Gina's Flight into Reality

By unknown author.

Gina stood in front of the mirror, turning from side to side admiring the curve of her breasts, the flatness of her belly and the fullness of her figure. "Almost perfect", she remarked to herself. "Not an ounce of excess weight". As she continued to look in the mirror she thought of the plans she had made for this special day. She wondered what people would think if they knew what she liked to do in her private life and what she was going to do this day.

She moved through the house quietly so as not to wake her roommate, Mona. She placed the note on the kitchen table. It read simply, "Have gone to the desert to try a new self-bondage device. If I don't, call you by 6 p.m. go to castle rock in Joshua Tree National Park. You'll find a map as to where I am under a rock against the sign post. If you leave early you'll still not get to me before 6 p.m., and if you wait it will be some time after midnight, so take your pick, but I prefer that you wait".

It had taken her several trips to the desert to find the ideal place. Once found, she started making her plans. She had to purchase 250 feet of rope, a plastic 55 gal drum, a rope pulley and a long pole. The latter item being what they call a "shave pole". She had found that these poles were readily available through lumber yards, as they are what is left over when you shave wood for veneer on plywood. She had tested the pole in the garage by hanging the barrel filled with water from it for hours. It stood the test well.

Gina got into her car and quietly, as possible, drove away from the house. It took her a little over 3 hours to reach her destination after stopping to leave the map, as written in her note and pick up the barrel. She had left the plastic barrel with an ice house near Palm Desert with instructions to fill it 40 percent with water and then freeze it solid.

She got out of the car and viewed her destination. After walking but a few dozen feet she rounded a boulder and raised her sight to see the small opening between to cliffs about 225 feet from where she stood. The opening was no more that 5 feet across, perfect for her pole. She had already prepared slots on each side for her pole so it would be a simple matter of sliding it across and into the slot from one side. That was the easy part. The hard part was climbing up with the pulley, pole, end of the rope and her other items. She looked around to see if any one was about or could see her, or the cliffs from the road. Gina knew that you could see about 25 percent of the top of the cliffs from a distance up the road, but was part of the beauty of the location, the remote chance of discovery and being totally vulnerable. The area was totally hidden from close direct view. She returned to her car and drove it off the road and around behind the boulder so it was hidden as well. She took a stick and wiped out her tire marks as best she could. Now it was time to prepare and then the climb.

Gina had to work hard to get the frozen barrel out of the trunk and by the time she finished she was sweating from the 90+ heat of the late morning. Next she removed a square board from her car and placed a scale on it; exact weight was important. She weight herself, discarding all clothing and shoes to insure a correct weight. She weighted exactly 115 pounds. Quickly dressing she moved the barrel onto the scales. It weighted exactly 30 pounds. Gina remembered that the barrel without the ice weighted 10 pounds; including straps and hook as she weighted it before taking it to the ice house. The only reason for the ice was to prolong the coming ordeal. She placed the barrel directly in the middle of the towering opening and carefully attached the rope to the metal ring in the center that held the four metal straps together.

She almost laughed as she remembered the curious looks when she took the barrel to the work shop and asked them to bend and weld the straps around the barrel and to the ring. She double checked her knots in the rope to make sure they were tight and correct; as her life depended on the knots holding. Now for the final item, the total weight of the barrel. Gina removed bags of small lead fish weights from the trunk of her car. Weighting each bag and writing it down she kept pouring them into the top of the barrel until her total reached, including the barrel's 30 pounds, a total of 134 pounds 8 ounces. This left a difference of 20 pounds 8 ounces difference between the barrels weight and hers. This meant that almost all the ice had to melt before anything happened. She had computed that this should take about 3 hours.

Gina took the other end of the coiled rope, her pole and other items and started the slow climb to the top. She had to stop several times to catch her breath because of the climb and the heat. She looked at her watch as she reached to top. It had been just 4 hours since leaving, right on schedule. She rested for about 10 minutes, drank some water and eat a energy bar. Waiting she drank more water. She didn't want to get dehydrated during the hours to come.

