IRC chat between me and Hogtied
captaintripps i use the techniques from bondage life
captaintripps i.e. ring device + cinch noose
captaintripps have you checked out my self-bondage pages? i've salvaged a LOT of information out there about self bondage and put it all together on my site
hogtied i use a one-way pully instead of the ring device
captaintripps especially the stuff from warhammer's site
captaintripps one-way pully? how's that work?
hogtied with the pully you should do tighter hogtie
hogtied i'm able to hogtie me with wrists crushed to ankles
captaintripps wow
captaintripps !
captaintripps how do you make a one-way pully?
hogtied i bought it in a sailor-dtore
hogtied i bought it in a sailor-store
captaintripps oh
captaintripps not easy to make then i take it :)
hogtied i must tie it between my ankles,so it is unreachable from my fingers
captaintripps sounds fun!
hogtied it is fun!
hogtied and tight
captaintripps i've been experimenting with hunched hogties --- a regular hogtie plus getting my torso bound closer towards my knees so i'm stuck in a fetal position
hogtied and escape-proof
captaintripps how do you escape then? knife?
hogtied yes
hogtied today,i'll be hogtied by a friend
captaintripps i've also been experimenting with waist belts and regular belts that hold my arms pretty tight, especially my elbows
captaintripps ooh!
captaintripps TRUE inescapability! :)
hogtied and impossibly tight hogties!
hogtied what is your fav bondage position?
captaintripps hogties, of course :)
hogtied sure
hogtied and ball-ties
hogtied how much time do you spend hogtied?
captaintripps ballties? like c&b bondage?
captaintripps longest i've spent was about an hour
hogtied no
captaintripps i get bored without external stimulation
captaintripps :)
captaintripps ball-ties == fetal position ties?
hogtied yes but very tight
captaintripps ohh
captaintripps yeah those are good too but hard to breath
captaintripps breathe
hogtied no
captaintripps what kinds of time release devices do you use, if any?
hogtied i must go now
hogtied knife is in another room
captaintripps ok :)
hogtied bye
captaintripps check out my page, and email me some techniques :)
captaintripps if you're so inclined :)
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