Hogtied Ann
(a text from Gman, who can be found on the DalNet's #bondageavi channel)

This is my true self bondage adventure on late Friday night. I hope you enjoy this adventure. Any comment and suggsetion is welcomed.

I didn't bring these self bondage items with me while I traveled. Imagine I haven't played self bondage for almost two weeks. I felt very kinky on Friday and hardly focus on work while thinking about tonight self bondage I planed on Thursday night. When I came home on late Friday night, I took off my clothes, stocking, underwear and high heels immediately. I went to my bedroom and put on chastity harness with dildo, one to anal, one to vaginal. I put on my leather "bra": this bra is in fact similar to breast bondage, my nipples are pumping out. I put on my black stocking and a pair of 5 inches heels thigh boots. Then come a pair of shoulder-length latex gloves. Now came the nipple clamps. These nipple clamps attach to springs with small magnet weights.

I went to the bedroom, of course, I have to walk carefully because of these nipple clamps, imagining that I will have to jump sometimes while ankle cuffs restrict me from walking. I silence myself by a red ball-gag, this red ball gag fills my mouth, however, I can still breath through my mouth if I open my mouth widely, of course, jaw will be ached if I continue opening it. I can only moan with very little noise. This ball-gag has one extra strap under my chin and two straps across my face and connecting to the original strap to the ball at back. I also put a paddle lock to this gag.

I go to other doors and windows, make sure they were closed. Next came the light in the house. Now I am setting the locations for different keys. Key #1 for ankle cuffs is hanging high in the basement. Key #2 for the first wrist (leather) cuffs is frozen in the large ice, which is in refrigerator. Key #3 for the (metal) handcuff is in my car. Key #4 for the strict hogtied chain is at a corner in the living room. Key #5 for longer hogtied chain in hanging high from the living room ceiling. Key #6 for the closet in the bedroom is hanging from the door bar of storage room. Key #7 for the garage door is in my white thigh boots which is in the storage room in the basement. There is a long rod in the closet. There is another larger ice in the living room for the safety keys, such as two hogtied keys. From my previous experience, it will take 8-10 hours for melting. I had better tried my original self bondage plan.

I feel my pussy is completely wet, plus the dildo, it reallyturns me on. I check all these keys again and make sure there are the correct ones. I come back to the bedroom, unzip my leather hood. This hood has zippers opening in eyes and mouth, and a hole for nose. Although hood will cover my head closely, breathing is no problem. If needed, I can also breath through mouth for some short time period. I take my leather blindfold, there is no way to see once this blindfold is used. I will try it later. Now come the bondage. The leather ankles cuffs, ankle chain are OK. The knee chain is OK. This ankle chain is about 6 inches long. But I use another lock (the key is also in other white boot in the basement storage room) such that my knees are tied together closely. I need to jump by my knees if I want to release my second hogtied chain. Two hogtied chain are attached to the ankle cuffs. I put on wrist leather cuff for each hand, small paddle locks click on, The keys is not reachable in the whole adventure. I put on handcuff to left hand, and keep the other open. Then I move the blindfold to cover my eyes. I am completely lose my sight, there is no way to loose this blindfold simply by shaking my head.

Now I am kneeling. I search my large paddle lock for wrist cuffs beside me an click on. Then I close the handcuff which secures my bondage. Two hogtied chains successfully connect my ankles cuffs and handcuff. Now I am completely bound, gagged, blindfolded, hogtied, kneeling. I test my hogtied chains, they are very effected. How do I lie myself down ? It is easy but very exciting. I say 1-2-3 thru my ball gag, of course sound like M-M-M, I pull my hands, suddenly my feet are lifted and I lose my balance on my knees, and I fall forward. Of course, I have prepared well on the ground in order that I won't get hurt. Now I am THE hogtied Ann.

