Kristine's Diary, Chapter 4 --
(a text from Gman, who can be found on the DalNet's #bondageavi channel)

Kristine's Diary, Chapter 4


I was struggling in Mom's full-body straitjacket, the strap of the chastity belt was providing enough pressure to be overly stimluating, but not enought to get me off. The jacket was snug, and I was bucking, pulling my arms, rolling on the floor trying to come.

Mom was using a vibrator on herself - I heard her moaning, though I still was wearing the leather hood and was unable to see.

"Ohh, there, there, ahh." It was Mom cumming. "Thanks. I needed that release. However, I think I'll leave you to the straitjacket while I go to work. I hope you don't have any tests at school today because you'll miss them. Ha."

I could hear Mom tidying up her bedroom, closing the big body trunk and sliding it into the closet. The closet door was closed. Mom took some other items and said, "I'll be home early today to let you out. Try not to get into too much trouble."

Mom came over to me and grabbed the leather hood. With a quick snap, I was blinded by room light. She had removed the eye covering from the hood so I could see, though I was still gagged. "See you later."

I looked down at myself. My arms were strapped tightly around my waist, and my tits were bulging in the jacket. The leather pants were snug around my thighs and calfs, and my feet were bare, except for the steel ankle cuffs I was wearing. Did I mention that they had a 16" chain running between them. I figured I could walk, but not run.

I sat up, and tried to get to my knees, but it was difficult without use of my arms, and I couldn't spread my legs to get my balance. Finally, I used the bed for support and wriggled to an upright position, then was able to stand. Even though I could see, with the hood and collar on, my view was limited to straight ahead. I couldn't bend my neck to look down at the floor, and it was difficult to look from side to side.

As I stood in place, I let my body become very relaxed. I could feel my arms imprisoned in the smooth, thin leather straitjacket, my tits caressed and pressed as well, the strap running between my legs, over my clit, crushing it teasingly. I felt an orgasm coming as I wriggled ever so slowly in my straitjacket. It continued to build and I spread my legs so that the leather strap could press deeper against my clit. It built and built, until I couldn't take any more, and fell back onto the bed, my chained feet in the air, my ass bucking and my arms pulling on the jacket.

I came with full force, and screamed into the gag - not a sound was heard. I screamed and screamed as a tremendous orgasm ripped through my pussy. I could feel my juices running down my ass, pooling near my asshole. The feeling was tingly, and I wanted to rub myself, but couldn't. With a wet pussy and ass, and no way to clean myself, I sat up in bed and proceeded to wiggle my ass on the bed, hoping to dry it up. It didn't work too well. I figured that if I got up and walked around that might help matters. I slid to the edge of the bed, and planted both feet on the floor. I was still dizzy from the orgasm, but was able to manage. I took small steps, as much as the chains would allow, and began to move from my Mom's bedroom to my room.

"Where would I go?" I thought to myself. I went to my bedroom, and looked at the clock - it was only 10:30 am, still early and Mom wouldn't be home for hours. I had to do something. I couldn't stay in the straitjacket all day - what if I had to go to the bathroom or something?

Unfortunately, I couldn't communicate, or get free for that matter, the jacket was too well designed, and I'd need some assistance to get it off. I thought of just laying on the bed and getting some sleep, but my pussy juices were starting to drive me crazy. I wanted so badly to wipe myself clean, and was totally frustrated that I couldn't.

I slowly walked from my bedroom and thought of going downstairs to the living room. I thought that if I sat on the armrest of one of the large sofas then I might be able wipe my pussy enough to make it more comfortable.

The problem was getting downstairs in such heavy bondage. I got near to the top of the stairs and leaned against the wall. Using the wall I slowly sat down on the floor. I started to go down the stairs on my ass, using my chained feet to guide my speed down the stairs. It took a while and my ass took a pounding sliding from step to step, but in the end it worked.

I was now in the living room.

I walked to the large sofa, and straddled the large, padded arm. My pussy was still very wet, and when I put my body weight into the arm, it felt great. I hugged myself, pulling and hugging the jacket straps while I pressed up and down into the arm of the sofa. Sure enough, I was doing too good of a job...the combination of wetness, the leather strap running against my clit, and the padded sofa arm caused another orgasm to build, quickly at that, and it hit before I was prepared. I screamed and fell off the couch, landing on my back side.

Just then I heard the front door open.

"Kristine, are you up there?"

"Oh shit!", I thought, while still cumming. "It's DAD!"

[to be continued...]

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