Kristine's Diary Chapter 3
(a text from Gman, who can be found on the DalNet's #bondageavi channel)

Kristine's Diary Chapter 3

Mom had strapped me tightly into a body harness and laced a bondage hood over my head. I was laying in bed, strapped in the harness, wriggling my pussy trying to reach an orgasm. The thin leather strap running through my pussy lips and pressing against my clit was making my body buzz, but I couldn't get off. My hands were still locked in Mom's new handcuffs and my ankle was locked to the bedpost. The leather hood was laced very snugly and I couldn't see or speak. My hearing was muffled as well, though I did hear the sounds of my mother giggling as she was fondling my bound body.

Then I distinctly heard my father in the room talking to my mother, but couldn't tell for sure. I was sure that there was another person in the room.

Mom released my ankle from the cuff that held me to the bedpost. She and the other person rolled me face down on the bed, spread my legs, and secured each ankle to my headboard with yet more handcuffs. I was then left alone on the bed, my body adjusting to the bonds, and my mind wandering where the bonds would lead it.

Now the crotch strap was digging deeper into my pussy, and I finally felt an orgasm come ripping through my pussy, sending me shivering, the chains on my ankles were rattling, and my upper body was throbbing against the leather bonds.

The rush of the orgasm was exhilirating and I felt dizzy and faint, the hood and the darkness it brought were playing tricks on me, I was fantasizing about my situation, being held prisoner by evil merchants during the middle ages, a slave whose body could be bought and sold and whose purpose was to please their rightful owner. I was suspended in time as I floated through my dream, my body continuing its involuntary reaction to the bondage, trying to cum again and again, my mind developing story line after story line, until I awoke sweating.

It was much later that evening when Mom came into the room and released me from the leather hood and harness. She even took off the ankle and handcuffs.

"I think you've had enough fun for today, don't you," Mom said as she collected her new toys. "I've got a few things planned for you, but not tonight."

"Was Dad here when I was all bound up?" I asked.

"No! I told you that it would be Our secret."

"Was there someone in the room this afternoon? I could swear that I heard more than one voice," I asked incredulously.

"Well, I may have invited over a play partner this afternoon, but that's not your concern. Sleep is what you could use right now."

Mom was right, I was exhausted after my first day in bondage, severe bondage at that, and sleep sounded great. I rolled under the covers of the bed I spent most of the afternoon chained to without much fuss, and was asleep instantly.

When I awoke, Mom and Dad were in the kitchen having their breakfast before starting their workdays. Seemed normal to me, like any other day, almost as if yesterday was a dream.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up and felt woozy, tired, unrefreshed. I decided that a shower would straighten my head and started it up hot. The massager was delightful, pulsating streaks of hot water deeply soothing my body, my back, my neck, my tits, and my pussy. I began to fantasize again, being chained up head to toe and whipped by my master, then left out in a thundering rain storm, the water pounding my flesh, the heat coming from my whip wounds.

That's when I realized that yesterday wasn't a dream. It was the first day of my new life.

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