Kristine's Diary - Chapter 2
(a text from Gman, who can be found on the DalNet's #bondageavi channel)

Kristine's Diary - Chapter 2

Mom found me chained to my bed, with my hands handcuffed behind me, the handcuffs locked to a chastity belt and a dildo locked inside me. I was bucking wildly about to have another orgasm.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Mom cried. She had a startled look on her face.

I tried to roll away, first in shame and embarrassment, then in fear of what may happen, but I wasn't going anywhere.

"Where did you get this stuff?" She noticed the opened package on the floor. "You opened my're going to have to pay the price for being a curious cat." With that said, Mom grabbed the handcuff keys from the night table, grabbed the handcuffs, and tightened them one or two more clicks, then secured the double locks.

"Let's see you enjoy yourself now!" she said, with a fierce look on her face. "And you just wait till your father hears about this..."

I was mortified. She made the handcuffs tighter, took the keys, and stormed from my bedroom, leaving me cuffed in place. The excitement was waning fast, and I wanted to get loose, but I couldn't. Now I was just a struggling prisoner of my bed.

Hours past, the batteries in the dildo were spent, and I was getting cramped arms from my position. My Mom came back upstairs wearing a leather mini skirt and bustier and high spiked heels.

"I've changed my mind, I won't tell your father. In fact, we'll keep this our little secret."

Mom went on to tell me how she fell in love with bondage, and how over the years she acquired a collection of items for her pleasure. She also said that Dad had often used them on her, and kept her in bondage pleasure, but Dad didn't really get off on it. He did find it useful to tie her up in the bedroom and enjoy a leisurely afternoon to himself to watch sports, or do whatever he wanted. Mom had a twinkle in her eye. "Now you've been bitten by the bondage bug, and I want you to really enjoy yourself."

Mom left the room and came back with a few items. She unlocked my ankles from the bed post, and sat me up on the bed. The dildo was really pressing into my pussy, which was really sensitive and beginning to get sore. Mom reached around and unlocked the chastity belt, but not my handcuffs. She took off the chastity belt and slowly pulled out the dildo. I was moaning as she did it.

"There, now doesn't that feel better. You don't want to stay all trapped like that for such a long period of time," Mom said, stroking my pussy. I could tell that she was getting aroused. "I've got something that I think you'll really like."

I was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, with my hands cuffed tightly behind my back when Mom showed me what she was referring to. It was a leather body harness, a web of straps that criss crossed in every direction. "Here we go, let me put this on you and see how you like it." Mom was grinning evilly.

She pulled two straps around my neck, then two across my chest right above my tits, then two more straps right below my tits. Each pair of straps was buckled tightly in back. There was one very long strap that ran from my neck, between my tits, which were now jutting out, down between my legs.

"Ok, stand up and lets finish this off," said Mom.

I stood up, and Mom turned me away from her. Her hands were pulling the straps from behind, alternately tightening the straps around my upper body. I was beginning to feel aroused. Two more wider straps around my waist were secured tightly in back. Then the length of strap which was dangling between my legs was pulled up from behind, until it was tight against my clit. Mom buckled it to the buckle hanging from the waist strap.

"This is like the chastity belt, but the crotch strap is narrower, so it tends to dig deeper. I love laying in bed secured just like this - I could stay in this for hours...we'll see how you do."

My pussy was getting wetter but without a dildo in me, I was feeling frustrated and wanted to get off. With the straps securing my arms behind me, I couldn't reach my pussy, but I could pull the pussy strap - but it wasn't enough to get me off.

Mom stepped back to look at her handi-work. "God, you look great. Let's fix you up with a few other items. Mom stepped out of the room, leaving me standing in the harness. When she returned, she had a pair of black spike heels. The heels must've been 5-6 inches, and each had a locking anklet. I sat on the bed and she put each heel on. They fit almost perfectly - Mom and I were about the same size then - and she locked the heels on. I really hadn't worn heels much, and now was struggling to stand up. The feeling of the heels on my feet, and the anklet around my ankles was great, but still not enough to get me off.

"Ok, now let's put those new leg irons back on so you don't get any funny ideas about walking around the house bound like this. Lay down on the bed." With that, I teetered back to the bed, and sat down, then lay flat on my back. She secured one leg cuff to my right ankle, then locked the other end to the bed post.

"And finally, how about a hood?" Mom asked. Before I could say a word, she brushed my hair back with her left hand, and was pulling a black leather hood over my head with her right. She straightened the hood on my face so I could see out the eye holes, and checked the nose holes so I could breath. There was no hole for my mouth, and the hood was designed to be snug so I couldn't open my mouth. Mom was working behind my head, pulling my long hair back while lacing up the hood. I could feel the hood tigthening around my face, making it more difficult to move my face. When she was finished, her hands moved to my neck, where she was pulling a collar around my neck, buckling it snugly, then I heard the click of a padlock.

"There you are, honey. How does that feel?" I couldn't respond, but my bod was getting into the feeling. Mom snapped blinders over my eyes so I couldn't see, and told me to lay back and "enjoy."

As I lay back, I felt her hands running slowly over my body, massaging my legs, then my ass, then my pussy, then my tits. I was feeling the wave of my first orgasm.

"I see our little one has the same tendencies that you have, my dear."

"Yes she does."

Was that Dad?

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