Subject:      Self Bondage story
From:         o.tom
Date:         1998/02/26

It all began on a Friday. Everyone was away for the weekend and I had the
house to myself. I had been preparing for this for weeks and the anticipation
was growing by the minute. I do really enjoy the feeling of tight restraint,
loss of sight, of hearing and speech.

Today I would be in self-bondage for about seven hours.  I have spent a
considerable amount of time and thought in coming up with methods of
self-restraint that are inescapable, yet will release me after a time.

What's my technique? I use ice and PVC pipe.  It's just a section of pipe with
an endcap that has an eyelet bolted into one end of it.  The other end has a
cap with a hole about the size of a dime drilled into it.  I have inserted a
length of light chain with a small washer (just a little SMALLER than the
hole) attached to the end I had filled it with water and let it freeze
overnight. I know that the chain will not pull out for at least three hours.
Here is the tricky part, you must test to make sure it will come out every
time and cannot get stuck.  If it's stuck, so are you!  Still with me? What I
have now is a device that will separate reliably.

I need to be stretched tightly so I needed to be a little more creative. I
bought a jam cleat from the boat store. A jam cleat is a small device that
lets a rope pass through in one direction, but not in the other. I had
previously screwed it into the ceiling across the room. Next, I tied a thin
rope to twelve pounds of weights and placed the weights on a high shelf. This
rope was passed through the jam cleat and left hanging.

I screwed the four eyescrews into the basement wall and threaded a chain
through from top to bottom on each side. These are far enough apart that I
will be tightly stretched when the chain tightens. I put the small padlocks
loosely into the chain ends. These will connect to my wrist and ankle cuffs
later. Finally, I attached a length of rope to the middle of each chain. When
tightened, the rope would pull the chain ends to the eye screws, tightening
the hold on me. When ready, all I would need to do was connect the pipe, pull
on the string that would pull the weights off the shelf.

I was almost ready to begin. However, I know from previous sessions that
standing for three hours could get a little boring. So today, I added a little
extra: clothespins. Here, I have two concerns. The first is leaving them on
for three hours; the second was losing the feeling of the pressure. Here is my
plan. To keep the experience from becoming too boring, I set up an oscillating
fan across the room. I would attach a string to each clothespin and attach the
string across the room in front of the fan. I then taped a small plastic trash
bag so that when the fan blew on the bag, I would get a tug on the clips. To
pull the clips off after an hour (ice again-paper cup this time), I rigged a
weight to fall and pull the string and the clips away. Finally ready! But
anticipation is half the fun anyway. Back upstairs to the bedroom.

I do like to dress the part, so I first stripped and gave myself an enema. I
used a couple of quarts of warm water to make sure I was empty. Next was a
shower, although I was sure to be sweaty in less than an hour, as you'll soon

Once dried off, the next step was to dress the part of a poor soul abducted,
only to be spread-eagled onto a wall and treated badly. For this fantasy, I
needed to be dressed as a woman (I'm not).

First step is a corset. A non-kinky one advertised to take off a few inches.
Next was a bustier with  built in garters. I got this one from 'PLEASURE
CHEST'. I added to my own boobs with a set of silicone ones.  A set of black
stockings and three inch black heels came next. Now it becomes difficult to
walk. It makes me wonder how these women walk in heels at all. To add to the
restraint, I put on my own chastity belt. It features two rings in front, one
for my cock and the other to squeeze by balls through. A belt runs back from
these rings to a loop in the back. The rings let me tighten the belt pretty
tightly. Before I tighten the belt, I lube up a butt plug and spend about ten
minutes getting it in.

It ain't easy and it hurts at this point.

Next are the wrist and ankle cuffs. These buckle on snugly and lock on. They
will be comfortable. A three-inch leather collar is next, snug but not too
tight. I cannot move my head except for side to side. I have used padlocks on
everything so far. The keys are out on a table in the back yard. I will not be
able to get to these until dark.

I'm ready to go downstairs. On go a short ankle chain and handcuffs behind my
back. The ankle chain is just long enough to let me step carefully down the
stairs. One needs to be properly restrained when one is being abducted!  Down
the stairs carefully and get the PVC pipe and the paper cup out of the
freezer. Now down to the basement.

Once in the 'dungeon', I remove the hand cuffs and ankle chain. It's getting
close now and my heart rate is climbing. I attach the pipe to the two ropes
and set up the nipple clip detatcher.
Now comes the ball parachute. It takes a little bit of effort, but I finally
set it on the smallest opening.

Almost there. I put on a set of ear plugs and full head leather hood with only
nose and mouth openings. Now I'm blind and almost deaf. Working by feel, I put
on a leather head harness with a leather penis gag. I pull the straps on very
tight. The gag is a long way in and I need to control my gag reflex from this
point on.

