Re: Self-bondage ideas
Author:   JWarrenZ
Date:   1998/12/13
Forum:   soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdom


>Who's got some self-bondage ideas. I would be pleased to carry out the ideas
>and send you pictures of my self-bondage-session.

Self bondage can be somewhat risky.  However, there are several ways to
minimize the risk as illustrated from these segments from one part of my book
Safe, Sane, Consensual and Fun.  While it is far from the complete story, I've
left in the parts that illustrate safety procedures.   As always, this is
copyrighted material.  Others are asked not to repost or distribute it in its
present form.

Oh, if you do this don't bother to send me pictures.

John checked the freezer, lifting out the plastic mold and shaking it to see if
it had frozen through. It had. A bit of warm water over the mold and the clear
cylinder of ice slid free. Clearly visible through the fracture lines and white
specks was the pair of keys that John had suspended by a string within the mold
the previous evening.
	He held the cylinder at arm�s length for a moment and brought it to his lips,
savoring the clear, cold, metallic flavor of the ice. Putting it on the kitchen
floor where the ice could slowly melt without damaging anything, he took down
the water glass and slowly filled it halfway to the brim with ink. Carefully,
so as not to cause a splash, he dropped his spare keys into the ink. Walking
into the living room, he put the glass down in the middle of the oriental rug.
	Then, he dialed a friend�s number. No one was at home � as he had expected.
Speaking carefully, he left a message. �This is John. It�s about noon. I�ve
been called out on business, but I will definitely be home by six. Could you
come over then or give me a call? I�ve got something I need to talk to you
about. It�s pretty important.�
	The preliminaries completed. John emptied a canvas sack on the kitchen floor.
A cascade of chains and miscellaneous objects emerged. He stripped naked,
neatly piling his clothing on a chair. He greased and inserted a butt plug,
grimacing with pain as it slid home, leaving him with the contrasting feelings
of fullness and vulnerability.
	He ran one length of chain between his ankles and locked a loop from each end
around each ankle with a pair of padlocks.
	Taking another chain, John ran it from the middle of his chest under his right
armpit, up behind the shoulder and back across the chest to his left armpit.
From there, he ran the chain across his back to his right armpit. Bringing it
under the arm, he ran it across his chest and over his left shoulder. Then, he
brought the chain directly down the back of his shoulder and through his left
armpit and locked the ends together. This left him with a single horizontal
chain running across his back and an �X� of chains across his chest.
	As he lay down, he flinched and gasped as his naked skin came in contact with
the chill flooring. Bending his knees and bringing his heels up against his
buttocks, he reached behind himself and ran a last loop of chain through the
ankle chains and under the chain across his back, connecting the ends of the
loop with another padlock.
	He wrapped a length of soft cloth around his wrists, looped a pair of
handcuffs through the chain �X� on his chest and snapped them over the padding
on his wrists, making sure that the keyhole in each cuff was pointing toward
his hand rather than upward along his arm. Using an unbent paperclip, he
pressed the double-locking mechanism down and threw the now-useless clip into a
	Time passed in a haze of fantasy. Finally, John glanced over and saw that the
cylinder of ice had vanished, leaving a pair of keys in a puddle on the floor.
One part of his soul begged him to ignore the opportunity and return to his
fantasies of helplessness and submission, but a new and more intense burning
urged him to wiggle over to the keys and, after many tries, unlock the cuff
holding his right hand.
	Without waiting to free any other appendage, he rolled over and firmly grabbed
his erect cock. His hand first stroked it gently and gradually became almost a
blur as he continued to fight the chains with his other hand and pinioned feet.
The explosion was so ecstatic that it was almost painful, and John was
splattered with the evidence of his own desire, so long denied by the chains.
After a few moments of motionlessness, John reached out for the other key and
began the process of returning to the mundane world


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