IRC chat between me and Carpet Burn
captaintripps did you like my site? :)
carpet_burn i was at lillan's site, or was it helpless; is one of them you?
captaintripps the latter
captaintripps i wonder what happened to lillan... (s)he hasn't updated her(is) site in a LONG time
carpet_burn ok , then you're helpless. I might send you some more techniques
captaintripps did you make a contribution in the past?
carpet_burn i think i sent you something about wrist cuffs, with duct tape etc, about 2 months ago
captaintripps ohhhhh, you're [email address deleted]
captaintripps you sent me material i haven't added yet :)
captaintripps one of these days i'm gonna get off my ass and update the site
captaintripps in fact, i may do it tonite
captaintripps that is, if i can slap it together quick enough
carpet_burn hey, ok!
carpet_burn that's me, [name deleted]. but that's my real name
captaintripps ahh :)
captaintripps i've re-read the submission you sent me and it sounds like a great method
captaintripps i usually just do the super hogtie
captaintripps with plain ol' rope
carpet_burn well, i find plain rope is hard on the wrists
carpet_burn and I do semisuspension, and i have trouble with circulation in my hands
carpet_burn so the strapping/duct tape is better, i find
captaintripps ahh
captaintripps i usually don't mess with suspension because it
captaintripps it's too dangerous for my tastes
captaintripps and i don't get as much out of it
carpet_burn well, at the urging of EscapeAatist, i was working on my hogties, getting them tighter and longer time
carpet_burn semisuspension is pretty dangerous, all right
captaintripps how do you manage to escape your homemade cuffs? do you wriggle and unscrew the quick links?
carpet_burn well, when i use 'em for hogtie, i get the knife from ice-cube timer, and cut the wrist/ankle rope. then ii cut the two loops from wrist-ankle rope that are holdign the 2 quick links together. but sometimes its tough, i can't tell if the knife is working ont he metal or the rope. took me about 10 mintues one time
captaintripps wow
captaintripps makes the adrenaline flow, doesn't it? :)
carpet_burn its too tough to get the quick links unscrewed, i can't get my fingers on em
carpet_burn yep :)
captaintripps i wish i had pictures of how you set up the wrist cuffs because i'm having difficulty visualizing the details
carpet_burn well, i don't have pix yet. can i answer question?
captaintripps answer question? you mean ask one?
carpet_burn i mean, if you ask a question, i can answer it (maybe)
captaintripps ohhh
captaintripps gotcha
captaintripps hmm
captaintripps i'm not exactly sure what the quick links look like. when i hear quick link, i think "snap hook" :)
captaintripps and i'm not sure why putting the quick link on the OUTSIDE layer of the strapping is more secure than putting it inside.
carpet_burn quick link is something you buy at the hardware store in the chain section...
carpet_burn it's just exactly like a link of chain, but it has a little screw collar for a closure. use it to joinnnn two lengths of chain when yhou're not doing bondage
carpet_burn you put the quick link on the strapping in such a way that the short end of the strapping is held securely ... um ...
carpet_burn i think the short end goes on the outside, where the duct tape holds it
carpet_burn quick link is definitely not snap hook. if you tighten it finger tight with your hands free, you very likely won't be able to undo it with hands restrained.
captaintripps ohhhhhh
captaintripps ok, i've seen those things
captaintripps so, do you put a quick link on each wrist or do you just use one to join both?
carpet_burn i have one quick link on each wrist, it sort of goes with the strapping and duct tape. wear 'em all day if you want to. they just clink a bit.
captaintripps sounds interesting
carpet_burn for superhogtie, the rope that goes to ankles/metal rings goes thru wrist quick links (*goes around twice)
carpet_burn it's tough to get it into the smallest quick links, but that way your wrists are tighter together
carpet_burn the quick links come in several sizes
captaintripps oh ok so the rope end that takes up the slack pulls your wrists towards your ankles instead of the other way round
captaintripps in other words, the quick links act as the ring device?
carpet_burn no no no
captaintripps oh :(
carpet_burn i put the two metal rings for the jam action between the ankles. the action end of the rope goes thru quick links, like the hangman's noose in superhogtie. ...
carpet_burn when you pull on the free end, it eventually tightens the loops around quick links, and your wrists are now tied just like in superhogtie
captaintripps ohhh ok
captaintripps so you slip the big slip knot over the two quick links before you screw them shut
carpet_burn when i start pulling the rope thru the metal loops at ankle, i work my ankles pulling on the wrist end, to tighten the 2 loops around the quick linkds
carpet_burn right, right, right, you got it.