She took a short length of rope from her pack and used it to tie the pulley to the center of the pole. Again she double checked the knots to make sure they were correct and tight. Next she pulled the long rope through the pulley and attached it to a small metal bar. Attached to the bar were two leather cuffs, double ringed and double stitched for strength. They were attached so she could reach one or the other with her other hand. This would allow her to release herself when she stood on solid ground. The cuffs were thickly lined with soft foam to prevent the cutting off of blood flow to the hands and to protect nerve along the wrist to the hand. Like everything else she had tested it in the garage to make sure that they would hold her weight. Next she moved the pole carefully across the gap and lodged it in place on both side. She made sure that the cuffs stayed on the ground next to her. She smiled because she had computed the length of rope almost right and she had about 10 feet of rope pulled through the pulley.

Again she rested, checked her watch and drank large amounts of water. Standing up she removed her clothing and stood in the warm sun stretching her arms to the sky. Soon, she thought, they will really be stretched toward the sky. She took another short rope, a gag and a blindfold out of her pack. Picking up the cuffs, with the short metal pole and rope, she moved down toward a small flat shelf overlooking the opening between the two cliffs. Once there, she realized that she was breathing heavily and was becoming highly aroused. She waited a few minutes, checked the time and computed the time she had allowed for the ice to melt. At home it had taken 10 hours, but that was not as hot nor in the sun. Here she had computed that it would take about 3 hours from now for the ice to melt and one additional hour for her slow decent to the ground and free around 4:30 PM, just time to reach a phone to call her roommate, Mona.

With all her thoughts in order Gina tied her ankles together with the short length of rope. She placed the gag firmly in her mouth and slipped her wrists into the cuffs. She tested the cuffs a few times and took a few deep breaths. Finally she lowered the blindfold over her eyes. She stood for a second, her naked body reflecting the sunlight. She then bent her knees until the rope pulled tight. She jerked on the rope several times to assure herself that there wasn't any give; there was none. She had her feet on the edge of the ledge, lifting them she swung out over the opening, over 220 feet in the air. Suspended by her wrists there was only one way she could escape, the ice had to melt and drain out the hole in the bottom of the barrel. She hung there for several minutes taking in the full status she had placed herself in. She thought about the ice not melting for days rather than hours, her room mate not finding the map, a stranger finding the map and keeping her captive, and many more thoughts, which led her to sexual arousal and climax.

After a time she thought that she could start herself swinging until her feet could land on the ledge and she could escape all this since it would several hours before she actually started going down. This thought dampened her arousal for a time; Then she decided to try just that. She started swinging back and forth until she could feel the sides of the cliff and the ledge against her feet and legs. She lifted her feet and tried to land on the edge; Each time her weight would pull her off the edge.


These thoughts resulted in an additional heat and arousal.

As time passed she though she could feel the rope lower, but only an inch or two. The hot sun baked her skin and she drifted into unconsciousness from time to time. Her arms and hands ached. She thought that next time she would make the time shorter and then she would discard the thought, as that would eliminate the risk and mystery of the entire event. Maybe next time she'll do it at night with less ice or leave her car visible for the road, just a little. She would have to put a box of condoms in a pouch around her neck if she did that. The thought of discovery brought renewed arousal to her and she realized that she needed to piss.

Oh, God!, I forgot about this and let it go; She tried to arch her body and open her legs to let it go. She partly succeed. She could hear the first drops strike the ground after what seemed like an eternity. The sound caused her to shudder with a sudden climax as the sound gave her a reference as to how high in the air she was. It seemed like she was still 200 feet in the air, but she knew that wasn't true. She tried to urge a few more drops and after a period of time she did so. She counted as they fell and after counting to 12-100 they struck the ground. Oh, God!, she thought; I'm still at the top. How much time has gone by? Is the pulley stuck? Panic came first and then arousal because of her total helplessness.

Gina drifted from wild thoughts to arousal to hearing sounds that meant discovery. With each one she reacts at first and then returns to a semi-sleep state and hangs quietly waiting for her feet to touch the ground. Something Touched her foot! Is it the Ground? Someone who has discovered her? Is it Mona, her roommate? She touched it again and inwardly laughed. It was the barrel! She was exactly half way down and her system was working correctly. She tried to place her feet on top of the barrel to rest for a few minutes, but bending her knees to do so caused the barrel to rise higher so she couldn't. The barrel touched her legs, it was very cold, but felt good against her hot skin.

