from Kristine's Diary - Chapter 1
(a text from Gman, who can be found on the DalNet's #bondageavi channel)

from Kristine's Diary - Chapter 1

My bondage passion all started when I was about 16. I was home from school, and my mom was out. The doorbell had rung - it was a delivery man, with a package for mom. He let me sign. It was a heavy box, filled with objects which moved around when the box was moved. I was curious and opened the box, finding a variety of 'gear' - handcuffs, dildos, leg irons and leather harness.

Not knowing what some of this stuff was used for, I got the picture with some of the other stuff, and put two and two together. Smart for a teenager. I ran upstairs with the box of goods, locked my bedroom door, and dumped the contents on the bed.

I began to feel stirrings between my legs, stronger than what I'd felt recently, and as habit, put my hand between them and stroked my pussy, not really knowing what I was doing, but enjoying comfort in the feeling.

There were the devices mentioned, as well as an instruction manual, on using the handcuffs, leg irons and the harness, with photos demonstrating their use! I almost came in my shorts! This was the first time I had ever seen naked women in stark photos, and in bondage at that. The manual showed an attractive blonde putting herself into bondage using the harness (which was a locking chastity belt), handcuffs, and leg irons. My hands trembled as I turned each page, as she progressed further from freedom.

At that moment, I decided to do what she was doing! I stripped off my clothes, sat on the bed, and began to lay out all the devices I'd need.

First, I had to install batteries in the dildo. Then I had to gather the keys to the leg irons, handcuffs, and chastity belt. I put them on the night table. The bondage model first had put her ankles in leg irons, securing them to a bed post. I did the same. I slipped the leg iron around my right ankle, and closed it shut, to a shuddering rasp of metal!

The force of the sound stunned me and made my pussy inflame. I tried to slip the cuff off my ankle, but it wouldn't go. I secured the 'double lock' on the ankle, then passed the other end of the leg irons around a bed post, and snapped the cuff around my left ankle. I tried to remove the cuff but it wasn't coming off. I was trembling as I secured the double lock.

The thrill I felt at that moment is still indescribable. I lay back on my bed with my feet in leg irons, attached to my bed post, struggling, pulling to free myself, to no avail. My pussy was dripping wet, and my tits swelled as I pulled but couldn't get free. I got right back into the instruction manual to continue my bondage trip.

Next the model was securing the chastity belt around her waist. I picked up the leather belt, and examined it. It was heavy, with studs and rings on the sides. Running from the front was a leather strap which had holes like a belt. The belt secured through another buckle which was hanging from the back of the belt, secured perpendicular to the waist belt.

Holding the chastity belt really got my heart racing - I knew exactly what it was for.

I slipped the belt around my waist, and pulled the free end through the buckle in front of me, until it was snug around my waist. I then turned the belt so that the buckle was in the small of my back, and the crotch belt, as it was called, was right in front of my pussy.

The model next took her dildo and inserted it into her pussy, while turning it on. I had never used a dildo before, and I knew my girlfriend Jenny had, so I decided to try it now.

I held the dildo in my hands and felt like a woman about to make love for the first time. I pressed it against my pussy, and since I was so wet, just pushed it into my virgin pussy. I was snug, but the pleasure that I was feeling was immense. As I continued to push the dildo into me, I was pulling my legs against the cuffs. By the time the dildo was fully inserted, I had come at least twice, was sweating, and felt so powerful - like I was reborn into a sexual beast that needed to be restrained.

With the dildo fully in me, I did my best to secure the crotch strap to the buckle at the small of my back. Each of the buckles on the chastity belt was furnished with a small padlock, which went through a small loop at the end of the pin of each buckle.

Finally, the model had put the padlocks on her chastity belt, locking it onto her waist and locking the handcuffs to the waist belt, and locking the crotch strap so she couldn't remove the dildo. Then she locked the handcuffs on herself, with her hands behind her back, secured to the waist belt, so she could not reach in front of her. The last photo of her in the manual was of her lying on her side, in full bondage, awaiting her lover to release her.

I did the same. I locked the handcuffs to the waistbelt, locked the crotch strap in place, then reached behind me, and opened the handcuffs. All this time, I had had two more orgasms, and was beginning to feel another coming on. I placed my right hand behind my back, and felt for the cuff with my left. When I felt in place, I slowly closed the cuff around my right wrist, until I felt comfortable. I tugged my right hand and felt the chastity belt pulling at the dildo, but my hand wouldn't come free. I struggled to reach the remaining cuff with my right hand so that I could secure my left hand. When I had it in place in my right hand, I placed my left hand through the cuff until my wrist was comfortably in place, then slowly closed the cuff with my right hand, until it was secure. The sounds of the handcuffs snapping shut drove me over the edge and I began to have a heavy orgasm - I pulled against the handcuffs, legirons and bucked my pussy against the dildo until the bed was shaking...

"What's all that noise in there?" The door to my bedroom swung open.

Oh my God! My mother had come home...

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