EscapeArtist vs. captaintripps

This is a conversation I, captaintripps (a.k.a. -D- or -helpless-), had with
EscapeArtist on IRC on June 17, 1997.  We started by swapping pictures, and
then went into talking about self-bondage-related things.  I enjoyed speaking
with EscapeArtist, and I am submitting this log as an effort to add to the
material on Warhammer's site concerning self-bondage.  I have not seen any
chat-logs, and would like to see more realtime conversation on the site in
order to shed more light on this small, dark section of our world.
                -- captaintripps


[the people]

   captaintripps: author of the 'pantyhose part 2' letter featured on
                  warhammer's self-bondage web site (under Letters #1)

   escapeartist : originator of the 'thing' series of scans, including
                  the Super Hogtie scans from 'Bondage Life' magazine.

[the subject]


[the location], in a bondage picture channel

  [escapeArtist]  I'm the one who sent it to him!

  [captaintripps] really? !!!  cool!
  [captaintripps] at first i thought these were pics of the superhogtie.  :)

  [escapeArtist]  The Thing series is my own scans

  [captaintripps] (the drawings from Bondage Life)
  [captaintripps] awesome
  [captaintripps] they are very nice scans

  [escapeArtist]  thanks...I like to share ideas

  [captaintripps] yeah
  [captaintripps] do you visit warhammer's page?

  [escapeArtist]  all the time

  [captaintripps] do you practice any of the techniques?  i certainly do

  [escapeArtist]  I made that Win95 Plus! Theme, too

  [captaintripps] ahh, i've seen that but i've never installed it 
                  (no plus! pack)  :)

  [escapeArtist]  I do the Super Hogtie all the time!

  [captaintripps] it rules
  [captaintripps] i like to combine the super hogtie with the variable crotch 
                  rope and my own specialty - a waist belt with cinch nooses 
                  that hold my elbows at my side

  [escapeArtist]  I hang a knife with am icecube...takes about an hour to get.
  [escapeArtist]  Sounds interesting

  [captaintripps] one of my letters is in the letters section of the site... 
                  it's the long one about pantyhose-related tricks

  [escapeArtist]  That's You?!?? LOL

  [captaintripps] hehehe
  [captaintripps] i wrote that ages ago  :)
  [captaintripps] i want to write a new one
  [captaintripps] that isn't so damn focused on pantyhose.  :)

  [escapeArtist]  cool

  [captaintripps] i finally figured out how to make that damned ring device... 
                  but i couldn't find decent rings so i snapped the loops off 
                  of a pair of old scissors... works OK but i want a better 
                  set of rings, which i haven't been able to find anywhere yet

  [escapeArtist]  Buy a "7 gates of hell" from a sex store and take it apart! 7 rings!

  [captaintripps] hehehe
  [captaintripps] yeah i could
  [captaintripps] but you'd think a hardware store would have rings.  :)
  [captaintripps] i should go to Lowe's and look around

  [escapeArtist]  The ring device is awsome.....many different uses and 

  [captaintripps] yeah

  [escapeArtist]  warhammer is REALLY into it!

  [captaintripps] i've been having problems with mine... when i get into a 
                  hogtie with the ring device between my wrists and my ankles, 
                  i can only pull on the free end of the ring device but so
                  far before it gets too tight close to the rings

  [escapeArtist]  He freaked out when I first sent him my scans

  [captaintripps] it's difficult getting rid of the last 2 inches of slack
                  when bound like that... dunno why, maybe my design is bad...
                  need better rings i guess.
  [captaintripps] hehehe

  [escapeArtist]  yeah...better rings would help

  [captaintripps] yeah really
  [captaintripps] i tried notebook rings but they keep falling apart
  [captaintripps] (the ones that clip)
  [captaintripps] like in looseleaf binders

  [escapeArtist]  Not need something strong

  [captaintripps] but if i get some electrical tape and tightly wrapped the 
                  rings so they can't get loose then they'll probably work

  [escapeArtist]  maybe

  [captaintripps] does it work better with flat rings or round rings?