Knowing that the system was working, but at an unknown rate, Gina relaxed and drifted from being awake to dozing off for periods of time. The sound of something striking the ground sharpened her senses. It took time but she realized that it was the last of the melting ice dripping down. She thought for a moment and then bent her head backwards. She twisted around and finally a drop of water struck her forehead. It was cold and refreshing; This was an added bonus that she hadn't foreseen. From time to time she would check to see that it was still dripping. Again she drifted into a relaxed semi-sleep.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her breast! She jumped and jerked in her bondage and fear gripped her body. She tried to stretch to touch the ground, but couldn't. She waited for the voice of her roommate, but it didn't come. She waited for another touch, but it didn't come. She twisted in her ropes attempting to dislodge her blindfold so she could see. All failed and she soon relaxed and hung, still waiting for whatever was to happen next. Thoughts of being made captive, sexually used and abused by many men, raced through her head. Each in its turn caused her to become increasingly aroused. She could feel the wetness of her pubic hair against the inside of her legs. She thought of her juices running down her leg and dripping to the ground or the open mouth of a future abuser who had touched her breast. Gina inwardly moaned from the arousal that the thoughts generated. Slowly the thoughts passed and she again relaxed. Just as she was about to drift off again the hand again touched her breast and then her damp pubic area. Again she tried to touch the ground, nothing. This happened several more times. Each time it brought a flood of thoughts to her mind. Each thought drove her to higher and higher levels of arousal until she hoped and prayed that who ever was touching her and possibly his friends would swing her over to the edge and use her or wait until she was almost down to the ground and then take her captive and use her. She moaned with the thoughts, suddenly, she felt dirt against her foot.


She was already planning her next adventure when the blindfold was removed and she saw her roommate smiling at her. It was late in the afternoon from the shadows; Gina computed in her mind. She asked the time and was told that it was a little after 6 p.m. Mona raised a bottle of water to her lips after removing the gag. Gina was still not fully on the ground, she needed a few more inches before she could release the cuffs. She drank the water in large gulps, suddenly realizing that she hadn't had any water for almost 6 hours.

Her roommate smiled and then stated laughing, that she had been awake this morning and had arrived while Gina was making the climb.. She had been here almost the entire day, except to drive down the road for lunch and then a snack later in the afternoon. Again she gave Gina water and smiled. Gina wondered why she was smiling so much. She saw her glance upward several times. She though that she was checking to see when Gina could release herself, but she was looking higher!

Gina looked up toward the top, slowly her eyes focused. First a few ledges from which she could be touched and finally at the top. She saw nothing but her rope and barrel at first. NO!, there's a second rope! My God, what was she going to do, Gina thought; how did she get the rope up there? Gina's eyes raced around the clearing and came to rest on Mona's vehicle. It was a Jeep with a winch attached to the front; where did she get it and when? Dozens of questions raced through Gina's mind. As if reading her thoughts her roommate took a short rope and quickly separated the cuffs so Gina couldn't release herself if she was on the ground. As she did so she told Gina, "I attached a rope to the barrel ring before it left the ground since I was here while you were climbing up". With this statement she moved to the winch on the Jeep and released the handle. The winch whined as the small rope began to wind around the winches drum. Gina found herself and pulled upward until the barrel struck the jeep's bumper.

God! she thought I'm over two hundred feet in the air again!. Before she could think too much, she heard her roommate shouting up at her. "Its about dinner time. I'm going to dinner up the road. I'll be back in about an hour. If I see some good looking hunks I may just bring them back here so we can all play with you. I'll bring you some food, I don't want you to starve. Just so you can see I'm going to leave a light shining upward. I want to see how far away I can see the light and maybe you". Laughing, Mona left the light "Isn't it great that it's Saturday?