captaintripps gotcha
captaintripps hmmm
captaintripps i've been trying to find alternate uses for the ring devices
captaintripps like, combining them in a way to make hogties even MORE tight
carpet_burn i don't know how to do that. I need to find a waya to get ankle/wrist distance shorter
carpet_burn do you tie elbows and knees?
captaintripps i tie knees all the time
captaintripps elbows, i kinda cheat with
carpet_burn i have a loop, it's quite big, but i use shock cord ..
carpet_burn around the shoulders to help pull it up over the elbows ...
carpet_burn then it can be tricky to get it off :)
captaintripps i encircle my body with a rope that has just barely enough slack in it so if i have it around my stomach, when i slide my arms through it it keeps my elbows pretty snug at my sides
captaintripps one guy i talked to uses one-way pulleys to get his hogties tighter
carpet_burn well, i haven't found any good ones
captaintripps the idea there is that he can keep pulling until his wrists are smashed against his ankles
captaintripps what's a shock cord?
carpet_burn i was thinking of having a rope loop around the ankles, so i could pull them in with one hand while working double-ring rope with other hand
carpet_burn shock cord = bungee cord
captaintripps ohhhhh
carpet_burn like tie-downs on car or motorcycle, elastic cord
captaintripps if i strap my elbows with anything that's stretchy, my arms get numb really quick
captaintripps i tried that with an elastic belt
carpet_burn shock cord from hardware story or boat store has more possibilities
captaintripps the other thing is, i'm big into lycra items as well so i'm trying to find the opportunity to order a nice tight mummy bag :)
captaintripps i'll have to do more hardware store shopping then :)
carpet_burn what do you do besides hogtie?
captaintripps i've tried the arm-to-leg tie
carpet_burn have you ever talked to Gehn
captaintripps it hurts
carpet_burn explain arm-to-leg tie?
captaintripps don't think i've talked to gehn
captaintripps arm-to-leg tie is: ankle's tied together, ring device at ankles, loops around thighs right above the knees. you work your arms through the thigh loops until you can put your wrists behind your back to complete the bondage by slipping your wrists through the wrist coils behind you
carpet_burn Gehn is a young male self-bondage person on mirc
captaintripps ah
captaintripps i wonder if he knows about my pages :)
carpet_burn oh, right, arm-to-leg as int he superhogtie pix. I didn't have the nerve to hook up.
carpet_burn i mean, actually pull tight so i would have trouble getting out. Too immobilizing!
captaintripps problem with arm-to-leg tie is, i don't have a bed large enough to self-bondage on, so when i topple over my arm gets squashed and it hurts!
captaintripps it's too uncomfortable
captaintripps lessee, what else have i done... what worked well for me for a while was to fashion cuffs out of a dog chain
captaintripps you get padlocks that are small enough to go through the links then work your wrists in the loops at the end (which you make by "pouring" the links of the chain through the metal rings at the end)), then you work the padlocks through the chain links to make it inescapable
carpet_burn i tried a bent-over strappado, but i didn't hook up
carpet_burn lemme tell you about the strappado ..?
captaintripps last i tried the chain though, i was in position for a long time and all my wriggling made the chain TIGHTER because the padlocks kept twisting around, therefore making them really hard to get to and thus i almost didn't make it out of it
captaintripps yeah, tell me about it
carpet_burn ooh, good adrenaline!
carpet_burn the strappado, yes ...
carpet_burn sitting on the floor, i tie my ankles,...
carpet_burn then i tie a rope from neck (no slip knot) to ankles, just long enough ..
carpet_burn so i can get my upper body at right angles to legs ...
carpet_burn tie knees too ..
carpet_burn then struggle to standing position ...
carpet_burn then put elbow loop on ..
carpet_burn then hook wrists to dangling loop which goes up thru double metal rings ..
carpet_burn then pull free end of double-loop rope to pull wrists up high.
carpet_burn now you're bent over with hands up high behind
carpet_burn sorry, i forgot to say wrists are behind back but i guess that was obvious
captaintripps wow that sounds fun! * Chat with carpet_burn is being logged
captaintripps did you go all the way? how did you escape?
carpet_burn well, like i said i was just testing, and didn't really 'hook up'
captaintripps ohh
captaintripps have you figure out a way to release yourself from that one?
