Caught In the Act

----------------- My husband and I liked to play games, or act out various scenarios as part of our sexual relationship. I long ago discovered that I have a "thrill" need within me. I love the danger aspect or the chance of being caught while in a helpless position and being "used" for pleasure.

One particular event that comes to mind was the time I was caught by my stepson. I am 35 years old, and at 5' 4" tall, with a 36-27-34 figure, am still quite good looking. I exercise to stay healthy and firm. My husband is 43, still in good shape, and very athletic. He married early out of school, and had a son soon there after. We met years later, after he and his wife had divorced. He had joint custody, so the son stayed with us during holidays, and all summer. I found these times somewhat trying as Paul, his son, and I didn't get along all that well. It's not that we disliked each other, but Paul never got to the point of thinking of me like mother, or friend. I was always just "Dad's" new wife. I am sure he wanted his original mom and dad back together.

Anyway, it was my husband's birthday so I wanted to give him a special time. I told him to hurry home from work, as a present would be waiting for him. He rightly understood that I would be his "present" when he arrived; packaged especially for him. That afternoon I took a long bath, and shaved, to be smooth for him. Then I dressed myself for the night's adventure. I put on a lavender negligee. It was ballet length, with a lace pattern over the torso area and sheer from the waist down. I could be readily seen through all parts of it. I also put on a matching garter belt and stockings to complete the outfit.

After I dressed, I went down to the basement where we had an area set up for our sexual adventures. Crossing the basement floor I went to an old army style bed. It had a steel frame and springs, with a bare mattress on top. On the mattress were four pairs of handcuffs, a ball type gag , and a blindfold. A small note was beside these items. I picked it up and read "A little extra thrill for you too. I have the keys to the cuffs, so there will be no escape". The note was signed by my husband. Normally I would have keys close enough to reach, so I could get loose in an emergency before he came home. But knowing the charge I get from taking chances, my husband reasoned it would make an added stimulant. He was right. As I read the note, I could feel the tingle of excitement, as a little shiver went through me.

I attached each of the pairs of handcuffs to one corner of the bed frame. Then I sat on the bed, feet to one end. As I placed the ball gag in my mouth, I thought I heard something, so I visually scanned the basement to ensure I was alone. With the gag secured I bent down and picked one side of a handcuff at the foot of the bed. I checked to make sure it was secure on the bed frame, then slid the other end around my ankle. I hesitated for a second, knowing that once I did this I was stuck, as my husband had all the keys. Taking a deep breath I locked it in place around my ankle. The quickly did the same for my other side. Now my legs were secured, spread out to each side at the foot of the bed. Then I covered my eyes with the blindfold, tying it securely.

I laid down on the bed, my heart was pumping quicker and I felt a small rush of energy. Reaching above me to the head of the bed I clipped a handcuff to one wrist, leaving only one hand free. I felt my nipples harden as a slight draft blew across them. Slowly I reached down and caressed each one, they were excited and tingled at my touch. I wanted to masturbate myself and started my hand down towards my now moistening vaginal area, but decided against it. This was after all supposed to be my husband's night. I quickly reached up and put my last free hand through the remaining handcuff and snapped it shut to avoid further temptation. I was now ready for my husband. Completely helpless, I settled in to await his return. As was his custom, he let me wait, not coming home on time.

In the position I was, every little sound would super sensitize me. Each occurrence sending me to a higher of fear and arousal. Finally, after a long wait, I heard the back door open, and then slam shut. Footsteps went across the kitchen, and I heard the refrigerator open and close. My heart started thumping faster. Presently, I heard the steps retrace their journey back across the floor to the basement door. It opened and the footsteps came clomping down the stairs. My heart was now doing the fox-trot in my chest. I could feel the presence as the footsteps came closer and stopped right beside the bed where I lay bound. Between my legs I could feel the dampness as I became more and more excited. I had assumed that these were the steps of my husband. But when I heard the voice say "Well, look what we have here", I almost fainted from fright. It was Paul's voice, not that of my husband.

