Subject: Another bondage story

From: Erik

This is not exactly self-bondage, but it was still a lot of fun. I was at a party last night, and things were kind of slow. I met a very pretty woman, who I'll call Shelia (not her real name). She had a boyfriend with her, but she was kind of frisky, flirting with me, or at least that was my perception. She was really beautiful, with long, blonde hair. I got to talking to her in the hot tub after a while. The hot tub at this house it outdoors, and in order to conceal any nudity we keep the backyard lights off. Still, in the moonlight she looked pretty good (I am not sure anyone had ever worn a swimsuit in this hot tub!) So I got to talking to her, and suggested she let me tie her up. "What would you do to me then?" she asked. "That would be open to negotiation." I said. Someone interrupted the conversation then and she eventually went inside. I went in a bit later, and got dressed. I found her sitting at the kitchen table, talking to some other people. I joined the conversation and we got back to the subject of bondage. I should add here that she was wearing only a towel. Her boyfriend was there, and she said "It's up to him." Another guy who was there said "Let's vote on it." We all voted, and decided I was going to tie her up. I got two 50-foot ropes and pulled her hands behind her back. She struggled, but her boyfriend grabbed her and pinned her arms while I tied her wrists together behind her back. I then looped the ropes around her arms and in a figuire 8 pattern around her breasts. She struggled, and cried out in mock protest. I then tried to tie her ankles, but she kept kicking. I managed to loop the rope around her knees, which forced her ankles together. Her boyfriend clamped his hand over her mouth while she cried for help. She made the most wonderful noise. I then tied her ankles to the leg of the chair she was sitting on. After a few moments of struggling, her boyfriend suggested we move her . There is a piece of furniture in the living room, about 4' in diameter 16" high and carpeted. I tied her ankles with another piece of rope so she wouldn't kick, and untied her legs from the chair. Her boyfriend and I then carried her and set her on top of the carpeted object. I rolled her on her stomach and tightly hogtied her. I was really surprised how tight I could hogtie her, this being her first time being tied up (I suppose, anyway). She struggled some more, and her towel was coming off, exposing her lovely body. One of the girls, whose name is Amy, asked if she could play too. Shelia consented, and Amy began licking, touching, and biting her all over. Shelia began to moan and was really enjoying herself. We then decided the towel was in the way and took it off her. Now that she was naked, I retied her breasts in a proper breast bondage. Unfortunately, the combination of too much wine, Amy's teasing, and being bound began to overwhelm her, so we let her go. I have been doing bondage a lot. Sometimes I have had sex with women I tied and sometimes not. But I have to say that tying up Shelia on the spur of the moment was one of the funnest times I have ever had. She said she really enjoyed it, and hopefully I will get to do it again.