My first attempt is to release from strict hogtie. This is not that easy. I crawl to the living room by my back. But the process is very slow. I know (feel) I am in the living room and I run into the wall, I have to take some rest and moan through the ball gag. The smell of the hood also excites me a lot. I think I am near the hogtied key, I switch and turn several time trying to feel the locations of key, once you are blindfolded, this is a slow but exciting torture. Moreover, two dildo excite me even they are covered by chastity belt. Base of these dildos still hurt my pussy and anal a little bit once my butt or pussy touch the ground. Finally, I touch the key by my gloved hands. I follow the hogtied chain and find the correct paddle lock, remember there are varied paddle locks near my gloved hands, however, leather gloves prevents me from inserting the key to the hole several times, I feel frustrated whenever I fail and moan through my ball gag. The direction of the key has to be right. Worst of all, I torture myself by adding two other similar keys with the right ones. Patience is the key factor at this moment.

Unfortunately, this time, I have to try until the third key. Maybe, because, I am not sure whether I have got the right one but think it is wrong because of bad insertion. I forget how many time I tries, probably 5 or 6 times, plus the turning of direction of each keys. The strict hogtie, full ball gag, secure blindfold, leather hood , leather gloves, high heels boots and dildos all show their ways of torture. I feel I sweat completely on my body. I have to take several rest and hold the key. I don't want to lose the track. One great feeling occurs: I feel the lock is open, I moan through my gag. The second stage comes: release from the second hogtie.

I have to find the long rod to hit the key hanging high from the living room. There is absolutely no way I can get the key with second hogtied position. I need the long rod. First I have to struggle to the storage room to get the closet key. Since I am still hogtied, I cannot stand up using my hands. The key is hanging through the door bar, the better way is to use my boots heels than use my hooded head to knock the key out. Easier said than done. I decide to "walk" to the storage room, you know, by my bound knees. The precess is of course very slow.

After several guessing and "walking", now I am in front of the door, I touch the door bar and feel the key is there via my hooded head. I try using my hooded head and front of the ball gag, it is useless. I lie down, bent my knees and my boots are against the door, I moan "loudly" while my boots jumping every time. I must look very sexy in this position: with thigh high boots heels against the door and my back on the ground. I take some rest and try to let my heels go through the loop. The loop is designed well that I have to be patient not to miss it. After several tries, I succeed. I take a rest, then I use my bound boots knock the key down. The loop is in fact a thin rope. I have tried yesterday that I can actually hit the key down by this erotic bondage position and my boots heels. Again I have to search for the key. "MMMFFFAMMFMPPM". This mean, there you are, I talk thru my ball gag. I am taking this key with my carefully, I don't want to lost it somewhere. Now I struggle to the living room, straight myself up via the sofa.

Now I have to "walk" to the bedroom. I find the lock for the closet and unlock it by the key I carry, then take the long rod out after several tries. Now it is time to the living room.

Carrying the long rod (about 5 foot long) and "walking" by bound knees is another exciting bondage fun. Now I know I am in the living room, but where is the key ? I try to find a specific spot for me to locate the hogtied key key. OK, I find it, then I raise this long rod and trying to hit. No feeling, I jump a little bit, maybe this place, my nipples hurts while I am jumping, anyway, I am hurting my erected nipples the whole evening.

After several jumps and several hitting blindly, I finally hit the chain. I didn't hear the fall of the key, I try and try and the key is finally falling down. Since the key is attached to some weights, it cannot fall far away. I use my gloved hands to search, and find it. Then I release my hogtied chain. God, I can stand up.

Now I try to release my wrist leather cuffs. The key is in the refrigerator. I jump to the refrigerator and turn my back to the door. I have to bent my upper body such that my hands can get the key. Wearing the 5 inches boots, how to keep my balance is a good try. I get the key, it is cold, I also moan again. BTW, the ball gag makes my jaw sore a little bit. Now there is "ONLY" a handcuff restricts my hands.

Now I have to remove my blindfold before I go downstairs. I have to think where the long rod is. Where did I release my #2 hogtied chain?. Living room I jump to the living room, manage to find the rod and take it in my hand, now I try to rob down my blindfold with this rod, it is another exciting job, I have to do it slowing, another torture. Finally I can feel some light, even the light are all off, being blindfold means there is only darkness, nothing more. It is very helpless but all you can do is to accept this torture, one situation I like most for self bondage. I moan through my gag, nice to remove my blindfold.

