Subject: self bondage true story

From: graewulf.

last nigh i decided to try using the ice in the stocking trik... I first locked on my leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Then I layed down on my back on the bed. I tied my ankles to the corners of the bed and then tied the stockings real short to the rings on my cuffs (about 6"from the cube to my cuff). I then placed my large butt plug in me and put on my latexhood (this one has no eye holes and an infatable gag) and inflated the gag. I then looped a stocking with ice in it around the post at one corner of thehead of the bed and placed a padlock on it and then did the same with the other wrist.Now there was no escaping until the ice melted (which i had not tested so I had no idea how long i was going to remain there). While i was tied there i discovered that i had about a footor so left on the free end of the stockings securing my wrists, so I looped each end around the poopsite wrist and pulled them tight in the middle, pulling my wrists together above my head and tied a secure knot that I knew I would be unable to untie without seeing it. I lay there for a little over an hour before the ice melted enough for me to get free. It was the most secure and intense self bondage Ihave set up to date..:) I can't wait to see what ideas i come up with next.