Subject:      True Self-bondage story.
From:         first26
Date:         1998/05/28

First of all I'm not a writer, so this could get ugly.  I really did this
about two weeks ago.

I'm a straight twentysomething male living in salt lake city.  I'd describe
myself as a switch I definetly have both a sub and dom side...  although I've
not had much in the way real world experience...

anyway... my sis is out of town a few weekends ago and says I can crash at her
place for the weekend...  Its saturday afternoon i'm taking the most excellent
power nap in the universe...  wake up feeling kind of kinky...  wishing I had
a girlfriend about now.. half asleep warm..  dig in to the bed side cabinet
and pull out 2 pairs of police issue handcuffs which are stored there..  lock
my ankles together... lock one wrist.. lie there playing with myself... being
carefull not to think..  I roll over onto my stomach.. arch my back and
postion the free cuff to receive my wrist after passing it between my ankle
cuffs... I wait there for a moment feeling the strain..  I've left a key on
the bed next to me at about waist level.  I think for a moment can I get out
of this?  before chasing the thought I say to myself out loud... don't think..
and with that I simply snap the cuff closed over my last free wrist...  I'm
instantly uncomfortable.. The hog tie is too strict (i'm 6'1" 180 lbs)  Quite
thrilling at first..  more thrilling as I try to actually move.. It is SO
restrictive!!  I've never been in a hog tie before.  I thrash around for what
must have been at least 30minutes.  I cant ever seem to postion myself in a
spot where I get to or even look at the key..  my thumbs start to go numb..
I'm worried at this point.  I finally get a look at the key.. and decide that
my best chance of getting it from my current postion is too allow my self to
slide off the bed and try to grab it with my mouth as I go past...  I know
that if I fail I'll not be able to get back up on the bed to get it.. the
other key totally inaccessable in a drawer.  I try it and fail.  SHIT!!!  It
almost worked... my mouth passed right over the key on the way down but my
back was arched so much that I couldn't lower my head to bed to get it...  the
strain on my wrists is enourmous.  My hands are almost totally numb at this

I lie there on the floor soaked with sweat and swearing loudly.. finally I
calm down a bit and think for the first time that afternoon..  can I get to
the key on the bed.. no.   is there anything I can get at that I can use to
sweep the key off the bed...  no.  can I get the key from the drawer?  no.. I
must admit to myself at this point that I CANNOT get out of this situation by
myself.  So I yell for the neighbor girl..  what else could I do?  I now
remember that she was planning to go camping this weekend... another neighbor
(a totally beautiful girl I've been wanting to meet for a month) I recall was
driving out as I was driving in... hmm...

I beat my head on the floor in frustration I resign my self to wait untill I
hear someone drive in then call out for them... luckily I left the door to the
outside (back door) open and just latched the screen door before my adventure

At this point i'm supposed to tell you all that the beautiful neighbor girl
drove up, heared my pathitic calls for help and entered the apartment,
released my ankles, teased me for 3 hrs. sat on my face for an hours and
eventually gave me the best blow job of my life... right?  I nice fanticy..
but not the way it worked out...

It turns out the asian guy who can't speak much english was sleeping in the
apt. down stairs and heard me beating my head on the floor.  He came outside
see what was up.  I heard him open his door and started yelling for some
help..  he had to kick in the screen to get in.  He looked pretty superized
and confused a the scene... I'm glad I was wearing a t-shirt and some boxers.
 I directed him the key on the bed and he kindly unlocked my wrists.  I was to
exausted to be embarrased at this point..  my back hurt, my hands were totally
numb, there was an angry cut complemented by a big purple bruise on the inside
of both wrists.... (I generally DONT bruise)  He realized that this was not a
life threatening situation.. I'm glad he doesn't speak much english as I
didn't have to come up with detailed excuse.. I mumbled something about a
non-existant girlfriend he took it at face value and left... I promptly
assumed a fetal postion on the bed and didn't move for an hour.

Its a week later and still don't have all the feeling back on the backside of
my thumbs. This was the first time that I've not been able to escape from self
inflicted bondage...  I found it quite entertaining... but don't plan to do
it again.

comments welcome.