I remember using duct tape for an attempt at mumufication.
It was a saturday afternoon;dark and rainy out.  My wife left for the
day to her sisters` house; and I decided to put myself in bondage for the 
day. I started with my feet, firmly wraping duct tape around them, moving 
slowly up my ankles.When I got to the top of my thighs, I stoped. I then 
put a fresh roll of tape on my bedpost; the post it self had a wooden ball 
carved on top, in which the tape roll could barely squeeze over. this made 
the roll stay on the post. I started by pulling the tape off the roll, and 
wraping it around one of my wrists. Now I would turn around, and the tape 
will follow;wraping me in a cocoon. As I turned I slowly went up and down; 
thus making an even wrap;from my wrists to my shoulders I never stoped until 
the roll was emty. OF course, I did not forget my ballgag; it was strapped 
tightly in my mouth. Drops of saliva rolled down my chin, and escape was 
very difficult with a pair of scissors. Im thinking of doing it again soon