Subject: self torture

From: Chad

I have developed a slightly different approach to self-torture which relies less on release mechanisms and more on a task-related release process. I recently tested the technique described below after a number of smaller trials. To start with I bought two wooden trestle table legs - the ones that form an a-frame. In my case, the legs were slightly too high so I sawed about two inches off each corner. I then went to the hardware store and bought a narrow piece of timber ten feet long, two inches wide and about an inch deep. I already had a couple of offcuts which I cut to to fit across the bottom of the trestle legs, so that they completed the triange and made the legs more stable. I then hammered about forty short nails through the timber, so that they came through the other side of the poked through the narrow timber plank a bit less than half an inch. I then took these bits and pieces out to the enclosed back porch, which has a concrete floor. Using about a foot each end of the timber plank, I nailed to plank nailed down the timber, with the nails poking up. I found that running the trestles end to end was more stable. I had already purchased a couple of boxes of birthday cake candles and had some larger candles used for dinner parties. I cut these to a similar length to the birday cake candles. Using a main candle, I melted the base of each candle and secured it to each of the nail tips, so that there was a line of about forty unlit candles running along about eight feet. At this stage I undressed completely and put on a heavy leather collar with a strap of leather at the back which ran down my back and was attached to my handcuffs. I then adjusted the candles and plank so that one end was under one of the porch beams, where I hung the key to the cufflinks on a piece of down to about waist height. I had made up a home leg spreader using two small leather dog collars nailed to either end of a cut off broom handle. This kept my feet about two feet apart. I placed this down the near end of the trestle, along with an old tie I would use as a gag. To complete my ordeal I trimmed my public hair with some scissors and taped a nine-volt battery to the top of the base of my penis shaft. Using a short wire I attached the negative element to a cock ring I fitted around the base of my penis, and the positive to a small alligator clip. I found I needed to file the teeth of clip otherwise the pain of simply applying it was too severe. By this stage I was nearly ready. I then took the still lit master candle and lit all of the candles along the plank, working backwards towards the start, where the leg spreaders were waiting on the ground. Before lighting the last few candles I straddled the trestles so that each leg was either side of the plank and I was facing the row of nearly lit candles and the key down the other end. I bent down and attached the spreader straps to each of my ankles, so that I could not escape by dismounting the plank Because the spreader was narrower than the trestles, this also prevented me from escaping by backing out of trouble. By this stage my legs were shaking almost uncontrollably and my penis was semi-erect from both the ring and the anticipation. I attached the gag ( to prevent blowing the candles out), lit the remaining candles and secured my right hand in the handcuffs hanging from the collar down my back. With my remaining free hand I took the modified alligator clip, clipped it to the top side of the rim of the head of my penis, and just as I could feel the tingle of the current I pulled my hand behind my back and, with a deep breath, snapped the second cuff closed. I stood there trembling, my legs spread apart and a row of forty candles between me and escape. I had estimated the height of the lit candles so that at the start their tips would be at around the same height as my penis and testles. If I left it too long, the would burn lower and I would have to cross the hotter part of the flame. I had introduced the battery because in previous trials I had found it too easy to stand there and wait until the candles burnt out. I still had that option, but it meant enduring up to twenty minutes of incredibly severe pain as the current ran through my penis. The sensation from my penis was already so strong that I realised I had no choice - I had to waddle forwards as quickly as possible, grab the key and release myself from the genital electrocution. I moved forwards already in agony from the battery and felt the sting as my penis tip hit and extinguished the first candle. I reacted by trying to get on tip-toes, but the need for speed and spreader made it hard to balance and I stumbled forward onto two more candles, the first hitting my penis and the second scraping along my testicles. The surge of current was even stronger now and I began to swear profusely as I lurched along the plank, knocking some candles onto the floor and putting out the rest with various parts of my cock and balls. I suppose it only took twenty seconds to get to the end, bump into the key, and twist my back while candles still burnt and extinguished underneath my genitals. Eventually I got the key into my hand, fiddled and unlocked the lock and my hand sprung down to the alligator clip. A few candles still lay burning on the floor. My cock and balls were covered in black from the canldes and wax, and, despite the trim, I had singed a few tufts of public hair. Chad