Erin's Story, Continuing chapters.
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Erin's Story, Continuing chapters.

Hello again. If you've read my first story, then you know what I'm all about. If you haven't, then here's a little background on me.

I'm eighteen years old in my first year of University. I'm about five feet, 7 inches tall. I have black hair that goes to my neck. I have a twenty nine inch waist, and wear a 36D bra.

I first got started on bondage when I was sixteen, when I found some movies in my parent's things. I soon got hooked on bondage, and eventually got into self-bondage.

I learned a lot on my own, but it was all textbook stuff. I found a "teacher" online, her name is Terri. She's in her early thirties, married, and has a love of bondage that by far rivals mine. From her I learned some techniques, tricks, and generally how to enjoy bondage. I have yet to meet her in person, but someday I hope we will meet.

I live in an apartment a little off campus with my best friend Suzie. She knows all about my little love. Actually, she was cleaning out our computer's hard drive and found old e-mail and IRC logs between me and Terri. She confessed to being curious about bondage, and a few days later, we engaged in a very hot little session. At one point, the two of us sat back to back, bound and gagged, wriggling our way to try and get a key to release us. What a night that was.

That was actually a couple of weeks ago. I work part time with the University grading papers and the like, and haven't had much time to play recently. Suzie works at the student bar, and we both have had midterms recently too. Suzie's a little over a year older than me, twenty actually. She's slightly taller, five foot 8-9 inches, long brown hair, and lucky for us, we have the same gag size.

I'm continuing this story from where I left off my last one. It would be late in October, and the weather was getting a bit cool. Sweater and jacket weather.

Well, I got back to our apartment after class late in the afternoon. It was Thursday, and Suzie has the afternoon off. She usually works Thursday nights though, and I only have an afternoon class on Friday. That makes it the perfect time to practice a little self-bondage fun. At least it will when Sue leaves for work.

I let Sue know my plans earlier that morning. She would get off work at ten, and would be home shortly. I didn't start until a couple hours later because I had some work to finish first. A quick bite, then I hit the books. By the time seven o'clock rolled around, I was bored and ready for a little excitement.

I went back to my bedroom and got out a coil of rope. I now keep several feet of rope at hand just in case. No handcuffs tonight, I trusted that Suzie would be back in a couple of hours if I couldn't get out by the time she got back.

Tonight, I would tie myself to a chair using said rope. I was in the mood to fantasize, and was daydreaming that I was kidnapped and help captive. Well, tonight, it would be so, and I would have to struggle free. No knives, keys, or whatever. But if I couldn't get out soon, Suzie would release me when she got back. I hope so anyway, she can be such a tease sometimes.

I also got a sheet for a blindfold, and another sheet as a gag. I knew I would be 'calling for help', so I wanted the gag to be secure and silencing.

Before I started, I dressed up in a pair of tight shorts, and a really tight T-shirt. I thought that it suited the 'helpless kidnap victim' scenario.

I tied a loop in one of the ropes for my wrists. I looped it between the 'spokes' of the chair I would be sitting in. I used a cinch knot, it had one loose end that when pulled, would tighten the loop. I would use it to finish my self-bondage adventure.

I sat and tied my ankles together tightly, and then to a lower bar underneath the chair. If anybody out there remembers my second self-bondage experience, you'll remember this position. I also cinched a rope just below my knees. My legs were now useless to work with.

In addition, I also tied a length around my waist to the chair. I thought it would keep me seated throught the whole experience.

I then wound a long length of rope just under my breasts and around me and the chair. I wrapped it around me several times before tying it off. The more wraps you use, the stronger the binding is.

I took the sheet I would be using as a gag. I had another cloth knotted in the middle to fit into my mouth. I pushed the wad into my mouth, relishing the fullness it gave me. I wrapped the ends around my head and tied it tightly. I really love this thing, how it muffles my strongest pleas, and how every sound I make becomes distorted and gutteral.