I turn the fan to high and put my back to the wall where I'll be standing for
a while. I attach a pipe wrench to the parachute and stick it into my belt for
a minute.

Now for the ankle cuffs. They are locked onto the chain (keys are taped to my
hood where I can reach them when the ice melts).

Nipple clips are next, they hurt going on and I want to hurry before I lose my
nerve. I lower the wrench attached to the ball parachute. Hmm, I don't think
I'll forget that's there. One last strap. I hook up the strap from a hook in
the ceiling. I use it to pull up on the back of the chastity belt. This really
pulls the butt plug in deeper. That butt plug is really in there and I cannot
slouch, yet my feet are not totally stretched all the way to the lower
eyelets. In fact, the strap is forcing my back into a slight arch.

Now, I attach the left hand and then the right. The chains are long enough for
me to use one hand to attach the other. One pull on the string and I'll be
stuck. I still have enough slack to reach my head with the keys. I spread my
legs almost to the lower eyescrews. Can I stand this? My nipples hurt. The
butt plug hurts.

I yank on the string and the weights fall. The chain rattles through the
eyescrews and there is a solid pull on my hands and feet. I pull hard but
nothing moves an inch. The blood is rushing in my ears now, my breath is heavy
and is being forced through two small holes in the mask. I cannot hear
anything but my own heartbeat. My nipples are being tugged on about every five
seconds and I was right. I will not forget they are there!

 I will have to wait.

I begin to explore all of the sensations I am feeling. The two most pressing
are the nipple clips and the butt plug. I can relieve some of the pressure on
my asshole by standing on tiptoe. The problem is that I'm already in three
inch heels. If I try for more my legs will cramp! The nipple clips will not
shake off and I can't move enough to get a real pull on the string. I know
I've got at least  half an hour to go with these on. I don't know what it'll
feel like what they are pulled off, I haven't tested that yet. The tugging
from the string is making sure I don't forget they're there.

My balls are beginning to really feel the pressure. perhaps the wrench was a
little ambitious.  If I move at all, the wrench sways and adds a little more
pressure. This will be on for the duration.

 I will have to wait....

The penis gag is pulled tightly into my mouth and almost touches the back of
my mouth. I know from past times that I'll gag if it does. My jaw will feel it
later as the strain of keeping my jaw open this wide will begin to show. The
harness and hood are on until dark. Remember the keys are outside.

 The only way I'll know it's dark is the bong of the hall clock. I can't hear
that well either. I figure it's about noon, dark will come around 6:30,

 I will have to wait....

My hands are tightly pulled up and away,. about four feet apart. The eyescrews
are strong and would hold my entire weight. No use trying to loosen them. I've
taken the time to position them so I cannot reach either them or the chain
with my hands. I don't want to be able to fiddle with the chain. The twelve
pounds of weights are still pulling and if I do manage to get an inch of
slack, the weights will take it away instantly. Even the little slack created
by the ice melting and letting the chain pull through the pipe will be taken
care of.

Of course my ankles are in the same shape. They are also attached four feet
apart. The eyescrews are close to the floor and pull down on my ankles. I have
cheated just a little and not stretched entirely to the screws. I've got an
inch or so of distance before I'm fully stretched. Not that I can move them in
any direction other than farther apart. My feet are OK are this point. I'm not
used to heels and with this position my toes feel a lot of pressure. I can't
kick them off as I made sure they were the kind with an ankle strap. And
anyway, I need the height. The butt plug is still tied to the ceiling.

Listening to the sound of my own heart beat and nothing else, I'm thinking
that at least an hour has gone by. When are these nipple clips going to come

Ten minutes later, I'm guessing, I hear a sound and, at the same time, the
clips are yanked from my nipples. OWWW!! Now I know what they say when they
hurt even more coming off! Now that feeling is coming back, they hurt even
more than before! What's more, my one foot slipped and of course, the slack
was pulled out. Now there's even more pressure on the butt plug so now that
hurts more.

There's still more than an hour and a half to go. Strange as it my seem, I'm
still having a good time.

 To pass the time, I begin to fantasize. What if the sexy women come back to
add to my torment? What would they begin to do?

 What if they took a small whip to my cock and the insides of my thighs? My

My thighs and feet are beginning to feel the strain of standing in this
position. I'm guessing I've got a half hour to go. I need to get my moneys
worth, so I stretch the other leg to the eyelet. The slack comes our and now
I'm fully stretched. My heels are just touching the floor and my wrists are
supporting maybe half my weight! By stretching on my toes, I can periodically
relieve the strain on my wrists, but at the expense of my feet and calves.
I'm beginning to get really tired and am now hurting in a lot of places. It's
time for this to be over, only the ice still has it's own opinion!

Finally, after what seems like more than an hour, the chain pulls through the
ice and the chains come loose!  I'm really stiff and it's difficult to reach
down and grab the keys from the hood.  But I do and begin the process of
unlocking my hands. I now get to remove the parachute and massage my nipples.
 The feet are next along with the strap pulling on the butt plug. Does
everything feel better now!

