Re: female self bondage (Re: Female Supremacy and Supremacists
Author:   Nicole
Date:   1998/11/11
Forum:   soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm


Philip the Foole wrote:
: >  > Obligatory sexual dimorphism-related BDSM:  Any female self-bondage
: >  > enthusiasts out there?  I admittedly haven't read every post on every
: >  > topic, but all of the self-bondagers I recall reading have been male.


There most certianly are avid female self bondage type people as this
thread has indicated. I was/am one of them.

Little Red-Haired Girl said:
: > Um.  I'm female and was a self-bondage enthusiast in my youth.  I
: > haven't done too much in the way of self-bondage since I've been old
: > enough to have partners.  :)

felicity wrote:
:  Me too. 

: In fact, Philip's mention of youthful water play (in the 16 yr. old
: thread) brought up fond memories of bathroom play from my early teen
: years.  The bathroom was the only place I could be for an extended period
: of time without my parents wondering what the heck was going on.

: "I was just *really* dirty, mom."  Well, sort of.  ::grin::


I remember there was a time in my life when I couldn't sleep properly
at night unless I bound my feet together. Some sort of security blanket
thing I guess.

I've done such incredibly stupid things too. I look back, and I
wonder where on earth my common sense went. I suppose that sometimes
sexual release can be more important than anything, especially if
there is no one you can talk to about this. I wasn't ashamed of my
sexuality, but I wasn't flaunting it either. In my world, sex is a
private thing that I only talk about with my partners (and 250 000 of
my closest newsgroup friends !!! ), so if you don't have a partner,
you don't tell anyone about it. *shrug*

I used to bind my ankles together, first around the both of them, and
then between them, making a sort of cloth handcuff. I'd then have a
length of rope/sock/cloth that would attach to a set of toy handcuffs,
the ones that come with stupid pick fluffy protectors (which of course
I removed). I'd blindfold and gag myself, insert whatever stimulation
was needed, and put my hands behind my back and lock myself in. When I
wanted to release myself, I would reach around to the quick release
switch on the handcuffs, and presto - I'd be out.

As I got more confident and comfortable about doing this, I increased
the strigency of my bondage. I'd add a home made lockable collar, and
attach another rope/length of cloth to the bond ankles and secure them
to the end of the bed. After a time, I'd also start attaching the
collar to the head of the bed, the length of rope would get progressively
shorter as I experimented more with breath err... restriction.
*hothothothothot*. I never once had a safety backup and, with the
exception of the handcuffs, all the material I used to bind myself was
stuff you would find around the house anyway.

I only had a scary experience once, when the safety release on the
handcuffs stuck, and I started to panic. Writhing around not being
able to breathe didn't help the situation much. *sigh* But it didn't
stop me. My risk/benefit analysis always came down in favour of me
doing it. Until I got a partner, and my now fiance made me promise
I would never do anything stupid like that again.

Every now and again I just want to tie myself up, when I'm alone,
because then I can relax and enjoy it rather than be concerned about
who else I'm pleasing. I find it peaceful.

But had I had SSB or *anyone* as a resource, I don't think I would
have gone as far as I did. I would have had enough information to
change the risk/benefit analysis. I probably still would have done
the self bondage, but taken more precautions.