Then I wrapped the other cloth over my eyes as a blindfold. It feels really wierd not being able to see when bound. Terri told me it really enhances the feeling of helplessness.

With that in place, I now crossed my hands behind my back into the wrist loop. I took the end in my hands, and slowly pulled on it with my fingers. What a feeling it was as the rope slowly tightenned around my wrists. With every pull on the rope, I felt my freedom slowly slipping away. I was really getting hot now, and with one final pull one the rope, I let the end slip from my grasp as I was now fully helpless.

I sat for a few moments getting the feel of my bondage. I was getting more daring with Suzie around as a backup. I couldn't move much at all, and could only grunt through my gag.

I didn't want to get free at once, so I just sat back, slowly struggling and moaning into my gag. Terri was right about the blindfold, it does enhance the feeling. But I was getting jumpy. Every little sound caused me to jerk my head in the direction I thought it came from. More likely than not, it was someone on another floor, but I had no way of knowing.

Your fantasies really start to take over after a while. I struggled a little harder now, imagining I had been kidnapped and was being held captive in a strange room. I imagined their voices in the next room, discussing my ransom. Occasionally I would hear someone pass by the door to the apartment, and I would freeze. I waited until they left before I would sigh in relief. I was scared any noise I made would be misinterpreted as a call for help. Although I admit, any noise I made I could barely hear. At best, someone might hear a soft moan, maybe a 'thunk' sound when I moved the chair. I hoped they would attribute it to an overzealous couple.

After a while, I was really quite horny, unsatisfied, and very helpless. I had no idea how long I had been there, the blindfold made sight impossible, and without an alarm clock I had no idea how much time I had before Suzie came back. Then I heard someone fiddling with the lock outside. I froze. It didn't feel like that much time had passed. Actually, it did, but I really couldn't be certain.

Whoever was at the door however, did open the door and come in. I heard them. I struggled fearcely now, I knew it was Suzie. Soon enough, the door to my bedroom open and close. I moaned softly into my gag.

"Hi hon." said Suzie. I knew it was her. "I got off work a little early tonight. Couldn't help but think about you the whole time here, all alone and helpless. Nice outfit."

I felt her hands cup and caress my breasts. She pinched and rubbed my nipples. Did I neglect to mention I wasn't wearing a bra? I rolled my head and moaned softly in the sensation. She caressed me for several moments then suddenly stopped. I whinned and struggled a bit more; I really wanted her to continue.

But Sue's hands came back a few moments later to unzip the front of my shorts and pull my panties down to my knees. The familiar sound of a vibrator filled my ears. I squirmed when Sue rubbed it over my thighs. I begged her through my gag to let me cum.

"What was that? I can't quite hear you." she teased. I groaned.

Sue however took pity on me and slowly inserted her little friend in me. It didn't take long before I came. And it was a good one. I spent the last two hours stewing in my own juices, no pun intended, and boy was it good to release some of that pressure inside me.

Well, Sue released me soon afterward. Although I was happy to have had such a satisfying experience with her, I was still disapointed I couldn't even get out of my own knots. I definetly have to practice in the future, hopefully I'll know enough one day to tie myself up fairly tight and still have a decent chance of escape. Of cource, by that time, I'll also know enough about my own limits that I'll be able to tie myself to that I can't get out. Simply because I do enjoy struggling helplessly, AND being released by a beautiful partner.

I'm not claustrophobic, and Sue has this large trunk she used as luggage. It's pretty big, and we joked once how we could probably fit a body in there. When cleaning, I thought about the trunk, and how to incorporate it into a self-bondage adventure. But the trouble is, I couldn't. I could easily get in, maybe even lock it, but there was obviously no way I could get out without outside help. I thought about locking myself inside, and waiting for Sue to get home and release me, but she'd probably want some payback.