Monday's a holiday and we don't have to be at work until Tuesday evening!, see you in a bit, by the way I'm going to use your car since mine is holding you up there." With these words Mona left. Gina looks around, across the desert and realizes that she is truly a captive. Her roommate can keep putting her back up time and time again. Her self bondage had turned into the real thing, she moaned out loud. And the LIGHT!, how far away can I be seen?; miles and miles maybe. Again, thoughts of discovery raced through her mind even more so now that her naked skin was a beacon shining across the open desert. Gina moaned with the glory of her helplessness and vulnerability.

Mona drove down the road, keeping a watchful eye in the rear view mirror. She was curious if she could see Gina's shining body. Just before reaching the Cafe she caught a glimpse of a light off in the distance. She parked in front of the Cafe. She removed a pair of Binoculars from her pack and looked at the light, some 5 miles away. She could just make out that it was in fact Gina's naked bound form creating the small light. She took a table in the cafe where she could continue to watch the glow.

Mona returned with some food for Gina. She looked up at her now very bright body as it had gotten totally dark during her ride to the cafe and back. She unpacked camping gear, set about locking together a huge tripod. Once she had it totally assembled she pulled the cover over it forming an excellent Indian Teepee. She then pulled up the sides using cords that rolled the sides up. Gina was engrossed with the activity and watched Mona with a curiosity but anticipative eye.

Completing this Mona put down a ground cloth, sleeping bag and heater as well as a bright lantern. The latter item even further brightened the beacon Gina had become. Mona looked up at Gina, "Well my dear, its time for dinner and bed". With this Mona started the winch on the Jeep. Slowly Gina was lowered toward the ground. Inches separated her feet from the ground when Mona stopped the winch.

Mona turned toward Gina and released her ankles. She then attached cuffs to her ankles and a long rope from the center of the tripod. She then raised Gina's legs toward the top of the tripod, which was about 15 feet off the ground. Mona then started the winch again and as Gina got lower and lower she raised her higher, upside down. Finally Gina became suspended by her ankles. Mona release Gina's wrists from the bar and she swung back and forth under the center of the tripod, totally helpless.

Mona tied Gina's hands behind her back. Once she did this she slipped a harness around Gina and fastened the straps between her legs. Next she put a single glove device over her bound wrists and up her arms. Lacing this device brought Gina's arms and elbows almost together. Mona then took a bar with two hooks hanging about 2 foot below the bar and attached them to the "D" rings of the harness that were near Gina's shoulders. She pulled on the rope attached to the hooks until Gina's body was pulled into a big "U" shape. She then slowly released the leg rope and Gina was again upright in the harness with her arms bound behind her.

Mona continued her work silently. She slipped a large leather sleeve over Gina's legs and laced it tight, pulling Gina's legs tightly together. Mona breathed a sign of relief as she stood on a camping stool and firmly blindfolded Gina. Standing back and admiring her work she spoke for the first time. "Well Gina, I hope you enjoy what I've planned for you. You seem to want bondage, well you're going to get it. This is how you're going to sleep tonight". With this Mona climbed off the stool and lowered the sides of the teepee. "Now it's time for dinner", Mona stated matter-of-factly. She then proceeded to hand feed Gina a hamburger and fries. Gina wanted water badly. "Mistress, may I have a drink of water?", she asked. Mona agreed but warned her about to much liquid in her position.

After dinner Mona again stood on the stool, loosened the device holding Gina's legs. She wedged a pan between Gina's legs. "OK it is time for you to take your good night piss." Gina was embarrassed by the statement and Mona's mocking tone, but nonetheless she pissed on command. Mona then gagged Gina. Opening a flap on the teepee she left for a short time and then returned. Gina could hear the flap come down and knew that she was in for hours and days of Bondage, glorious Heaven! She swung herself from side to side a little, enjoying her captivity. She just hoped that her body heat would warm the enclosure as the desert get cold at night. Inwardly she laughed, she was so hot she thought you could cook an egg between her legs!

She hear Mona climb into her sleeping bag and felt the light being turned off. "Get some Sleep Gina," Mona explained, "Dawn comes early in the desert."

Tomorrow is only Sunday, Gina thought. I wonder what she's got in store for me. I'm glad no one saw me as a beacon. Why did she refer to me as a beacon? Questions filled Gina's mind and it seemed to take all night for Gina to fall asleep. But really it was a short time as she was very tired from the activities of this day.

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