As I lay there trembling, he reached down and picked up the note about the handcuff keys. "Well it looks like Dad and wifey-babe are into the Kinky stuff". I was in shock, caught secured to a bed, unable to move, in front of my stepson. He looked at me for a moment, then reached down and pulled the blindfold off of me. As I was able to focus my eyes, I could see him standing over me, with a sort of devious smirk across his lips. "Gee" he said, "I feel left out. Everyone is getting their jollies here but me !!" He knelt down and ran a hand up my leg and across my stomach, causing me to shudder involuntary. Then he whispered in my ear "Maybe I will get mine too." My eyes opened wide as I gave him a pleading look.

He removed his clothing except for a pair of bikini briefs. He was tall, lean, and very muscular. Inside the briefs, I could see his penis start to thicken, making a round wad between his legs. Pulling off the ball gag he said "I'm going to do what I want with you, and you are going to let me. Otherwise, I am going to go tell my mother about your antics and make it rough for you." I nodded to him to show my cooperation. I didn't want any trouble from her, and besides since I really was helpless, handcuffed to the bed; I couldn't do anything to stop him anyway.

He maneuvered on the bed so he was straddling my head, then lowering himself towards me he grunted out "kiss me right between the legs, like you mean it". I lifted my head as far as I could and kissed the end of his cock through the now straining material of the bikini briefs. It swelled even further and he quickly shed this last covering. When his penis popped free, I could see its full girth. The member was a full 10 inches long, and big around as a good size banana. Lowering it down he ordered me "Suck it ! Suck it good." Then he shoved the head in between my lips. I quickly started to tease it with my tongue, running it around the head, and tickling around the sensitive skin at the base of the head. This extolled a moaning sound from him, and he shoved his full length down my throat. I almost choked, but managed to take him all in.

Slowly I started sucking on the full shaft running my lips and tongue along its veiny exterior. He reached down and fingered my vaginal area, teasing my vaginal lips and the clitoral area. The electric sensations made me convulse in and upward jerking motion. Had his penis not been attached, I probably would have swallowed it whole. He stuck two fingers up inside me and started to massage my vaginal walls. My juices flowed hot and heavy as I became very aroused. He pulled his penis out of my mouth, then turning around, presented his two fingers covered with my fluids to me. Pushing them inside my mouth he made me taste myself, and lick him clean.

In a husky voice he questioned me. "Are you using any birth control ?" I replied no to him, and mentioned there were condoms on the table next to us. "No, you don't understand." he sneered "I wasn't going to let you use any, silly babe". As the words sank in, I started to protest, but he shoved the ball gag back in my mouth and secured it tight. He crawled around on top of me. Looking straight into my frightened eyes he murmured "Maybe I can leave you a little present too." He lowered himself down between my legs, then with the tip of his penis he slid up and down between my vaginal lips. The sensations drove me wild and I started leaking my juices everywhere. After a while of this teasing, he stopped with the head of his penis at my opening. Bending down he kissed my neck, and bit at my nipples. At the same time he entered me, filling my open void and stretching my vaginal walls to the maximum. As he joined us I moaned, deep and guttural, like and animal in the wild being impaled by her mate. This was adventure sex at its best. I was locked to the bed, unprotected, and at the mercy of my stepson who was taking every advantage of my helpless state. He pumped into me like a jack hammer. Thrusting and pumping at a maddening pace. All I could do was lay there and accept what was happening.

He bounced me against the bed springs for what seemed like forever, all the while my own sensations building to a fever peak. I lost all conscious thought, unable to focus on anything other than the carnal urges overpowering me. Then the orgasm came, building up inside me like a volcano, steam and pressure to the point uncontrolled release. I exploded into great shuddering waves, convulsive fits that I was unable to control. My moans and screams through the ball gag filled the basement, followed quickly by those of my stepson as his orgasm erupted inside me, filling me to the brim with great gushing spurts of his hot, sticky, sperm.

After regaining his composure Paul got up and dressed himself. Then walking across the basement to where he had placed a video recorder without me knowing it. He pulled out the cassette and walked back over to where I lay. "You will be a star someday babe." I gave him a withering look. Then he wrote a note. "Dad, great present you have there. I kind of unwrapped it early and test drove it. But I taped it for your enjoyment. Happy Birthday, Paul" He placed the note and the video cassette on my chest. Then after re-blindfolding me, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left me there for his father to find.

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