I wanted to take a good look at the chest first. It's old, made of thick hardwood. The inside was fairly large, and I could fit inside if I lay on my front or even on my side. I closed the lid and tried to get comfortable. I stayed only a few minutes, and it wasn't airtight. There was still some room to move around in, but not much. This would make a for a perfect bondage game, and started to form a plan.

It wasn't really much of a plan, I'd simply be tied up inside the chest for a bit of time until Suzie released me. I figured for safety reasons, I'd have her watch over me.

We worked it out so we'd both be home one evening. Suzie thought it was like in those magic shows where the magician's assistant was sealed in a box, and then the magician would disapear and he'd be in the box. With that thought in mind, we went out shopping again. We came back with a bag, a large nylon bag big enough for a person. We actually got it from a store which specializes in hobbies, one of them was magic and illusion. We toyed around with a special set of cuffs that the cuffed person could open, but where's the fun in that? We also bought several more feet of rope.

I was to be the first to get in the trunk, it was my idea after all. I dressed up in my bathing suit for this experience. It's a pink, one-piece suit that I just love. I think I'm starting to develop a swimsuit kink. Oh well, another one on the pile.

I started by tying my ankles together. I asked Sue to only help me with the trunk, tha bag, and whenever I asked, which wouldn't be much really. I also would loops above and below my knees, to further enhance the bondage feeling. Suzie had placed the bag into the trunk, and was ready for me. I stepped over the edge of the trunk and into the bag, sitting on the edge of the trunk.

I then had Suzie tie my wrists behind my back of cource. She had been learning knot tying lately, and she wrapped rope around my arms and chest, under and over my breasts. I complimented her on her prowess with the rope, and she smiled and said "You're not the only one who enjoys this."

Sue took the gag and held it front of me, "Tell me you want this."

"Please, gag me." I replied.

"Be more creative than that, slave." Oh, so now I'm a slave eh? Oh well, as long as I'm the one tied up, why not go along with this. I never knew she had such domineering feelings.

I pouted. "Please mistress, finish tying me up. Please gag me so I won't bother you with my cries for help. Please lock me in the trunk so I won't escape the ropes that hold me prisoner." I wriggled a bit for extra effect. "I won't escape, mistress. I swear I'll be helpless, tied and gagged for as long as you wish. Please."

Wow, she wasn't expecting that. She just sat there in shock, but boy did she hang onto every word. She started giggling, and I couldn't help but smile myself.

"You really do get off on this, don't you?" she asked. I nodded.

Sue leaned over and whispered, "Then I guess you'll love this." She brought her mouth to mine and gave me a long, wet kiss. When she pulled away, I opened wide to receive the ballgag.

With the gag in place, I kneeled down into the trunk. Sue brought ends of the bag up over my head and began tying it off. All I could see was the red material of the inside of the bag. But not for long.

When the bag was tied, Suzie gently pushed me into the trunk. I moved onto my side at the bottom of the trunk. I heard Suzie say to me, "I'll be back soon.", and then all went black. The sound of the trunk closing echoed through me and sent a chill down my spine.

There wasn't much I could do in such a cramped space. I could move a little more than an inch to the sides, with a few more between the bottom and the top of the trunk. Not that it mattered much, my legs were kept bent, and I couldn't move my arms. My wrists were useless to work with, and there was no way I could pick at the knots with my fingers. Although in retrospect, I'd have to think of a way to immobilize them too.

I passed the time slowly struggling around and moaning softly. I enjoyed rubbing my skin against the bag. What a sight I must have made, as if anyone could see me anyway. I was probably leaving wet spots in the bag from where I drooled, and the smell of sweat and my own juices was intoxicating. Not to mention it got really hot in there too.

I couldn't measure time while in there, but soon enough, Suzie began unlocking the trunk and letting me go. My first sight when she pulled the bag off of me was of her, stark naked, bound from the waist down, even with a crotch rope. She smiled and said, "I wanted to get ready. I'm not wasting a moment of this."

