Subject: Helpless Hogtie Session

Turn back if you don't want to see pictures of a very perverted man encased in spandex tying himself up!! This is a description of a session I had today. I took a few pictures to help clarify things. First step was gathering materials: o 4 lengths of rope, about 4 feet in length each o nipple clamps and clothespins o ring device o cinch noose o wrist coils o ball gag o plastic bullet vibrator (a 2" long pill-shaped vibrator) o white thigh-high stockings o suntan long-sleeved, long-legged unitard o earplugs o duct tape o spandex hood First thing's first: in order for the plastic bullet vibrator to be useful, it had to be made so I couldn't remove it while in bondage. So, I took two 4" strips of duct tape and taped the vibrator to the underside of my penis. This would prevent me from dislodging the vibrator. Trying out the vibrator to test it sent wholesome waves of goodness throughout my penis, bringing me close to orgasm. The next thing I did was put on my white thigh-high stockings, which have elastic bands to prevent them from falling down. The above is a picture of my stockinged foot, amidst some of the other self-bondage materials. The purpose of the stockings, besides making my enclosed calves feel really smooth and enclosed, is to help prevent rope burns and chafing. This is a picture of both stockings having been put on. The next step was to put on my spandex unitard. This unitard has a scoop neck and long sleeves, so it completely covers my body except for my hands, feet, and head. This gives me more of that enclosed feeling; that wonderous hug of elastic bliss. Next, I tied my ankles together. I ran the cinch end of the ankle-bond through the ring device, depicted above. This brings the ring device closer to my ankles, and thus will help bind my wrists closer to them. Also notice in the picture above that I have already attached the cinch noose, which will be used to bring my bound wrists closer to my ankles. Please email me if you have questions about the super hogtie, or would like me to create a step-by-step photo guide about how it's done (please read Lillan's page about the super hogtie. The link to her page can be found in the Links section of this site. Next, I used the remaining 3 lengths of rope to further bind my legs, making them extremely immobile. Meanwhile, the control for the vibrator has been placed within the spandex covering my right thight. I've maneuvered the device towards the inside of my thigh, which will make it impossible to get to when I am in the hogtie. Before enclosing my torso with the spandex unitard, I placed nipple clamps on each nipple. Then, I placed a clothespin around each clamp for further nipple frustration! The above picture shows a closeup of this arrangement. -- At this point I don't have any more pictures, because I'm too shy to show my face, and it's hard to take pictures of me BY myself. :) Then, I applied the ear plugs, making the sounds of the world dull and almost non-existant, hearing only the beating of my heart and the amplification of my own thoughts. I applied the ball gag, which I've modified. It has a rope running through it instead of a strap, and on one end of the rope is tied a pair of rings, which also act as a ring device - where if I loop the other end of the rope through the rings, I can pull on the free end so that the gag gets tighter but doesn't loosen on its own (this is exactly the same concept as how I perform the hog tie). Next up was the spandex hood, which i placed carefully over my gagged and deaf head. This made me feel even more vulnerable and isolated. This hood is not an actual spandex hood; what I did was take a nice pair of large, spandex panties and sewed them up so that they formed a nice long closed "tube". This "tube" fits over my head pretty tightly and feels really great. Taking the wrist coils in my left hand, I got on the floor on my back and arching my back, worked my wrists towards the dangling cinch noose. I slipped the cinch noose through the noose-end of the cinch noose, and gave the wrist coil a half-twist with my right hand. Then, reaching the point of no return, I quickly reached in front of me with my right hand and cranked the vibrator up to full throttle, which sent great jolts of bliss throughout my groin. As quickly as I could, I snapped my right hand back under my back and reached for the wrist coils. Then, I shoved my right hand through the coil, and then pulled back as hard as I could, cinching up my wrists for total bondage! Then, i grabbed the free end (the "pull" end) of the cinch noose and pulled as hard as I could, which forced my wrists towards my ankles. Before I could even struggle, I was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm, the culmination of preparation and anticipation made flesh. The waves hit me as I hissed soft moans through my gall gag, which had the effect of moistening the spandex hood with my saliva. After the wave subsided, I was in an interesting predicament. The vibrator was still vibrating, sending chilling feelings through my groin, as it already had a massive workout. Sometimes the vibrator has the effect of making me squirm uncontrollably as the post-orgasm vibrations continue relentlessly - the feeling is extremely intolerable, yet will eventually lead to more pleasureable sensations. This time, the vibrator was tolerable, and continued its barrage of dull, yet strong vibrations on the underside of my poor penis. Now it was time to escape! I had placed a few scissors and knives on the other side of the room, which presented me with the challenge of squirming my way over there, opening the possibilities for further orgasms or intolerable spasms. I laid there, trying my bonds, and realized that if I tried hard enough, I could slip my right hand out of the wrist coils. This would save me from having to cut a perfectly good set of wrist coils! So, after a few minutes of wrenching and yanking, I finally got my raw right wrist free and turned off the vibrator. Whew! It was vaguely disappointing though, because I wanted to be completely helpless until I could get to the escape tools. If I had tied the wrist coil to be about a half-centimeter shorter in diameter, my wrists would have definately been stuck until I got to the escape tools to cut myself free. But I'll save that session for another day when I'm rested and ready for another good session of helplessness.