Now I lie down, struggling to the stair. Time to go downstairs. I have to sit at each step one by one before I go to the basement. It is another exciting process since my hands are tied close enough by wrist cuffs, and my feet are tied completely, even the leather boots becomes one of the bondage tool for me. The butt-plug is not completely in my anal, at least the base of the plug is next to my butt hole, the butt plug itself is medium size, but long, chastity belt is simply prevent it sliding from my ass hole. You can imagine every time I sit on it, how I feel ! I have to endure 30 steps anal torture. Finally the last step comes. OK, I have to stand up and jump again to the small storage room. BTW, the basement is darker than the upstair, Searching in the storage room is just like being blindfolded.

Anyway, I get the key for the drawer in my white thigh boot, I think I should try my other self bondage fun wearing these white boots and white panties. Maybe next time. Of course, I can not tell the color of the boots. I jump to the drawer and open it, now I get the key for the leather ankle cuffs, they are the reason I have to jump all the time and let the nipples clamps hurt my large nipples. If I want to release my other bondage items, I have to release this before I can walk back to upstair. I can not jump and go upstair while I wearing high heels boots. Now I get the key, but how to open the luck ?

I thought it was easy, but it is not. First I try the hogtied position, but it is too hard to open. Then I think this kneeling position, no way, yes, just sit on my butt, I can touch the lock, but wait, my ass hole hurts for I am sit exactly on the plug !!! I moan all the way to open the lock with keeling and ass hole torture.............................

Now I can walk, but with some limitations, the chain connecting my ankles is about 12 inches and to my upper knees is about 6 inches. Wait, my knees is still bind together. Key is in another thigh boot in the storage room. I have to hobble to the storage room, unzip the boot and get the key. I also need to work a little bit to unlock the knees chain lock. This is easier than unlocking the ankles cuffs lock. Now I can go upstair with this sitting position again. I don't think it is a good idea to go upstair by feet, once I feel down, it will probably get hurt, one thing you should prevent from self bondage.

Damn, I forget to bring the key for garage with me, I have to go to the basement again. After some hard working, I get the key inside the sofa. I go upstair again. I walk to the garage door, open the door. Now I have to get the car key, which is in a small box hanging under my car. I have to move the box out of the car by my bound feet. BTW, the garage temperature is set to 55 F, I feel cold on the ground while my butt set on it, not to mention my upper thighs. After several tries, I get it and open the door.

The key is hanging above on the back seat, (my car is two-door), I have to move the right front seat backward such that I can cross over the seat to the back. My nipples hurt while I pull the nipples clams incidently. First I have to turn on the light by my boots heels carefully, I don't want to damage my car by heels. Then I have to hit the handcuff key hanging down by small metal chain by heels again. After several tries, the key falls down, and I struggle and position myself for the key. Then after several tries, I open the handcuff. I sigh from the ball gag. I remove my leather hood. I realize I sweat over my face. Then I walk to my bedroom for knees chain key, ankles chain key and ball gag key. I feel great while I push the red ball out. Finally, I take the key for my chastity belt, you know what, my pussy smells erotic, full of pussy juice, so is the pussy dildo. The butt plug is also taken out. Now I want to go to the toilet.

I look at the clock, I spend almost 3 and a half hours to escape. This is not the longest self bondage I have experienced. However this is the most exciting one. Probably I haven't played for a while and each stage of self bondage is very exciting and there are lots of things to do.

Now it is Saturday night, I decide not to play self bondage at this moment. However, I'd like to tie myself up. Those bondage items are the same, except there is no blindfold and my hands are tied in front of me rather than behind. Also there is only one metal handcuff. I don't hogtie myself this time. But a pussy vibrato r and vibrating butt-plug are in my pussy and anal. I turn on them several times while I stop typing this erotic article and simply enjoying several orgasms. The typing is slow because my hands are tied, but it is exciting. BTW, sorry for those mistyping and errors in this article, it is hard to concentrate with this bondage position.

Hogtied Ann

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