She practically ripped the bonds off me, she could't wait to have her turn in the trunk. I reciprocated by binding my friend as tight as she had tied me. I even looped her wrists to her crotch rope; I knew she'd enjoy that.

With her safely tucked away in the trunk, I took the time to release some of that sexual tension that was building up inside me. I leaned against the trunk, listenning to Sue's struggles while playing with myself. I wondered if I was that noisy, but then I didn't have a crotch rope as incentive.

Time passed quicker outside the trunk than inside I guess. It wasn't too long until I had to release her. I stayed close by and wrote some quick e-mail to Terri about my whole experience, and how I had Sue waiting for me to release her. I didn't stay too long, and quickly went back and released my friend from her bondage. We both had a very satisfying experience, and agreed to do so again sometime.

The reply I got from Terri came soon. She said she throughly enjoyed reading about my experience, and wished she could have been there, if not to watch, then to join in. What an interesting thought.

It wasn't too long after that that I wanted to play some more. I actually missed selfbondage and getting out of it too. But I wanted something more sexual. I had done the helpless kidnap victim enough and wanted more in a sexual plaything. Once again, I consulted with Terri.

Most of her self-bondages involve waiting for an ice cube to melt, or some other timing device. But some people leave keys around and they have to struggle around to get untied. For example, the handcuff key is in the cabinet, the key to the cabinet is in the toolbox, the key to the toolbox is... that kind of thing.

That would be interesting I thought. The bondage would have to be kept relatively simple though. I don't have that many locking bondage devices, so I would have to lock one key away. But of cource, I'd have to get several other keys first. Another thought came to mind with this, I could tie up Suzie, and leave clues around the apartment to where the next key is; like a scavenger hunt.

Now, there are five main rooms in this apartment; two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and a dining room. There's also the bathroom and a small storage room too. I gave it some thought, and came up with a plan.

The key to the handcuffs I would be wearing I would lock in a cabinet. the Key to the cabinet I would lock away in a jewelery box in the bedroom. The key to that box would be locked in a suitcase in the kitchen. The key to the suitcase would be in Sue's trunk. The key to the trunk would be in the bathroom cabinet, which would be locked by a length of chain. The key which would start it all would be hanging by a string frozen in ice. I would therefore have to wait a bit before getting out of my bondage.

I set it all up one morning before classes. Suzie would be working until that night anyway. I could hardly wait.

I couldn't keep my mind on my classes the whole day. It was a good thing I didn't have any labs or I would've screwed them up for sure. I stopped by the on-campus pizza place on my way home also. That Asian was working at the time I noticed. It wasn't until I was leaving that I noticed she was watching me. She was being real inconspicuous about it too. She looked at me every so often, then went back to work again, then looked again. But at the time I was too occupied to really notice.

Anyway, when I got home, I found Sue left me a note stating that she knew what I had in mind and that she'd be home soon. Although soon was several hours away, I didn't mind.

I started by checking the doors and windows and making sure they were all locked. Then I double checked the keys to make sure they were in their proper places. I wanted to make this bondage not so much immobilizing and restraining, but awkward and slow. I needed to move about, but I still wanted to be bound. My solution: tie myself normally above the waist, but use a single cuff around my ankles, and tie my thighs together. When the ankle cuffs come off on the first key, I would be hobbled, but I would have enough movement to move around the place. I also left the first key the bathtub; I would have to struggle up into it to get it. The key was hanging on the shower head with several smaller ice-cubes along the length of string, keeping it up high and out of reach.

I went to the bedroom and stripped to the nude. I had everything stuffed into a plastic bag since this morning and it was sitting there waiting for me patiently. I unceromoniously dumped them on the bed.

I first tied my ankles, as always. I just locked the cuffs on them. Then I used rope to bind my legs about the knees, above only. To keep it in place, I had some rope wrapped around my waist. I looped some more rope under the knee tie to keep it from slipping down, and tied that rope off to the waist rope.

