Subject: "Toy in the Attic, Part Two"

I did it again - went up to the sauna-like attic to restrain myself.  Details:
Another Toy in the Attic
 I'm off today, the wife has gone to work, not to be back for over four hours, the child is at day care, and I'm all by myself....Wonder what I could do?   Self bondage?  Why not?  All my gear is in the attic, away from prying eyes, and that's where I found myself, soon after she left to go back to work after her lunch break.  During the morning, I had set up a few things to be ready for this hot bondage.  (Bear in mind that the attic heats up to well over a hundred degrees by late afternoon, and it was now about 1:30.)
I had hung a chain from the roof, where the supports meet, and attached a pair of handcuffs about a foot from the "floor."  Since I had planned a kneeling session, I had also folded a thick foam pad under the chain, which had about two feet of slack lying on the pad.  I had been drinking lots of water all morning long, knowing that I would be sweating profusely before this episode was over. 
When I got to the attic, I stripped naked, except for the neoprene rubber waist band (the kind they sell at Kmart to help you lose weight and/or provide heat to the stomach and back muscles), and this was further secured by a thick leather belt.  I already had a steel ring around my genitals, to which I had attached the middle of an Ace bandage.  The two ends went down through my crotch, up my ass crack, and were looped around the belt.  Then I passed them back down through my ass crack, up on each side of my genitals, looped around the belt in front, then wrapped them several times around the head of my dick, tying it off so that there was a large loop, which, if my wife had been home, could have been used by her as a very persuasive leash. 
For my release, I attached a cord to the hook holding the chain.  This cord held my keys on a heavy ring at the other end, about four feet away.  This key ring was now dangling above five pieces of ice inside a stocking hung on a hook.  When bound, I would be unable to reach any of this.
Working unhurriedly (I had five ice cubes to wait on), I snugly tied my ankles together with a 1/4" rope, cinching it between them.  I had to hang on to the rafter supports to move around.  Next, I used a homemade velcro cuff to strap my knees together, securing that even more by fastening another piece of 2" wide velcro to hold them tightly.  I was beginning to sweat, not only from the building heat, but also from the nervous anticipation.  Hopping precariously, I maneuvered to where the slowly melting ice release was behind me, and my back was to the chain to which I would soon be helplessly secured.  Ouch!  That chain was hot!  nevertheless, I drew it between my legs and hooked it to the ring around my genitals.  Next, I hooked the dangling bandage loop, which was firmly attached to the head of my penis, to a hanging bungee cord, which was attached to the rafter support several feet in front of me.  With the chain through my ass crack and the ace bandage around my dick, I knelt down.  This stretched my dick to the max.  If I could get hard, I might not feel quite as strong a tug, but the bandage around the head was too constrictive for that.  Pushing my pelvis forward only increased the tension and pressure of the hot chain in my ass.  What a predicament!  Was I still going to complete the bondage?  I'd gotten this far...
I strapped a wide belt around the chain and my chest, just below what, had I been female, would have been my breasts.  This belt also pulled me tightly into the chain.  Next, I took one last drink of cold water, then pushed the penis gag into my mouth, tightly strapping it to my head.  Now, a blindfold, reinforced by a bandanna, tied behind my head, then further tied to the chain.  I tested my bondage, and discovered that, on my bound knees, ankles snugly bound together, what with the chain securing my upright at my head, chest, and ass, and the ace bandage pulling on my penis in front of me, I was going NOWHERE!  All that remained was to attach each wrist into the handcuffs behind!!   I was trapped!! 
I cannot tell how much time has elapsed.  I cannot see, as my eyes are covered.  I can barely hear, as the bandanna is pressing around my ears.  If I struggle to move my head around, the bandanna could possibly fall down my face to cover my nose.  That would be bad, as my mouth is plugged full with a rubber penis.  I cannot call for help.  Would I want to?  Anyone coming up the ladder would discover a naked man, hands inescapably cuffed behind his naked, sweaty butt, on his knees, blindfolded.  I am totally helpless.  Not only that, but I am now wondering if the bandage around my dick is getting tighter and tighter, cutting off my circulation, possibly doing some real damage.  I can definitely feel it, whether I move or not.  I cannot scoot up, back, or sideways, as the foam cushion provides nothing to push against.  I can feel the sweat oozing from my pores, and I wonder if I'll be able to work the key in the lock, IF it ever falls to where I can reach it!  My knees are getting sore, my legs are getting stiff, and I fear that my hands are becoming too numb to work the key in the handcuff lock.   Are those keys ever going to fall?  How long has it been?  What if I cannot get loose, and am discovered by my wife?  Worse, what if some neighborhood kids, or a neighbor, or, heaven forbid, a policeman, should come up here?  What if the keyring hooks on the pantyhose and doesn't fall?  (You might be wondering if I had planned a backup.  Those keys, on a box next to my handcuffed hands, are almost within reach.  I say almost, because, after a time which I thought would be plenty for the ice to melt, I tried to reach them, and only succeeded in pushing them farther away.  I am truly trapped!)
By now, the heat has built up tremendously, and I am concerned that either I'll suffer a stroke, heart attack, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion.  Just as I think I will pass out if those keys don't fall, I feel them slap against my butt.  Now I can free myself!  AAGH!! My hands are slippery!  It takes me about ten minutes just to undo my hands, and another ten to remove the gag, blindfold, dick torture, chain up my ass, and the various wrappings around me.  I sit, legs dangling down the stair opening (where anyone looking in could see them), and drink the last of my water.  I am too tired and sweaty to even jerk off....Well, almost. 
This was one of my most intense self-bondage sessions.