Subject: Self-bondage Mummification

From: Gromet

As an avid reader of your website, I came across your request for details of self-bondage muumification. I have been doing this for a short while, it's pretty effective in binding your whole body and not too hard to get out of. I use cling film/saran wrap purchased from the supermarket, suprising what you can find in the local store in the way of bondage items. It's cheap, fairly easy to handle and involves no cleaning, just throw away and use fresh wrap next time. I start by wrapping my body in sections, firstly I wrap my legs from the feet up to the top of the thighs, going first up & then down my legs giving me 2 layers of wrap. (I don't usually wrap my feet as I found that they cramp up pretty quickly.) After applying the 2-3 layers I then use sealing tape, from the local hardware- a grey coloured stretchy tape I use this to bind ankles, below & above knees and around the thighs. Next I ensure that the tape etc is within reach as its hard to bend over with legs tightly bound. I then apply the wrap to my body, usually 3-4 times including over the shoulders. After this I apply the tape binding it in 3-4 different parts of the body, this tape retracts to its pre-stretched shape after application, it can get quite tight! Now my body & legs are wrapped I start on my head, I wrap from my neck up & over 2-3 times until my head is covered, CARE must be taken with air holes which I make with every pass of my nose with the wrap. Next comes the tape, again starting with the neck and working over my entire head, again making sure that air holes are free around my nose from any wrap or tape. Next I careful place myself down on the bed, usually dropping forwards to prevent the wrap from tearing (strips of tape running down the body usually from the waist to the knees prevents the wrap being damaged). When in position on the bed I start to wrap my arms with 2 layers of wrap my hands will be handcuffed above my head, the handcuffs attached to a chain affixed to the wall at the top of the bed. I also use a rope-tie to secure my feet to the base of the bed, the rope runs under the mattress to the top of the bed where I can pull it tight and fasten thereby I am unable to move my legs, roll-over etc. When I am ready, the alarm clock set for the time required, I place my wrist above me and close the handcuffs. I usually give myself a minute or two before closing the last cuff just to check safety & comfort, one last check of air holes and then click. Locked in place until the alarm goes off, my senses of sight, sound & ability to speak now gone. I can drift off and enjoy my bondage. I hope that this gives you & your readers some ideas, and I would like to hear some more ideas on self bondage mummification. Yours in bondage Gromet