  [escapeArtist]  I can get that ring device real tight....VERY stringent 

  [captaintripps] do you have to use a knife/scissors to get out?

  [escapeArtist]  I just wish I had a way to get my elbows together.
  [escapeArtist]  Yes...I kneed a kife
  [escapeArtist]  I use a sharp knife with a rounded point, so I don't stab 

  [captaintripps] i usually get freaked by making the cinch noose too
                  unescapable because it just gets tighter and tighter
                  untill i can barely move my fingers, let along work
                  a knife or scissors to free myself... so i usually use a
                  more slippery cinch noose
  [captaintripps] hmmmm... elbows... problem with elbows is once you get em
                  together, it's damn near impossible getting out

  [escapeArtist]  So far I haven't had too much of a problem getting out

  [captaintripps] cool

  [escapeArtist]  It's not good enough to me unless I know I can't get out
                  without the knife
  [escapeArtist]  I can't get my elbows to touch, but I'd like them drawn

  [captaintripps] one of the ways to make the wrist coils less tight when
                  the cinch noose tightens is to make a figure-8 with the
                  coils instead of just looping them around your wrists...
                  so you put one wrist in backwards and twist so when the
                  cinch noose tightens it doesn't cramp up your hands

  [escapeArtist]  Yes...I do that

  [captaintripps] yeah, i only had to use a knife once... it freaked me out,
                  probably because i was gagged at the time and i was
                  worrying about breath control... but at the same time it
                  was very erotic
  [captaintripps] i learned about the figure-8 from Lillan

  [escapeArtist]  The figure 8 is on the scans

  [captaintripps] really?
  [captaintripps] i looked at it and it looked like a zero instead of an
                  eight.  :)

  [escapeArtist]  I love gags, too...Doesn't "freak me out"...

  [captaintripps] i just get afraid that pieces of my rubber ballgag will
                  crumble off and choke me or something... the thing's
                  getting old with wear and i don't want to suffocate myself

  [escapeArtist]  It says to put wrists in opposite ends to form an 8

  [captaintripps] what kind of gag do you use?

  [escapeArtist]  I have a ball harness gag....

  [captaintripps] oh, about elbows -- the gstring tie is nice for elbows
                  drawn together behind your back but i haven't tried it
                  on myself yet, because i don't know if it's possible to
  [captaintripps] oooh
  [captaintripps] i've always wanted a harness gag

  [escapeArtist]  It's great cuz theres a strap under the chin the forces
                  the mouth closed ...awsome

  [captaintripps] i tried making one out of rope the other day
  [captaintripps] by looking at a picture of a harness gag

  [escapeArtist]  It cost me 60 bucks...but worth it!

  [captaintripps] so i took a bunch of rope and made a lot of little cinch
                  nooses so i could attach everything together... it
                  almost worked... :)
  [captaintripps] have you ever tried mummification?

  [escapeArtist]  Not on my own...

  [captaintripps] have you ever been mummified then?  :)

  [escapeArtist]  Not really...I do all self bondage

  [captaintripps] oh
  [captaintripps] one of my big scores last year was a full baltog's shiny
                  lycra catsuit that has a hood, feet, and hands so
                  it's 100% encapsulating....

  [escapeArtist]  Looks great

  [captaintripps] one of the ways i mummify myself is to stick my legs in
                  one leg of the suit and then pull the suit up to my
                  thighs... then i can shove the rest of my body inside the
                  suit though the other leg... then when i straighten out,
                  the whole suit gets real tight until i can't move my arms,
                  legs, or torso.  it rocks.

  [escapeArtist]  cool

  [captaintripps] i even combined it with a hogtie once by leaving the back
                  zipper open a bit so i could stick my hands out the back
                  and get them in wrist coils attached to a cinch noose that
                  was wrapped around my ankles.

  [escapeArtist]  I have an armbinder I can get into...with a zipper

  [captaintripps] oooh
  [captaintripps] awesome
  [captaintripps] i need your fancy gear. :)
  [captaintripps] how do you zip it up and down?

