Letter from Hungbound
A story that is true.

I recommend you use caution if you try this scenario at home.  By all means,
make sure someone is within earshot of you.  You'll see what I mean a bit
further on.

My girlfriend, Terri, and I were doing some maintenance work in a rental
home.  Nothing was in the house thus it provided us with the opportunity to
play.  She was the first one to be tied up, and left alone for a period of
time.  Ever since I can remember, I've always enjoyed being left tied up at
a woman's mercy.  Terri enjoyed the same from me, which was a dream come
true.  Or so I thought, but that's another story.
After her turn was complete, it was my turn to be left alone.  Although I
opted to tie myself up, asking her to come back when she felt like it.  She
said that she was going to listen to some music in the car.  Ok was my reply
not thinking that it would be too long for her to return.
I undressed completely in one of the bedrooms next to the closet.  Opening
the closet door, I decided to use the clothes rod as an anchor point for my
adventure.  The rod was anchored at both ends and in the middle.  I tested
the strength of the center support and felt that it would be able to support
my weight if it had to.  I took a short piece of rope and tied it over the
support, leaving a small double loop hanging down for more rope to pass
I stepped into the closet and proceeded to tie my ankles together first.
Using a long pair of socks to wrap around the ankles, bringing them close
together.  Next I took a 20' piece of rope and ran it through the loop on
the clothes rod.  Folding it double the looped end was held at the height of
the small of my back, while the two single ends fell on the floor.  I tied a
knot with the looped end to keep it in place and then tied the two loose
ends around the socks; securely cinching my ankles tightly together while
remain comfortable.
I then take a 6' piece of rope and loop it into a small circle just big
enough to fit both hands through, with effort.  An effective double wrist
cuff when finished.
I untie the looped end and turn some loops into it and place the wrist cuff
through the loops and then proceed to push my hands through behind my back.
Once completed my hands are held together tightly just above the small of my
back.  The harder I pull down, the tighter the rope becomes, cinching my
hands even tighter.
Having done this many times before I knew that the next step would leave me
completely helpless.  I slowly sunk down to my knees and felt my hands being
pulled up even further, while the rope bit in tighter.
My ankles came up off the ground and I slowly leaned forward further and
further.  Once past that certain point I slid quickly down onto my stomach
with a dull thud.  My hands were now held high behind my back while my
ankles were also held at the same height due to the connected rope.  In the
past I had been able to free my hands by giving myself slack with my legs,
but this time was a bit different.  I moved around on the floor, with only
my stomach touching it and could not get into a position to allow myself to
get free.  I knew that I had really done a good job this time, as I was not
going to get loose at all!  The more I struggled, the tighter the rope
became around my ankles and my wrists.  Touching the floor with only my
stomach was of little relief.  Soon my hands began to ache from the strain
as well as my ankles.  I called out for Terri, but got no answer.  She must
still be in the car listening to music.  I tried my best to hang comfortably
and wait for her return.  15 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity,
she returned and helped me out of it.
I'm not very good at details, but you get the idea.  My advice, don't try
this alone!

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