I used another length to tie myself a nice, tight crotch rope. Like I said, I wanted something more sexual.

I didn't want to tie my elbows. I never tried to before, and Terri told me it's quite hard to, and even harder to get out of it. Maybe another time. I always wrap duct tape around my wrists whenever I use handcuffs. It gives me some protection so that the cuffs won't cut into my wrists. Terri tells me she uses gloves, and that it makes it harder for use to work the key in the handcuffs. I'd have to remember that.

I got the ballgag and quickly strapped it in place. I tied my hair back into a ponytail, and strapped the gag underneath it. I found that after using the gag enough, I can now open my mouth a bit wider. Enough to breathe around the gag, but not enough to spit it out. And I still drool a bit. With the gag in place, only one step remained.

I snapped the cuff on my left wrist. I brought it behind my back and threaded it reight cuffs under my waist rope. Before any other thougths set in, I snapped the other cuff on my right wrist.

There, I was done. I wriggled around a bit getting used to my bondage. The crotch rope I had tied was quite tight and was feeling wonderful. The fact that I pulled on it whenever I pulled on my wrists didn't escape me either.

I started making my way to the bathroom. It was slow going, every time I moved the crotch rope rubbed up and down. Not that I'm really complaining mind you.

It took me at least ten minutes to get to the bathroom. I didn't even cum along the way, but that would come later. I lay on the cool tiles on the floor and decided next time I'd lay a towel or something on the floor. I felt hot all over except where my skin touched the tiles, which was almost everywhere.

The key was right where I left it, hanging on the shower head. The ice hadn't melted all the way yet, so I had to time before I could release my ankles. So I just fantasized for a while.

I dreamt that my boyfriend, should I ever meet someone to qualify, had tied me here so he could relax for a bit. I imagined him in the other room, nursing an erection he'd use on me later. He tied me up, got me all hot and bothered, then left me here to stew for awhile. I moaned loudly trying to get his attention. I rolled on the floor, feeling goosebumps wherever my skin touched the floor tiles. I rolled onto my front and brought my legs up to my wrists. I held onto my ankles and imagined what I must have looked like at that moment.

My thoughts drifted a bit and I started thinking about that asian woman at the pizza stop. I thought about how she must look in my position, all nude and helpless. Mmmm. I was squeezing my thighs at that thought.

My thoughts were intereupted when I heard a 'ping' sound coming from the shower. I looked up to see the key hanging within reach. I pushed myself over to the bathtub, and with a little effort, managed to sit on the edge. I swung my legs over and the rest of me followed. I stood up and leaned over to grasp at the key. This tightenned the crotch rope a bit, but I certainly didn't mind. Pulling the key off the string, I kneeled down to pick at the cuffs on my ankles.

It was a little hard, but I got them off soon enough. With my ankles free I could walk a little rather than hop around and risk falling down in a bad position. Although I'll admitmy breasts do jiggle nicely when I do jump.

With the key still in hand, I wriggled my way over to the bathroom cabinet under th sink. It was still locked shut with a length of short chain and a small lock. I struggled to a sitting position, which was hard to do when your knees are tied together, proceded to unlock the cabinet. Inside was the key to Sue's trunk. Dropping the previous, I grasped the next one, slowly stood up, once again, difficult with bound legs, and made my way over to Sue's bedroom.

This was really slow going. I expected as much with the knee hobble, but I hadn't taken into account the friction the crotch rope was causing. By the time I got to Sue's bedroom, I was panting and moaning softly. I collapsed beside the chest, keeping hold of the key. Catching my breath, I carefully unlocked the chest. That was easy, but I was having a hard time opening the chest. With my hands cuffed to my waist rope, it was difficult to life the top off. All I accomplished was to lift it a few inches, but by then the chafing on my crotch was almost unbearable. Finally, I used my brain for something other than holding my ears apart. I lay on my back in front of the chest, then used my legs to lift the top off. The key was taped to the inside of the lid. Retrieving this little treasure, I continued on to the kitchen.

