Letter from Kinkyboots69
You mentioned in a couple of logs on chats that you were looking for
ways of getting a tight elbow tie. Below are two ways I use.


Tie a loop of rope, preferably a longer one coiled so you get 3 or 4
strands to spread the load. You can vary the length of the loop to
get the tightness you like (Experiment, that's what it's all about
8-)). Also prepare a jam rope (Both explained in the THINGS series of
pictures for Bondage Life) with a cinch on the end that will be drawn
into the rings.

Tie the rings for the jam rope to the back rung of the chair and loop
the cinch through the slats of the chair back and over the back so
it's hanging down the back of the chair. Sit down and prepare the
rest of whatever you've got planned.

Take the loop rope and put one arm into it pulling the loop up over
your elbow. Then put the loose and of the loop through the cinch and
insert the other arm. With a bit of work (depending on how brave
you've been!) you can get the loop up over both elbows. Once you've
got both arms in start drawing in on the jam string. The string going
over the back of the chair pulls your elbows up and together and the
jam keeps the tension.


The principle is the same : you need a cinched loop and a lever point
above the elbows.

To get the lever point take a loop of rope about 3 meters long and
double it. Tie a knot in the centre so you have a "ring" in the
middle of the rope. Place this between your shoulder blades and bring
the loose ends either side of your neck. Pass the ends under your
arms and round your back. Pass the ends through the loop and pull
them back around to the front from the side they came from. Then pass
them across the opposite shoulders, back through the loop and round
to the front again. Making sure everything is nice and tight tie them
off at the front.

This time the rings for the jam rope are tied to the rope securing
your ankles and the jam string goes up from the elbow loop through
the loop between your shoulder blades and down to the rings at your
ankles. Pull on the jam rope and hey presto you've got a tight elbow


This is the fun bit! If you really need to you can get a knife and
cut the elbow loop. It's much more fun to try and work it free
though... I find door handles useful but frustrating when they keep
flipping down every time you get any pressure on them.


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