Here's a self-bondage adventure I had a few weeks ago...It was enjoyable..but very tight...and hard on the body. I am considering using it in my next installments of the ADVENTURES series. To ensure that I had all the details, I decided to try it out on myself first!
I used a large high wooden chair that i placed in the middle of my bedroom right in front of my VCR. By back is too a wall with the shelf up about 6 feet off the floor. I taped my large windup alarm clock to the shelf with the keys facing the VCR. This alarm clock has the wind up alarm key and I glued a small piece of cardboard to this key. I can place a key on the cardboard and when the alarm goes off it rotates and the key falls off...Since I was going to be tied to a chair...I attached the key to a long string and tied that string to a point over the chair. Now when the alarm goes off...the key will swing down to the hair. I also setup another saftey..(since know one other than myself was going to be home for the next four days)...I set a large pitcher of old motor oil on another shelf above the bed. I attached a long string to the handle and about 15 inches from the handle I tied another key. The end of this string is taped to the seat of the chair. If I need to get out before the required time, I can pull the string, it will pull over the pitcher of oil (ALL OVER MY BED AND MATRESS)...and pull the key to my where my hands are...I get free..but with one hell of a mess!!!!..

Now for the clothings...I pulled on my pair of high waisted latex briefs that have built in solid plugs. Next, a black leather corset that comes up just below my nipples, a pair of black seamed stockings and then my thigh high boots. I laid my long leather gloves on the chair for future use.

I then tied two small strings to back of the chair one on each side. I attached a plastic clothespin to each string for use later.

I made sure the sting and key were set and checked it several times...I then pulled the key up and placed it on the cardboard pad on the alarm clock, pulled the alarm and set the time so that the alarm would go off in 2 hours.

I then put one of Jay Edwards's better tapes (something with Tory and Vanessa) in the VCR and set the remote next to the chair. I checked the rest of the house and made sure the doors were locked.

Now for the gag!...I stuffed a pair of soiled panted in my mouth, added a set of ear plugs, put on a latex swim cap, then took a roll of thin black electricians tapes and wound the tape around the head with my lips open. Next came several long pieces of wide grey duct tape, it too surrouding the head all this topped off with the thin black tape again over the top of the head and under the chin. This prevented me from opening my mouth and weaking the tape.

All this was followed by the black leather hood. I laced it tightly, and locked the collar around the neck in back. Yes it was very effective. I kept the eye zippers open so I could watch the video.

Now for the bondage. I sat in the chair by straddling it and facing the back of the chair. I took two long pieces of white rope and tied my booted ankles to my thighs. In this position, my feet were off the floor. I then picked up a longer rope and tied my body/lap to the chair. I had already tied the set of handcuffs to the rung under the chair. This short rope was only long enough to allow my locked hands to only be pulled up just above the seat of the chair. This also prevented me from reaching around in front and pulling the clothespins off.

With all this done...I picked up the VCR remote and started the tape. I still had about 95 min of bondage fun left. I pulled on the long black leather gloves, then carefully attached a clothespin to each nipple. To increase the tension and ensure that they didn't slip..I then attached a metal clamp over the plastic clothespins. To add some "enjoyment" to the nipple fun, I clamped a set of vibrating nipple clamps on to the bottom of each clothespin and turned on the vibrators...what a great feeling.! I dropped the virator control on the floor where is would have been out of reach. The batteries were new and would last about one hour or so...this way I'd be teased and tormented for 60 mins..then the last half hour..nothing..but tight bondage..and a chance to enjoy the feeling of helplessness!

I reached around behind me..made sure the saftey string was still there...pulled up the handcuffs and locked them on ensuring the holes were in the right direction... finally I picked up a set of thumbcuffs and locked them on also... I had been practicing for a while with both thumbcuffs and handcuffs at the same time...the gloves make it harder to get the key into the hole on the first try.

I was now tied, locked, clamped and gagged!!!...not much to due but to sit and enjoy...

Sitting wasn't that hard, but the butt plug did remind me of it's presence. I couldn't pull back due to the nipple clamps and strings and I couldn't bend forward due to the short rope holding the handcuffs in one position... so i just sat, played with the bondage and watched the video...

Funny how you take notice off the bondage details in a video when you have nothing else to do but focus all attention on a TV screen in front of you.

Need less to say...I was a long 90 mins... The clock did work...althought it was hard to hear when it went off due to the ear plugs, swim cap, and leather hood. It took several tries to get the key into the hole in the thumbcuffs..but I was successful..and was able to get myself untied. I was very sore...but quite satisfied... I did have to sneak out to the mailbox to get the key to the hood's collar. No one saw me...I don't think...

Anyway..that was it...let me know if you have any questions about what I did and I will expand on those ideas...


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