The suitcase was sitting in one corner of the kitchen. This one was easy to open. Sitting down beside it, I picked the lock off and retrieved the key to the jewelery box.

This required a trip back to the bedroom. This one was long and arduous, but along the way, I stopped and came finally. I leaned against the wall, slid down to sit and pulled hard against the ropes. I moaned long and loud into my gag as my orgasm hit me, and I lay panting for several minutes afterward.

Recovering, I made my way back to the bedroom. The jewelery box was sitting on my dresser. I was slowly able to stand up and unlock the box. Unfortunetly, I wasn't having much luck getting a hold of the key with the different jewelery inside. So I just dumped them onto the dresser and grabbed the key then. I'd have to sort them out later.

The last key was inside a cabinet in our front room. The cabinet had a lock on it, and I made my way there. I took my time, and a quick glance at the clock told me I had spent over half-an hour in my self-imposed bondage. Sitting down beside it, I easily opened the door, got the key and my freedom. Boy did it feel good to stretch out. My shoulders were a little sore, but that was about it. I sucked my breath in when I pulled the crotch rope out.

I told Terri about the whole thing afterwards. She responded with pride. I was happy about that. I was really getting better at my bondage. Terri also told me she had received some e-mail from Suzie concerning some questions on self-bondage. She wouldn't tell me what the questions were, or what the answers were either, but I'm sure Sue would tell me in due time.

First semester finals came soon after that. I didn't have much time to play for a week almost two weeks. I was either too busy or too tired.

After exams, I came home to find a note waiting for me. Opening it up, it said "Play the tape in the VCR, it'll explain everything." Signed Suzie. So I sat down and hit the play button. I was just starting to wonder what she had planned, or where she was even, when the tape started and I saw Sue.

This was some kind of home movie. Sue was standing in the middle of our front room in her bathrobe. On the floor were loops of rope, a blindfold, a ballgag, and I saw a knife in the corner of the room.

"Hi Erin" she said. "As you already know, me and Terri have been talking for awhile now. With finals over and the holidays upon us, we'll be going back home for a couple of weeks. I was wondering what could I get you for Christmas. Then I got the perfect idea. Why not a little of me? So, sit down and enjoy yourself, it won't be that long."

I was shocked to say the least. Shocked and excited. This was a great idea. Sue dropped her robe, showing her to be in bra and panties only. She sat down on the floor and started tying her ankles together.

"I've been practicing you know. You didn't think I'd let you have all the fun. You get to play by yourself, so why can't I?" The rope on her ankles had two relatively long ends marked with red tape in the middle. I sisn't know what she had in mind yet. Sue now began tying her thighs together, above and below the knees.

"Terri's been helping me of cource. We wanted to surprise you. You kept me on my toes, clearing out the cache on the computer all the time. But then who knows what'll happen now between two willing and able self- bondagettes."

Her legs bound, Sue took a short loop of rope. She took the ends of the ropes around her ankles, and tied them around the short loop. I would understand this later.

"When you told me about your little adventure way back when, I started thinking how much much fun that would be. But I'm starting out relatively simple. I used you ice cube ideas when I do play. You just don't know about them." Sue was tying a large loop together of about five loops.

"You never told me you did anything withyour boobs, Erin. Terri's been telling me about breast bondage. My knot tying's not that good yet, but I do know a few things. Like this here. It goes around your arms, under and over your breasts. Makes you just a little bit more helpless.

"Now this has to be done in sequence. Otherwise I won't be able to reach up and finish. See the knife in the corner? I'll need that to get free. I'm not going to try and blindfold myself then cut myself free. So you just sit back and enjoy the show."