  [escapeArtist]  I have a key ring attached to the zipper, then I tie a rope
                  to it and pull on it

  [captaintripps] what if the rope or the key ring comes off???

  [escapeArtist]  I have a hook in the wall...I can stand near and use to get
                  it off

  [captaintripps] oh good
  [captaintripps] that would freak me out if i was stuck in an armbinder for
                  a week or something.  :)
  [captaintripps] i've always wanted an armbinder
  [captaintripps] straightjackets would be fun too if i could figure out how
                  to get in and out of em on my own

  [escapeArtist]  It's happened!
  [escapeArtist]  I buy alot of toys...
  [escapeArtist]  I also have a leather hood
  [escapeArtist]  I have a straight jacket...I can get in it!

  [captaintripps] cool!
  [captaintripps] whoa, you got stuck in the armbinder for a long time?

  [escapeArtist]  I buckle eveything excapt the crotch strap....slip it over
                  my head with one arm in the sleeve, use the other arm to
                  fasten the crotch strap, and then force my arm in the
                  remaing sleeve
  [escapeArtist]  Yeah...the armbinder freaked me out, cuz my arms were
                  getting numb

  [captaintripps] ack!
  [captaintripps] how long were you in it?

  [escapeArtist]  over an hour! But as long as you don't panic it's OK

  [captaintripps] yeah
  [captaintripps] but if it gets too numb you can get nerve damage... 
  [captaintripps] especially with rope

  [escapeArtist]  I know...that's why I got nervous...I have to be careful
                  with the armbinder

  [captaintripps] yeah
  [captaintripps] *whew*
  [captaintripps] i once used a dog collar where i buckled my hands behind my
                  back with padlocks going through the links in the dog collar, 
  [captaintripps] dog chain, i mean
  [captaintripps] like a choker chain

  [escapeArtist]  That sounds dagerous..
  [escapeArtist]  I don't like anything around my's too risky

  [captaintripps] well no, i didn't have it around my neck... i'm not trying
                  to kill myself. :)

  [escapeArtist]  O i C
  [escapeArtist]  I'd rather have nerve damage than death

  [captaintripps] it was just to make loops with that i could slide padlocks
                  through to hold the loops in place
  [captaintripps] yeah really
  [captaintripps] death sucks  :)

  [escapeArtist]  I have to go to work....want to keep in touch?

  [captaintripps] anyway, i had the padlock keys frozen in ice in the
                  ceiling... but about 10 minutes into the session, i
                  noticed that the chain was getting all twisted up... and
                  the more i struggled, the more the padlocks would twist
                  away from my hands so i couldn't reach the keyholes... i
                  was freaking... at the time, i was wearing a ballgag and
                  i had strapped my lower body to the rungs of a chair
                  (i was on the floor)
  [captaintripps] sure... [email Warhammer to forward captaintripps mail]
  [captaintripps] check this out:

  [escapeArtist]  my e-mail is [email Warhammer to forward EscapeArtist mail]

  [captaintripps] what do you think about posting this conversation on
                  warhammer's site?  i can paste this conversation out and
                  take out our names so other people can read the
  [captaintripps] i've yet to see realtime discussions about self-bondage
                  posted ANYWHERE on the net.

  [escapeArtist]  Sure....why not?
  [escapeArtist]  OK...see if Warhammer is into it

  [captaintripps] cool, i'll edit the log and send it back at you
  [captaintripps] then i can email it to warhammer
  [captaintripps] k?

  [escapeArtist]  There's nothing here I don't want away!

  [captaintripps] cool.. how about the names?  hmm... i guess i'll just
                  leave em in since their pseudonyms anyway.  :)
  [captaintripps] their = they're

  [escapeArtist] big deal

  [captaintripps] ok
  [captaintripps] i sent ya a test message
  [captaintripps] keep in touch.  and keep up the good work.  :)
  [escapeArtist]  Thanks, you too!
  [captaintripps] thanks for the pix.  :)

   [ Session Close: Tue Jun 17 12:58:36 1997 ]