I'm guessing that it's around 3 at this point so I still have more than three
hours to go until dark to get this head harness, hood and cuffs off.

I want to keep going, so I add an attachment to the chastity belt. I loosened
the front enough to slip out my cock and balls from the rings and slip in the
hard cup from a jock strap. This will serve two functions. I wont' be able to
get hard and I wont' be able to rub up against anything to get off. I tighten
the belt back up as tight as before.

 I locked the ten inch hobble chain back on my feet and locked on a length of
chain from the back of my collar to the hobble. This made the chain snug when
I stood up.

My nipples were pretty sore at this point, so didn't want to replace them for
the whole three hours to go. But I wanted to try the pulling off part again. I
put the two clips back on and attached them to a length of string tied to the
ceiling. I had to stand very straight to keep the pressure off.

Quickly, before I lost my nerve. I leave the gag in, and padlock my wrists
together to the chain attached to my collar. Now, since my wrists are chained
in back eight inches from my neck, I can't reach either the gag or the butt
plug. Needless to say, these keys are also outside.

Now, the only thing keeping me from going upstairs and resting was to pull off
the clips by moving away. I now knew how much it was going to hurt and I would
have to self-inflict the pain. Well, I only lasted about fifteen minutes. I
began to slowly back away only jerking a little so as to keep from falling.
OWWW again.

Now I wanted to rest. I fumbled around the room (still blind) till I came to
the door. Doors are not easy to open when your hands are halfway up your back.
I turned around and squatted down to reach the knob. I made a slow trip up the
stairs. I rattled quickly past the window, hoping I wasn't seen. I crawled
onto the bed to take a nap.

But not quite to sleep yet. I took up the slack in  the chain so that my feet
were puled up in a hog-tie and put in a padlock I had left in the bed. Now I
would sleep in a hog-tie. The key was attached to a string held in the air by
frozen ice cup in the garage. It was pretty cold outside, so I knew I would
not be able to get to the string until close to dark anyway. The key would be
on the floor ten feet inside the garage. I would have to crawl along the floor
to the garage to get loose.

The alarm was set to 7pm, just in case I slept too long. I settled into a
doze. I had fixed myself with the cup so could not get off, what else could I
do! I must have slept for only a couple of hours. When I awoke, I heard the
clock strike six. I had to pee and my butt was past hurting. As you can
imagine at this point, everything was sore and I had had enough. But still a
half an hour to go.

I rolled off the bed on my stomach and eased myself to the floor . I began the
trip through the house to the garage. I crawled on my side, there was no other
way to move. The trip took a while and I heard the six-thirty bong along the
way. Now I knew it was dark outside.

Here, the door to the garage was going to be a challenge for two reasons. The
first was that I would have to open it without my hands;. I had to get up on
my knees and lean against the wall. I then needed to open  the knob by turning
it with my hood. That took almost fifteen minutes and I was getting a little
upset! The second problem with the door is that it locks automatically. Once I
went through it, I would be stuck in the cold garage unless I found all the
keys and was able to teach the key on the shelf to open the door again.

I was committed, so I crawled into the cold garage. It must have been in the
40's and obviously I wasn't dressed for it. Fortunately, the key was right
where it was supposed to be and I was able to unlock the hobble chain from my
neck. I could stand up!

Now for the part that could really get me exposed. I would need to open the
garage door and go around back to get the keys off the table. I took the
remote off the car bumper and opened the garage door. I listened as well as I
could for sounds. I couldn't hear much anyway, but it seemed quiet. I started
shuffling out to the back and immediately got a shock. it was raining!. Hard!
Great! All I could do was continue on in the rain. I shuffled as quickly as I
could in the heels and hobble. The keys were only about 30 feet away, but I
had missed the table so I had to search for a couple of minutes until I
stumbled into it. Getting the keys was not so bad, I just had to turn around
and squat down to grab the string with the keys attached. I quickly shuffled
back to the garage and closed the garage door.

At least I was back inside. My main problem was that I was freezing and
beginning to shiver pretty hard. I went for the key that locked each wrist
cuff. I got my wrists free, but with the shivering, it took a couple of
minutes at least.

I fairly ripped the head harness with the gag from my head. Next came the
leather hood. Now I could see after more than seven hours! I grabbed the door
key and let myself back inside where it was warm. From there it was a slow
trip to the bathroom where I got everything off (and out). I finally got to
pee and then took a hot shower. I was exhausted. I had a bite to eat and went
immediately to bed. I hoped that the marks from the collar and the head
harness would be gone tomorrow so that I could go out in public.

Now to plan for the next time. Maybe a strap around my chest to make breathing
more of a challenge. Or maybe something to keep my cock occupied.

Do you have any suggestions?