I just realized now how hot I was. I slipped my hand into my pants and was slowly playing with myself as Sue finished her little show. She reached for the ballgag, pushed it in and buckled it tight. She shook her head, her brown hair falling everywhere, and mmphhed at the camera. She had this puppy dog look that sent a shiver down my spine.

Now securely gagged, Sue took the large loops of rope and struggled to fit it over her head and shoulders. She had the loops above her breasts, and was struggling to fit some of them below her breasts. It took a few moments of huffing and puffing, which was a real turn-on, but she eventually managed to fit some of the loops below her boobs. It was just a few loops that went over and under her breasts and around her arms, pinning them to her body.

Sue wiggled around until she was sitting on her legs, with the long-ended rope behind her. She grabbed at the end around her ankles and followed it to the loops in the other end. It didn't look that easy with her arms tied to her sides. She slipped her wrists into the loop she had made, but her wrists were seperated by the wrist-to-ankle cord. Now I understood. When she would finish, the long cord would pull at the wrist loop and keep Suzie tied. Sue herself now slowly leaned over until she fell onto her side. I heard her make what would best be described as a cross between a gasp and a grunt, from the impact on her side, and the sudden pull on her wrists. Sue immediately started struggling around and moaning loudly.

All the while I was playing with myself, and only now realized just how wet and slippery I was. Keeping a close eye on th TV, I slipped out of my pants and even took off my shirt and bra so I could play with my tits. With one hand rubbing my crotch and the other on my nipples, I watched Sue wriggle and moan at the camera. At one point, she lay on her front facing the camera, mmphhing at me, struggling and rocking from side to side. I came twice easily watching that video of hers.

After about twenty minutes since she finished her bondage, I think she decided she had enough. She turned away from the camera and started making way to the corner. It was slow going for her, and I would have felt sorry for her had I not known how much fun she was having. Upon reaching the knife, she had her front to the camera, so I couldn't see her cut herself free. But it was certainly nice to see the look on her face while she cut her way free, and to see her breasts heaving after that little workout of hers.

Anyway, when Sue was free, she went back up to the camera. "Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. Now, I want you to turn this off and come to my bedroom. See you soon."

And the tape ended. Needless to say, no sooner did I hit the off button on the machine, I was on my way. The door was closed, but unlocked. I quietly let myself in.

The drapes were closed, and it was early December in the evening, so the only light came from the open door. The room was the same as it always had been, except for the form on the bed. IT was dark enough I had to walk closer to see properly. It was Sue alright. She was curled up into a ball, under the bedcovers. I think she was asleep.

I pulled back the sheets to the sight before me. Sue was asleep alright. Asleep and all tied up. She lay on her side, legs together, arms wrapped around her legs. Her ankles were tied, and her wrists were handcuffed around the ankle tie. Her lips were sealed with what looked to be several strips of tape.

She woke up when I pulled the sheets back, and started moaning at me. But she had this urgent look in her eyes. Reaching down, I pulled the tape from her lips.

"Can't we play later, I'm tired and cramped. Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?" I could't help but laugh. Here she was, all tied up for who knows how long, and then she falls asleep. Then I get all ready and all she wants is to be untied. What could I do? In the end, I untied her.

But we did have one last fling before we went hone for Christmas holidays. Nothing out of the ordinary, but tight and satisfying. It started out with Sue suggesting we should play one last time before the holidays, and ended with us bound and gagged on the bed. I was tied spread eagle, face to face with Sue who was bound spread eagle on top of me. My right wrist was handcuffed to her left wrist, above which were the keys held up with the old frozen string trick. We'd also stuffed outselves each with a vibrator with a crotch rope to keep it in place.

What a night that was. I still get excited just thinking about it. I remember how much noise Sue made, even through her gag, each of us grinding our hips, her breasts crushing mine. We'd hold each others' hand and scream with each orgasm. It was wonderful to feel every muscle contract in Sue's body every time she came. Mmmm.

But I've written enough in this entry. I'll have to continue soon in my next entry.

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