I enjoy putting myself into strict complicated, but safe, hogties. I put a series ropes around my wrists;in between the ropes around my wrists is a ropenoose. It is tightly tied to my ankle bondage; I do this by slipping my hands into the ropes , while on my knees, bringing my back down as close to the floor as possible; once I have my hands thru all the loops of rope, I  roleover on my stomach.  after experimenting a few times , I got just the right tightness; the noose snuges the ropes tightly around my wrists. Of course before hand, I tied my knees, thighs , and slipped into some ropes, that I tied just right to fit tightly around my arms and chest. My gag is a wide leather belt I found in a thrift store; I attached a large rubber ball to it with duct tape, the ball is forced into my mouth, as I tighten the buckle..