BY HAT ( [email protected] )

I began fantasizing about bondage as a teenager. Who knows why. I had ripped the rubber insulation off some thick electrical cable and used it to tie my ankles and knees together with it. I liked it because it stretched and I could make it really tight.

One day I decided I wanted to suspend myself upside down. So I crawled up on top of the freezer in the garage, tied my ankles together with the rubber insulation, and then used the same to attach my ankles to a beam in the ceiling. I had just shifted my weight to drop upside down when the binding broke. I was barely able to keep from falling off the freezer. Had the binding held another second I would have fallen on my head and would probably be dead.

I couldn't do much while living with parents at home. But later in life I tried other things. I had switched by now to nylon rope. At first I tied ankles and knees and then slipped a double loop of rope over my two wrists and then twisted one wrist in a complete circle, thus twisting the rope between the wrists giving a feeling of secure bondage. Then I tried doing the same thing with wrists behind me. I had the feel of being bound. But, of course, I could easily untwist one wrist and get free.

Eventually I tried something more daring. I wanted to be hog tied. I put the bed mattress on the floor against a wall. I tied my ankles and knees and then kneeled and leaned back against the wall. My knees were bound too tight to comfortably bend my legs. I discovered a looser tie that was cinched in the middle was better.

Again, I kneeled and leaned back against the wall. I looped and twisted my wrists behind me. Then I took another loop of rope with a snap hook attached and manipulated it around the twist of rope between my wrists and pulled the snap hook through the loop to form an effective 'cinch' around my wrists. Then, by leaning back against the wall I was able to reach down to my ankles and snap the hook to the binding there. The idea now was to push off the wall and fall forward onto the mattress and, viola, I would be hogtied - wrist to ankle. But I couldn't make myself do it. I could just see my face smashing into the mattress and, to tell the truth, I need my face. So I opted for a slow slide sideways down the wall.

Three things happened.

1. My ankles moved away from my wrists pulling the 'cinch' tight. Very tight.

2. The snap hook moved with my ankles away from my wrists so I couldn't reach it to get loose.

3. The mattress slid away from the wall and I found myself wedged between the mattress and the wall.

It was scary. But, after considerable effort, I managed to wriggle back up onto the mattress and found that if I rolled onto my side I could grasp the rope attaching wrists to ankles and tug my feet close enough to grasp the snap hook and get loose.

I had never heard of the frozen ice cube with a key in it so I had to devise my own methods. I hogtied myself again but replaced the snap hook with a padlock. The key was at the opposite end of the house and I had arranged my furniture to make the journey to it as long as possible. I don't know how long it took me to crawl, wriggle, and scoot to it. But by the time I had made the journey I had severe rope burns, and carpet burns on knees and shoulders. I also felt like I had spent an hour in the gym. It was a very satisfying experience.

Self bondage is something to resort to when no partner can be found. Plus, I am very much into pain, serious pain, and I know of no way to inject this into a self bondage scene. But, as I have no partner, I have a renewed interest and would like to hear of other techniques that REALLY work. I did try last night, but with leather cuffs and only a snap hook, to repeat the exercise described above. But, alas, I am older and have gained weight. I couldn't pull it off. On the plus side, I have found a compelling motivation to work on my fitness.

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