope thru my crotch first after making the initial upper body loops,
pass over these, back thru my crotch, tie off THEN make the harness as
described. Warning: This can make for an extremely tight and
uncomfortable crotch rope especially if you are a guy!  The girls will
love this one!

sometimes i wish i had been born female so icould experience the feeling
of a tight crotchrope thru my puss, as well as tying ropes around the

Hope you find this of interest.

A little more about myself:

a) i love crossdressing. I wear girls clothes ALL the time (but not to
uni!)people still are not that tolerant of blokes like myself wearing
dresses and skirts! :( When i tie myself up i like to fantasise that i
am a beautiful girl all tightly tied up by her captors... :)

2) I love rubber, plastic and PVC clothes also, i combine these with my
bondages also

3) i am really only into rope bondage, its what i love the most, its so
tactile, i use lots of rope in my bondage scenes.

Lastly, Helpless, if you want to post this on to your Techniques page,
pls feel free to do so - but could you do so under this handle:


    Cheers and 'tight knots' MASE

PS Am still working on a story, but it keeps on getting longer! i
promise you the end result will be well worth the wait. But i do have
uni exams coming up so progress is slow...
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