carpet_burn but i was connected to my release for the suspension, so if i had pulled the..
captaintripps (that is, if you actually went for it)
carpet_burn wrist rope high enough, i probly would have had to wait for its' timer
carpet_burn did that make any sense?
captaintripps yeah, perfectly
captaintripps i need to try the ice cube in the stocking more, but i've found that i get bored too quickly when i'm in a hogtie
captaintripps either that or i'm afraid that my arms will get numb
carpet_burn bored??????
captaintripps usually when i'm in a hogtie i have an orgasm
captaintripps afterwards, i get bored
carpet_burn well, numb is a problem, that's why i was gradually working my way tighter
captaintripps yeah
captaintripps i WOULD like to try positions (with the ice cube release) that prevent me from rubbing my way to an orgasm
carpet_burn i understand about bored. but that's the really weird thing ..
captaintripps or maybe i should just try waiting it out after having one
captaintripps sometimes, i'll have the orgasm, get untied, wait a while, and then get excited again about something different
carpet_burn the weird thing is being tied up for a long time and not being able to get loose.
carpet_burn I start to roll back and forth just to have some motion
carpet_burn my gag hurts a lot, and I can't do anything about it
carpet_burn i'm more likely to orgasm in semi-suspensionok, i have a 2x4 in front, wich
carpet_burn turns out to be convenient to rub against
carpet_burn among many other self-bondage adventures is dragging a log through the woods ...
captaintripps whoa
captaintripps ?
carpet_burn r you tie your ankles with a bit of slack, like a hobble....
carpet_burn and chain them to a piece of log, about 50 pounds...
carpet_burn then tie your wrists up high behing your back (not easy!). then ..
carpet_burn you have to go 50 yards through the woods to the key for your wrists.
carpet_burn the log gets stuck often, and you can't reach it with your hand
carpet_burn hands
captaintripps heh
captaintripps that sounds pretty funny :)
carpet_burn it would be reallyfunny on videotape
captaintripps yeah
carpet_burn i have a tree ..
carpet_burn shall i tell you about the tree?
captaintripps go for it, while you do it i'm gonna type :)
carpet_burn i have a hook on the far-side of a tree...
carpet_burn I climb up about a foot off the ground, and reach my arms around the tree and put the wrist links onto the hook there
carpet_burn then i step back down. ..
captaintripps one of the things i tried was with a spandex unitard with a back zipper.... i can squeeze both my legs through one of the legs of the unitard, then i can squeeze my upper body through the other leg of the garment. then, when i'm mummified in the unitard, i can sqeeze my arms towards my back and slip them out of the zippered opening. then, i'd have a wrist coil ready and the ring device and voila! i'm mummified AND hogtied!
captaintripps sounds like fun
carpet_burn now my arms are wrapped around ... ooohhh, interesting ...
captaintripps now you know why i'm big on lycra gear :)
carpet_burn are wrapped around the tree and up, and my weight (i'm on tiptoes now)
carpet_burn is pulling againsst my arms, making them tight against the tree, and pulling my chest against the tree
carpet_burn zero upper body mobility
captaintripps interesting....
carpet_burn but i haven't figured out a timer arrangement to actually hook up
captaintripps hmmm
captaintripps one interesting thing i thought of was to wrap keys up in stuff
captaintripps like, to make it more difficult to get the keys
carpet_burn i used to dream of mailing keys to myself
captaintripps by putting the keys in the end of a stocking, wrapping the stocking up, putting it in the finger of a rubber glove, then putting it in a small container, duct taping the container shut, then sticking the container in another stocking, etc
captaintripps that way it takes you like 10 minutes or more to eventually get to the keys
captaintripps someone needs to moderate a #selfbondage channel here on
carpet_burn doesn't' sound scary enough to me
captaintripps these conversations are great
carpet_burn yep, good conversation
captaintripps no, it's not scary, it's just frustrating :)
captaintripps for me though, the ice cube in the stocking was the best release
captaintripps i usually use wrist loops i can eventually wriggle out of so i don't need timing mechanisms
captaintripps plus, it takes a while to set timer stuff up so i'm usually happy just getting into tight yet temporary hogties :)
captaintripps ultimately though i want to have the ice cube stocking timer at the other side of a house and put myself into bondage on another side of the hose
captaintripps house
carpet_burn well, if you're going to orgasm quick , no point taking alot of time
carpet_burn yes, distance is good
captaintripps so that it takes me an hour or so to get to the knife or keys
captaintripps need my own place first. i'm living in an apartment with 2 other people right now. :(
carpet_burn and they're vanilla, they're no fun?
