First Time by Zoned
Well, I can barely believe I have decided to write.  After reading
your page I realized that I had not been terribly creative with
release mechanisms.  I have been engaging in self electric play since
1986, at which time I was a sophomore in high school.  I have
certainly gotten more adventurous with time, and have always combined
it with self bondage.  Unfortunately, I always found my bonds to easy
to free myself from.  Of course I could have used slip nots to ensure
helplessness, but the problem was the permanence.  After reading your
page, I got up the nerve to purchase a set of handcuffs (mail order of

Well, my first attempt I will say was pretty exciting.  I went through
my my latest 'thing' but this time with some extra excitement because
of the handcuffs!  First I arranged my favorite group of sounds
(generated with CoolEdit) and coverted to MP3 format to save disk
space.  I use WinAmp to play the sounds by using the shuffle option
and mix in several copies of a blank sound so that there are many
intervals of sound and silence intermixed.

I have a couple of laundry baskets which work great as a platform  to
tie myself to.  What I do is place a wooden broom handle which has the
broom portion cut off through the rectangular laundry baskets
longwise.  The two baskets are 'spooned' together to provide extra
strength.  The brook handle has holes drilled in it which allow it to
be tied to the baskets with wire so that it cannot be moved.  Also, I
have drilled two holes about 18 inches from those at the 'head' end
and placed a metal 'U' with threaded ends through which the handcuff
chain is passed.  This way, once the handcuffs are affixed, there is
minimal movement available.  I used duct tape over the threads to make
sure that I wouldn't be able to unscrew the nuts and free my hands.

When I was ready, I began by arranging my shock device, a 20W guitar
amp, within easy reach of where my hands would be before being locked
in the handcuffs.  Then I went and got the ice cubes out of the
freezer.  After pulling on a couple of one piece bathing suits with
the front straps to either side of my cock, I affixed the electrodes.
They are basically made of the ring portion of keyrings.  One is
larger than the other and fits about halfway down my cock.  It is very
tight, but it will not be left there for long, so circulation is not
an issue.  The other ring is smaller and fits snugly just under the
head of my cock.  Then I tie a stocking around my cock between the two
rings to make sure that they cannot touch one another and short out.
I use Vaseline Intensive Care to grease by cock and make sure that
everything is well greased.

Once that is done, I start WinAmp playing the playlist and begin
tieing myself up.  I don't have any volume turned up on the amp yet
though.  I make sure that my keys are hanging next to the handcuffs
and then place an icecube in a stocking, run the end through the ring
for my keys, and tie the stocking to a six foot section of PVC pipe.
This is the same pipe that the keys are hanging from.  I use two
chairs off to the side to set the pipe atop so that I don't have to
mount a hook in the ceiling.

Now I tie my ankles together with a thick, soft cotton rope.  The
knees are next, but I use a wide leather weight lifting belt.  I had
to punch extra holes in the belt to fit tightly around my knees.  I
have to tie my legs tightly so that I will not be able to move around
too much and scoot around the floor.  I then lay facedown longwise
across the laundry baskets and tie myself to the baskets with a length
of rope which runs through the sides of the baskets and around my
waist.  I place my ball gag in my mouth, after first wrapping it with
a pair of panties.  I also pull a pair of pantyhose over my head and
tie the legs around back loosely.  Then I place a dog collar around my
neck.  I pass a rope through the leash attachment ring and then tie
this around the broom handle.

Now that all is tight except for my hands, I reach over and turn up
the master volume on the guitar amp to about 1.5.  I have found that
having the master at 1.5, volume at 1, trebble at 10, and middle,
bass, and reverb at 0 is very satisfying.  Of couse the speaker leads
are connected to the rings around my cock.  After waiting a few
moments to let my excitement build, I reach my hands forward and place
my left hand within the handcuff and close the cuff.  After double
locking it with the second key, I close the second cuff around my
right hand.  Double locking the right hand is a bit more of a
struggle, but not too bad.  Once my hands are secure, I toss the spare
key across the floor.  It lands about four feet away, and I am now

The shocks my dick is receiving are intense enough that I am painfully
aware of them, but not so much as to give me an orgasm.  Since this is
the first time I've ever done this where I am actually helpless, I get
scared at this point and start testing my bonds.  This is what I have
always wanted--the helplessness.  After about ten minutes pass I have
a fine sheen of sweat all over my body and a raging hard on, but I
realize that there is no way I will be able to come because the
stimulation is not enough.

The single ice cube I placed in the stocking seems like it will never
melt enough for the keys to drop.  I am practically crying into the
panties in my mouth because my cock is hurting but I can't get off.
Soon I feel a cramp building in my left hamstring.  This is very bad,
but I am forced to endure it, just as if a mistress were towering over
me.  The shocks will stop for a while because of the silent wave files
I included, but then without warning they will rip into me again.

Finally, the keys drop.  I had quit looking at the ice cube because my
entire being had become focused on the shocks being applied to my
dick.  Everytime the shocks would start I would tense against my
bonds.  I could feel my wrists starting to hurt from straining against
the cuffs.  I greedily grasped the keys just as the shocks stopped
momentarily.  I have practiced unlocking myself several times, but
never while being shocked.  Just as I get the double lock undone on
the left cuff, the shocks start up again.  After I recover from the
first forced tensing of all of my muscles, I am able to free my leftt
hand.  Then I stretched over and turned off the electricity.

After several minutes, I am able to finish untying myself and stand
up.  It takes a few minutes to disentangle myself from the wires,
ropes, and lingerie, but then I take a long shower.  I can feel the
nerves in my cock 'singing' with the electricity which has so recently
passed through.  Once I am suitably clean, I dry off and then wonder
into my roommate's bedroom (she is gone for the weekend) and
blissfully fall asleep on her bed.

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