captaintripps as far as i know
captaintripps problem with self bondage enthusiasts is they never let you know in person that they're self bondage enthusiasts :)
captaintripps we talk about sex all the time, but it's all vanilla talk... .we've got vanilla porn in the living room cabinet
carpet_burn i used to use distance a lot ...
captaintripps and i'm still at war with myself on whether to just open all this stuff up with my gf or not
captaintripps figure i'll wait until i've got my own place
carpet_burn then i found out that ice-cube timer was scarier than distance, therefore bdetter bettter
captaintripps yeah
captaintripps you never know how long it'll take for the ice cube to melt :)
carpet_burn and the action of going a distance makes you feel like you're making progress ..
carpet_burn but with the ice-cube, you just have to wait and worry and feel tied
captaintripps true
captaintripps i think i'd like to try both a bit more
captaintripps i definately need to get more lycra gear
captaintripps i'm wondering if i can get myself into a mummy sack and zip it up on my own
carpet_burn when i started working on ice cubes, i had a couple of sessions where ..
captaintripps escapeartist said that he/she used armbinders a lot in self bondage sessions. says he/she has a hook that he/she can hook the armbind zipper on to zip up as well as unzip
carpet_burn i lost it, and worked really hard to escape. adrenaline!!!!!!
captaintripps yeah
captaintripps i've done that before
captaintripps the key is to stay calm
carpet_burn yeah, well, EscapeArtis did a 14-hour hogtie too!
captaintripps that's insane
captaintripps must've been limp for a week after that :)
carpet_burn she said it was by far athe most .. something she ever did
captaintripps brb, gotta run outside for a minute. be back in a few
carpet_burn she said it took her 10 minutes to be able to unbend her knees
captaintripps ok i'm back
carpet_burn didn't get stuck?
captaintripps not yet, that comes later :)
carpet_burn shall i tell you about my semisuspension rig?
captaintripps go for it
carpet_burn there's an electromagnet ..
carpet_burn and a timer, like the windup timer on thefan int he bathroom, up t0 30 minutes
carpet_burn the electromagnet holds a big strap-hinge closed. I have a thick wire loop from my wrists, hooked around the hinge ..
carpet_burn when the hinge opens, the wire loop comes down and i'm released.
carpet_burn so I stand up on a chair to hook the wire loop from wrist quick-links to hinge ..
carpet_burn then i step off the chair, and a big bungee cord pulls it away. voila!
captaintripps cool!
captaintripps sounds like fun
captaintripps you know what i was just thinking?
captaintripps you know you can have a ring device at your ankles to pull yourself into a tight hogtie?
carpet_burn that's what i do ..?
captaintripps well, what if you made loops on EACH elbow and hooked the free ends through the same ring device so you can pull your elbows closer to your ankles without pulling your elbows closer to each other
captaintripps at the same time, pull your wrists closer to your ankles
carpet_burn i think it's cheating, part of the fun of hogtie is having your legs constantly pulling on yur wrists
captaintripps but wouldn't the hogtie be tighter?
captaintripps since your ankles would be essentially pulled closer to your elbows?
carpet_burn i think the key is having the second hand pull the ankles close while the first handn is working the jam rope
captaintripps that's what i do but because of the least bit of slack in the rope the ankles and wrists are still about six inches apart
captaintripps and there's a certain point where the tension in the rope makes it impossible to work the jam rope
captaintripps by jam rope you mean the rope looped around the metal rings, right?
carpet_burn right, that's where the second hand would help
carpet_burn yes, the jam rope is the one thru the double rings
captaintripps yeah
captaintripps i've tried working the jam rope before but i can never get to it just right
carpet_burn i think what's needed is a little rope loop attached to the ankles for the second hand to pull them closer with
captaintripps dunno
captaintripps we'll have to explore that idea sometime
captaintripps but now, i gotta run and get me some sleep (and some practice tee hee)
carpet_burn sleep tight! .. didja know about the combination lock idea?
captaintripps yeah, wait until daylight THEN you can see enough to release yourself
captaintripps but i have bad vision :(
carpet_burn right. same here!
captaintripps it was great chattin with ya
captaintripps g'nite
Session Close: Thu Feb 19 00:34:50 1998
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